The Signs as What Winter Reminds Me Of


Aries: The moment when you come into a warm room after being out in the cold. Having the warmth instantly warming your nose and your cheeks that turned pink from the cold.

Taurus: Adding a splash of color into your clothes to stand out during the dark and dreary days, making winter a bit more colorful.

Gemini: Enjoying walks as the sun slowly goes down, and the sky changes into beautiful colors.

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why the mercury signs are awful

aries mercury: never shuts up and even when they do they are thinking about themselves, these people need to take a walk to get out of their own minds for a change. This mercury placement reminds me of a megaphone.

taurus mercury: come across as sweet and gentle but in reality they’re thinking about the next piece of food or when they get to go home. Does a shit job at hiding it as well. We see straight through you!

gemini mercury: just has to be the smartest one in the room. It’s a shame these can’t work out how to feel their own emotions though. So contradicting, genuinely believes they know everything, and expects people to listen to them.

cancer mercury: *tears* *resting bitch face* *tears* and repeat. Puts on SUCH a tough exterior it’s almost laughable. If you want these people to think about anything other then THEIR emotions or their house – forget it.

leo mercury: picture a balloon inflating. Has a way of turning every situation towards how they feel, it’s almost commendable. You know a person has this placement because they never truly shut the fuck up about their life.

virgo mercury: are known to be very smart but not very smart at keeping their opinions to themselves, no one asks these people for their opinions on things, and if they did it would be the last time because they are brutally honest.

libra mercury: so manipulative and is immune to telling the truth. SO sensitive and has a way of making everything a problem. It actually wouldn’t be a problem if these people didn’t live inside their heads.

scorpio mercury: not as secretive or mysterious as people they think they are! has a way of saying bitchy shit for no reason and then can’t understand why people don’t ask them anything. Keeps 100% of their thoughts to themselves but these people believe it’s other people that are the shady ones!

sagittarius mercury: these people are definitely not as cool as they think they are. Please shut the fuck up. I actually got a headache thinking about this placement. Doesn’t understand why they don’t have a 24 hour podcast.

capricorn mercury: so dry. Where is that sense of humour that people always talk about? You actually smell the condescension and belittling when these people step in the room.

aquarius mercury: distant. Thinks about some weird shit. Quirky sense of humour. Probably says the wrong things at the wrong times. Social ques aren’t important to these people.

pisces mercury: these people act as if they have a hard time remembering their own birthday but in actual fact are capable of thinking like other human beings. Maladaptive daydreamers. Please say something coherent.

Source: imagineastrology

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