zodiac sign traits


aries, mar 21- apr 19 : optimistic, determined, confident, enthusiastic, agressive, and impatient 

taurus, apr 20- may 20: stubborn, devoted, practical, responsible, patient, and stable

gemini, may 21- jun 20: affectionate, adaptable, curious, indecisive, inconsistent, and nervous 

cancer, jun 21- jul 22: strong willed, imaginative, loyal, emotional, persuasive, insecure, moody, negative nancy, and manipulative 

leo, jul 23- aug 22: funny, cheerful, creative, generous, stubborn, self centered, lazy, and inflexible

virgo, aug 23- sep 21: kind, practical, hard working, loyal, shy, too critical, worry, and too much work 

libra, sep 22- oct 23: social, diplomatic, fair- minded, holds grudges, indecisive, self- pity, and avoids disagreement or bad relationships

scorpio, oct 24- nov 21: brave, resourcful, passionate, true friend, stubborn, violent, secretive, and jealous 

sagittarius, nov 22- dec 21: generous, idealistic, funny, pretty impatient, promises more than able to do, and will say anything regardlessof how undiplomatic 

capricorn, dec 22- jan 19: responsible, self controled, good manners, know it all, feels superior, negative nancy, and unforgiving 

aquarius, jan 20- feb 18: humanitarian, independent, progressive, temperamental, uncompromising, and runs from emotion

pisces, feb 19- mar 20: artistic, musical, intuitive, compassionate, fearful, victimizd, overly trusting, and desire to excape reality

Daily Horoscope for Aquarius: September 6, 201…

If you are in the middle of any business dealings, be extra careful today. You needn’t worry too much about anyone’s honesty or integrity, but you should be very mindful of details. Small print may be hard to read, but very important things are to be found therein. Negotiations of any kind will be tricky right now. The wheelers and dealers involved have contradictory agendas—and things could get a little bit messy before the end of the day.

Daily Horoscope for Aquarius: September 5, 201…

You are full of vitality and ready to move forward on something new, but this is not the day for it! Today isn’t a good time for action, because there are way too many variables in your life right now. You feel strong, and you are strong—but you’re vulnerable to a lot of potential problems that could pop up today if you aren’t careful. Focus your energy on fixing up something around your house.


September Lessons 🔥

Aries: be in the now. focus on where you are and what you can do to get where you want to be and don’t let anything or anyone distract you from it.

Taurus: listen to your gut about people. sometimes you give too much benefit of the doubt and then it is too late.

Gemini: being on your own is not a bad thing. learn to not depend on other people for happiness and create it for yourself.

Cancer: give yourself time to heal. there is no timeline or no correct way to get to your place of peace. be patient on the journey.

Leo: being vulnerable is sometimes not your strong suit, but be aware that it is the only way to be completely loved and happy. you deserve to open yourself up.

Virgo: use your voice. remember that backing down when someone challenges you is not an option. you are strong, you have to know that.

Libra: don’t run away from love. I know it scares you to think about letting someone down, but the people who love you will continue to no matter what.

Scorpio: you may be a little lost now, but you’re on your way. you have to take things in stride and understand that being lost is part of the journey.

Sagittarius: don’t forget who you are in the midst of craziness. you have to remain sturdy and be your own best friend.

Capricorn: it’s okay to let go sometimes, be silly and do things without thinking. don’t take it all too seriously, just let yourself unwind.

Aquarius: listen to the people around you when they’re worried. usually it is for a reason, and typically they have the best of intentions. you have to let people care about you.

Pisces: giving yourself permission to let go of the past is essential. don’t let things hold you back from creating the happiness that you deserve right now.

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