Daily Horoscope for Aquarius: April 4, 2020

You’re looking good today—in every sense of the word. Your mind is firing on all cylinders, and if you’re not already on top of all your tasks, you’ll get there soon. Physically, your body is experiencing fewer aches and pains. People are pleased to hear from you, and you’re getting noticed in new ways now. You should smile right back at all those people who are smiling at you. Are you ready for your close-up?

Daily Horoscope for Aquarius: April 3, 2020

The friendly competition between you and another intellectual is verging on taking on a battle-like dynamic. To prevent things from getting personal, you need to put a stop to this trend. Make sure to keep your arguments logical and based in fact. Leave out irrelevant topics, and don’t push emotionally sensitive buttons. You wouldn’t want to win an argument by resorting to such low blows anyway. Leave the tricks and cheating to folks who don’t have anything better to say.

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