The Zodiac Signs Working on Group Projects

The Fire Signs: Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: Shows up and demands they lead the group, even though they have no idea what they are doing. Earth signs do most of the work and the fire signs try and take credit for it.

The Earth Signs: Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: Sits there quietly. Does most of the work for everyone else. Takes care of the boring stuff that other people do not want to do. Pissed when they do not get the recognition they deserve.

The Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius: Speaks up when they have an idea. Only contributes mentally. Has great ideas for the group project but does not take any of the action to get it done. Let’s other people exicute their ideas for them.

The Water Signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: Sits there quietly. Becomes stressed whenever their is any conflict in the group. Does not speak up when they have ideas out of fear of them being shot down. Takes action and contributes only when they have been directly asked to.


The Air Signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius, are responsible for the ways we find to express out inner thoughts to the world. They have a lot of ideas that need to get out of their head and out to everyone else. Many Air Signs choose to use their verbal skills as their expression, while others use the written word to create change. 

The many faces of Air Signs

Gemini : Has two faces.  One face can show great interest and adaptability when engaged with someone or in something.  Yet the other face doesn’t care and wants to completely follow a different agenda or be elsewhere altogether.  Overall there is great desire to experience a lot of variety.  When one “face” has it’s full and gets restless; the other face wants to venture someone else to get a new fill.  It can be really hard to keep the interest and you can see many faces of Gemini.  To others Gemini may seem hard to pin down and out rite lacking loyalty because they are so quick to change face and pursue new stimulation

Libra: Can be whoever whoever they want in a social situation.  Tend to adjust the line of thinking to suit a need to be liked by someone.  One face is pleasant and tactful but the other face is in disagreement internally but afraid to show it.  May show one face to someone then another face to another person just to keep the peace or feel accepted.  Libra energy may not actually seem to own a “face” of it’s own.  Libra may be “Two-faced” in it’s decision making which they don’t reveal openly as well.  One can contemplate and look at factors from various angles which may seem like wearing a different face until a decision is made.

Aquarius: The most eccentric multi-faced sign of all.  One hand they show a face of being tolerant, accepting and broad minded.  The other face has is very opinionated, stubborn and unmovable in matters.  Aquarius can truly confuse people as to why they show a face of friendliness but can “detach” and show the other face that is not as accepting as they want you to believe.  Aquarius can also have a multi face nature in their character in the form of choosing to live two lives.  One may have a “real life face” and then they may have the social “social networking or internet” persona face that is very different.



F I R E : Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

passionate, headstrong, impatient, impulsive, dramatic, opinionated, self-centered, independent, active

E A R T H : Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

stable, secure, grounded, conservative, slow, practical, realistic, dependable, physical, self-sufficient, responsible, composed

A I R : Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

curious, objective, freedom loving, detached, communicative, level-headed, friendly, social, intellectual, adaptable, open-minded

W A T E R : Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

hypersensitive, imaginative, patient, passive, impressionable, emotional, soulful, private, empathetic, intuitive, mystical



water signs want to protect the way things were once; this way they get to keep their memories alive

air signs want to protect the way things are going to be one day; it’s because they care the most about their fantasies

fire signs want to protect the way things should be now; they have faith that through immediate action the world can meet their ideals

earth signs want to protect the way things are; they live in the present and the most important thing for them is to feel safe in their environment and to ensure this safety will last and endure

Air Sign Moons and Negative Feedback Loop Thin…

I think all of the Air Sign Moons can have a tendency to get stuck in “negative feedback loops” of thinking.

Gemini Moon : Always is curious to want to learn the basis of emotions and the reactions the can bring.  Finding the source of an emotion is troubling often because the Moon needs somewhere to learn from (a point of reference.)  If the Gemini Moon lacks an avenue to learn about how to properly take action on a feeling it can get stuck in a negative feedback loop of what to do with it.  They may become very negative and question things so much they burn themselves out.  This is why I think a lot of Gemini Moon’s have Attention Deficit issues.  When they can’t process something properly to drive to action, they can either burn themselves out thinking what to do or quickly adapt and give up on it for a later time.

Libra Moon:  I do believe the Libra Moon can suffer a ton of negative feedback loops in the thinking.  Since it is always working to balance situations it can cause a ton of inner disruption.  Being ruled by Venus the Moon wants to tactful about how to balance situations and that can cause the basis for negative feedback traps in the thinking.  Even when a conclusion is reached in how to judge something the mind can wonder how to deliver it tactfully in ways not to offend others.  While trapped in this thinking pattern the logical air component of the mind can review decisions and go back on them.  The more time to think and analyze becomes“the enemy” of this Moon.  With Libra Moon.Negative feedback loops keep occuring because working the balance is difficult as more and more input is contemplated and time is used to make a decision.  At times the Libra Moon can feel crazy looking for answer because it’s very difficult to judge something fairly on a whim of the moment.

Aquarius Moon.  Maybe the strangest negative feedback loop comes from this Moon.  The Aquarius Moon is oblivious and detached to how things effect them on a personal ego/level.  Rather it can be a very logically contemplative mind towards how things effect others and society at large.  The mind still has emotions in Aquarius and it reacts to events and the suffering of the world at large.  The negative feedback loop can come from “feeling” for these events and suffering but then the logical next step causes the issue. What do I do?  How can I help?  The mind can analyze and really look for ways to contribute to the suffering of the public.  The undoing come from lacking the resources and position of status to really make a difference.  So deep inside the mind there can be negative feedback loops of how one can make a difference in the greater good.  

Sometimes I have even seen the Aquarius Moon fall into a trap of logically comparing their own problems to that of others in society.  They get stuck in negative feedback looks by looking for people with problems and trying to justify where their own problems stands in comparison.  The real feedback loop comes when their problems still remain even when the mind tries to “explain away” their own issues as inconsequential to that of others.  Problem still exists because the Aquarius Moon thinking can be detached from trying to solve it’s own issues unless it benefits the wellness of others.  Of course this may not happen if solving a simple problem only benefits themself.  So that is when the negative feed loop starts and continues, because the “personal problem” is always relevant and comes back to continually rear it’s head.

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