August Forecast for Aquarius

Behold the power of two! This month the Sun will make the rounds through Leo (until August 23) then Virgo, heating up the two most relationship-driven parts of your chart. Your free-spirited sign can get squirrely about too much commitment. But August is the time of year when partnerships feel their most vibrant—or at least they come up for review. Assess your inner circle and the people you spend the most time with. Does everything feel fair and mutual? Is there a balanced give-and-take?

This month, every stripe of relationship could demand an assessment—and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. On August 11, expansive Jupiter will end a four-month retrograde in Sagittarius and your friendship and teamwork house. That same day, your co-ruler Uranus will start a retrograde through Taurus and your family zone. Prepare to negotiate some flexible new agreements with terms that work for everyone. Set aside people-pleasing, Aquarius—if you don’t ask for what you want now, you could end up feeling resentful down the line.

Let’s start with Jupiter, the auspicious planet of optimism and growth. The red-spotted rover making a long visit to Sagittarius, from November 8, 2018, until December 2, 2019, igniting your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. It’s been an adventurous cycle that’s brought new collaborations, affiliations and out-of-the-box thinkers into your orbit. A digital or group venture may have taken flight, perhaps one with a world-changing agenda.

Since April 10, Jupiter has been in slow motion, which could have put a budding alliance on the back burner or stalled progress with an online project. Between now and December 2, this relationship could pick up speed. With visionary Jupiter in the idealistic eleventh house, politics might even call your name. There’s an election year coming in the U.S. (no reminder needed), and the rest of the world could certainly use some help. Consider backing a candidate you believe in or even running for a civic post yourself. If you’re a business owner, look at the role of technology and social media in your efforts. With outspoken Jupiter handing you the megaphone, an edgy or progressive message could go viral. But careful not to veer too far into controversy for controversy’s sake. Jupiter in this free-to-be-me zone makes you extra-sensitive to censorship, but it could also tempt you to push the envelope TOO far.

Just as Jupiter sprints forward on August 11, your co-ruling planet, liberated Uranus, begins its annual five-month retrograde. The side-spinning planet will reverse through Taurus and your fourth house of home, family and emotional foundations. Disruptor Uranus is in Taurus for a long seven-year visit that began on March 6, 2019, and will end in April 2026. You also had a sneak preview of this from May through November 2018. If you’ve felt the rumblings of change in the most personal part of your life—if not a total uprooting—things could settle a little bit.

But don’t get too comfortable, Aquarius, because the calm is temporary! From house-hunting to a changing cast of characters under your roof to possible baby news, Uranus is here to stir the pot. If you’ve been waiting for news about adoption or IVF, the retrograde could deliver that. A trailblazing woman who’s not afraid to be totally authentic could enter your orbit while Uranus is in Taurus. If you’ve been dealing with a disruptive family member or a rebellious child, you may find the help you need.

Midmonth there’s a high point when the August 15 Aquarius full moon brings your most personal 2019 goals to fruition. Look back to the birthday resolutions you set (if any), or to events that kicked off near the February 4 Aquarius new moon. This full moon is a decisive moment: Will you move forward with this or switch lanes and do something else? If you’ve been waiting for the green light on a passion project—or you’re just ready to take a leap of faith—the full moon in your sign says GO!

After your full moon moment, you may disappear into a rabbit hole for a while. On August 23, the Sun plunges into Virgo and your privacy-seeking, intimate eighth house. For the next month, you could deep-dive into a mission that requires lots of research. A relationship or detailed undertaking may become all-consuming. Watch for tunnel vision, Aquarius—but screen out distractions if you need to power through a task that requires concentration. The eighth house rules property, assets and joint ventures. If you’ve been looking at a real estate venture or considering a long-term financial investment, Virgo season could present some exciting new options.

With your erotic eighth house lit up, there could be some sizzling diversions—especially since lusty Mars is here from August 18 to October 3. When the Virgo new moon arrives on August 30, what seemed like a summer fling could turn serious. Someone might even have soul mate potential where you least expected it! You may be offered a financial opportunity near the new moon that could yield hefty returns or be invited into a joint venture. Take your time—this new moon will unfold in the coming six months, so there’s no need to rush. But DO set intentions for where you’d like to be financially, emotionally or in a key relationship by early 2020. What you visualize now could become a reality by the time the corresponding Virgo full moon arrives next March!

Love & Romance

With three “personal” planets (Venus, Mars and the Sun) cozied up together in your seventh house of committed partnerships for much of the month, you may be happy zipped into your couple bubble. It’s a time for bonding, major next steps or to double down on your dating efforts if you’re single. But while Venus here enhances the desire for intimacy and harmony, Mars can churn up strong (and difficult) emotions, like anger, resentment and jealousy. New relationships can heat up quickly, so be mindful to not let your heart get ahead of your head.

All three planets will move on Virgo and your eighth house of intensity, eroticism and soul bonding later in the month. Mars is the first to pull up stakes (on August 18, for six weeks). Your libido could go from a simmer to a full boil in no time flat, which can be a boon for happy couples and frustrating as hell if you’re unattached. Don’t let this planetary pileup pressure you into a union that you know isn’t ultimately right for you. Set your intentions and don’t settle for less! Venus follows Mars’ lead on August 21, and then el Sol two days after that. Very strong emotions can rise up now, so anticipate them as best you can so you don’t overreact. In addition to the swirling sexual energy, you might find yourself far more interested in metaphysical and spiritual pursuits. And how nice would it be to have a partner who shared your passion?!

An extra-hot day is August 24, when Venus and Mars mash up exactly in Virgo and that same intensifying zone. You can look forward to smoldering sex, an engagement or pregnancy or a perfect moment for making things official or deepening your bond.

Key Dates

August 2: Venus-Uranus Square
Twitchy Uranus lights a fire under the love planet during today’s restless clash. You might find yourself fixating about “the future” and trying to nail down a commitment while your S.O. (or brand-new love interest) is content to just enjoy your company. Note: You could be undermining yourself with this behavior. Single? Try a wildly new approach—think about what you normally would do to get someone’s attention—and do the opposite.

Money & Career

Partner up for the win! In August, the planets are clustering into the most collaborative zones of your chart, a perfect time to lean on your closest people for support. The Sun is in Leo until August 23, heating up your seventh house of contracts and commitments, joined by motivator Mars through August 18. Offers could turn formal and you may decide to partner up with someone for mutual gain. Be careful not to rush into anything headlong though, as impatient Mars could pile on the pressure before you have all the facts. You may find yourself being a bit more argumentative, but on the plus side, you won’t be afraid to negotiate and advocate for yourself!

The group-centric vibes get even stronger starting August 11, when Jupiter wakes up from a four-month retrograde in Sagittarius and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Ready to make a digital splash or launch your world-changing platform? Between now and December 2, supersizer Jupiter is in your court. But note that the same day, your ruling planet Uranus will slip backward into retrograde until January 10, sputtering in Taurus and your domestic fourth house. Plans to relocate or make changes at home could stall for the rest of the year. Take the time to really think through how much any personal life shifts could disrupt the status quo—maybe it’s better to take a phased approach?

Slip off the grid to do some detailed work or research starting August 18, when Mars moves into Virgo and your intense eighth house of joint ventures and long-term finances. You might be talking through the finer points of a deal or you could have a large expense to pay off. Make an aggressive plan to tackle debt, loans or credit card spending if that’s an issue. The upside: a large lump sum could also come your way now, especially once the Sun enters Virgo on August 23, or at the August 30 Virgo new moon. Look into commission-based opportunities or ways that you can build your nest egg with passive income and investments.

Key Dates

August 7: Sun-Jupiter Trine
Team up FTW! This rare and magnetizing mashup could attract a perfect partner and act like fertilizer on one of your seedling ideas. While a part of you prefers to work independently, another part enjoys the intellectual stimulation and camaraderie of collaborations.

Love Days: 24, 28
Money Days: 7, 16
Luck Days: 5, 15
Off Days: 26, 3, 12

July Forecast for Aquarius

Surrender to change, Aquarius—it’s coming whether you like it or not. July is a month of many expressions from above, including two alchemical eclipses, a rare double-header of new moons bookending the month and (eek!) communication planet Mercury spinning retrograde from July 7 to 31. There won’t be a dull moment on deck, Aquarius—so brace yourself for an active month that could transform you in crucial ways.

Against the backdrop of the Sun in Cancer and your sixth house of health, fitness and organization (until July 22), a July 2 total solar (new moon) eclipse lands in Cancer, jolting you into action. Is it time to go full KonMari on your clutter? Or maybe change your habits around eating and exercise? You may get doctor’s orders to do so, or the urge might come from a desire to reconnect to your body. The way you’ve structured your life could have pieces falling through the cracks, and this cosmic event is your unsubtle prompt to shift your systems, stat! At the July 2 Cancer solar eclipse, a powerful new six-month cycle of vitality opens up.

This is the midway point in a series of eclipses falling on the Cancer/Capricorn axis between July 2018 and July 2020, activating your analytical sixth house (ruled by Cancer) and your twelfth house of spirituality and release (ruled by Capricorn). For the past year, you’ve been transforming the balance between mind and spirit, control and surrender. There have been moments that awakened you to a need to be more alert and attentive or to more deeply connect to the earth. (We have THREE Aquarius friends who have turned their land into small organic farms in the past year!)

The second eclipse might require you to keep a few friends on standby for emotional support. On July 16, a Capricorn lunar (full moon) eclipse will land in your twelfth house of closure, healing and transitions. A chapter of your life may come to an abrupt end, and all the attendant emotions can surge up just as suddenly. If you haven’t dealt with grief or mourned a loss, this could be one of those long-awaited “ugly cry” days that helps you heal. With alchemical Pluto riding close to this full moon, the intensity is multiplied.

This eclipse might also bring a spiritual awakening, a soulmate encounter or a moment of profound epiphanies. You may see someone’s true colors—and the palette could be shocking. This eclipse may expose a secret or bring hidden information to light. Look back to January 6, 2019, when a corresponding Capricorn solar eclipse set events into motion. Since astrology is cyclical, endings clear the way for beginnings. Trust that if you have to release anything, it’s for the highest good—even if whatever’s “next” doesn’t immediately show up. In fact, breathing through the unknown instead of anxiously trying to micromanage events will be your biggest—and most rewarding—spiritual challenge.

In between, there could be a couple moments that starkly expose the “control freak” that we all have within us. Control is an outcropping of fear, after all. And you’ll get a front-row seat to some of your own untended anxieties when the Cancer Sun forms its annual oppositions to Saturn (July 9) and Pluto (July 14) in Capricorn and your illusion-fueled twelfth house.

Your mission: To uncover where more boundaries are needed in your life. Have you fallen into a role of codependent enabling and sacrifice? As the Sun opposes boundary-hound Saturn and power-player Pluto, you may need to cut some of those cords in no uncertain terms. Or, if you’ve put up TOO many barriers, you’ll see where to let go and open yourself up to receiving support. You may have to trade some ego or a sense of control—but it will be a small price to pay for feeling like others have your back!

Adding to the fun, Mercury will be retrograde from July 7 to 31. It will split its time between Leo and your partnership zone (until July 19) and Cancer, ruler of your health and organization zone, from July 19 to 31. Shore up your defenses around travel, technology and communication, all areas that can be affected by chaos when Mercury goes rogue. Triple-check reservations, back up data and practice extreme patience!

During the Leo leg, take extra precautions in your closest relationships. Explain yourself with explicit clarity and check to make sure the other person REALLY heard you. Try the mirroring technique, silly as it may feel, where one person says something and the other answers to the tune of, “What I hear you saying is…” then adjust as needed. Contracts fall under the seventh house AND Mercury’s domain, so tread lightly (if at all) around signing any paperwork. If people seem to misunderstand you at every turn, take a deep breath and try again! Be sure to extend the same courtesy to others as well.

With argumentative Mars in Leo and your partnership house all month, it will be extra challenging to get on the same page. And when Mars plows into a fiery square to your co-ruler, volatile Uranus, on July 11, you could reach a breaking point. A family member or living-situation stress might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back if you’re not careful.

Really watch those stress levels when Mercury backs into Cancer and your wellness zone from July 19 to 31. Avoid multitasking or taking on too much, especially since you’ll be susceptible to a late-summer cold or flu. Wash your hands regularly and avoid anyone who’s sniffling or hacking!

Camaraderie could light the way starting July 22, when the Sun swings into Leo and your partnership zone for a month. While you may feel a bit low-power now, you’ll have people to lean on coming through. Cut back on all the extraneous social engagements and focus on the folks who truly have your back. One of them could rise up as an incredible friend and champion on July 25, when Mars in Leo forms a flowing trine to effusive Jupiter in your camaraderie zone. And who knows…maybe there’s something beyond just friendship in the cards for you, whether that’s a romantic relationship or a business alliance. With these two excitable planets aligning, it’s a perfect day to explore possibilities! You don’t have to commit to anything…just enjoy that blue-sky dreaming.

The first moment to even CONSIDER making it official doesn’t come until July 31, when Mercury ends its retrograde (amen!) and a rare second new moon lands in Leo, cutting a six-month trail into your zone of committed relationships. Between now and next February, something beautiful could unfold if you play your cards right. Follow the synergies and see what happens. Or, if you’re ready to take it official, this new moon could prompt talks of getting serious.

Love & Romance

With impassioned Mars roaring through Leo and your dynamic-duos zone from July 1 to August 18, all kinds of partnerships heat up, from romantic to professional to creative. Couples might find themselves arguing a lot—perhaps over the pettiest of problems—yet at the same time feel ever more attracted to each other. Lusty Mars can crank up the sexual chemistry AND the combativeness, so be prepared for both.

One thing to stay aware of: Expressive Mercury is going retrograde this month, and from July 7 to 19 the reversal happens in Leo. During this cycle, miscommunications can abound with your romantic partner and close connections. Anticipate this by being extra clear about what you’re conveying and don’t make assumptions. If you must get something off your chest, be sure to do it when both parties are able to really hear each other. Springing a “we need to talk” on someone out of the blue will NOT get you the response you hope for.

July 16 features the year’s only Capricorn full moon—also a potent lunar eclipse—in your twelfth house of release, fantasy and healing. If you’re in a solid relationship (or have one in development), surrender to soulmate-style love. If you’re barely hanging on in a union that’s passed its expiration date, this lunar push could be the thing that helps you cut bait. Single? Be vulnerable and willing to stretch beyond “the usual.” That’s when the magic can happen!

Should any misunderstandings arise between July 3 and 27—which is kind of inevitable when Mercury is retrograde—tactful Venus in soothing Cancer will support you in talking things through diplomatically. And since Venus is in your analytical sixth house, you’ll be able to keep enough emotional perspective to not get defensive or be inappropriately giving (read: codependent).

Wherever you land at the end of the month, a bold and loving Leo new moon on July 31 extends an olive branch and helps you make any kind of fresh start you desire. Start over, go deeper, reinvent the whole relationship: The world is your amorous oyster!

Key Dates

July 17: Venus-Saturn Opposition
You may not be in the kindest, gentlest mood today, as “by the book” Saturn faces off with sensitive Venus in your nitpicking sixth house. Your instinct might be to lash out at someone or get defensive if anyone so much as suggests you try to do something a little differently. Ouch! Deal with the real issues, but anything that might be more in the “molehill” category, leave it alone for now.

Money & Career

Back to reality, Aquarius? July’s financial stars are delivered without any window dressing as the Sun travels through Cancer and your practical, analytical sixth house. This zodiac realm also rules wellness—and your “fiscal fitness” could be put to the test by the first of two groundbreaking eclipses. On July 2, a Cancer total solar (new moon) eclipse could catapult you into a new line of work, perhaps one that involves sustainability, health or data. Check in on your stress levels while you’re at it. Today’s world is a pressure cooker, and that can take a toll on your physical state. With Mercury retrograde from July 7 to 31 (in Cancer from July 19 on), you’ll want to seriously filter the information you take in. If it leaves you feeling upset and fearful, it’s okay to change the channel—or walk away from that screen.

A second eclipse on July 16 could bring a major turning point. Is it time to say “enough already!” and wave the white flag? Because this lunar (full moon) eclipse is in Capricorn and your twelfth house of endings and transitions, a part of your life that no longer serves you could be “eclipsed” away. No more hanging on by your teeth, Aquarius. Make space for new relationships instead of staying mired in struggle. Remember: Suffering is optional! When you quit trying to force an outcome and surrender to a bigger plan, miracles can and will arise. And they’ll come through the NEW people you allow into your life. As the Sun enters Leo and your partnership house on July 22, prepare to make contact with some fascinating folks who can help you on your path! On July 31, the day of the Leo new moon (and the end of Mercury retrograde), someone’s promises could materialize. You’ll know who’s solidly on Team Aquarius soon enough!

Key Dates

July 9: Sun-Saturn Opposition
Guard the perimeter! You’d love to let the whole world into your inner circle, but until someone has proved their trustworthiness, keep private info under wraps around them. It’s not being paranoid—in this age of rampant identify theft, an Aquarian can’t be too safe!

Love Days: 28, 4
Money Days: 11, 20
Luck Days: 9, 18
Off Days: 2, 7, 16

June Forecast for Aquarius

Embrace the spirit of celebration! June is filled with joie de vivre—and a side of productivity. For the first three weeks of the month, the Sun is happy-dancing through Gemini and your fifth house of pleasure, play and passion. Got a creative project to dive into? Welcome the muse! An early-summer romance could spark up before June 21, and couples will feel the urge to make fun a priority. Hint: Getting out of the house (especially after a homebody-ish May) will refresh your perspective. Slip on a head-turning outfit and book the best table at that buzzy new taverna, whether you roll solo or rally your most spontaneous sidekicks.

The June 3 Gemini new moon will set the stage for amorous and artistic adventures. Between now and the December 11 corresponding Gemini full moon, chemistry could blossom into a full-fledged romantic zing. Got a passion project you want to launch before the end of the year? Start now and you could make major strides by the holidays. This heart-opening lunar lift could inspire true confessions. Go on, wear your emotions on your sleeve today, Aquarius!

But it won’t be all play and no work this month. Until July 1, activator Mars is in Cancer and your healthy, administrative sixth house. You’re on a mission to tick items off your to-do list, and fast. Even if you WANT to blow off your tasks and spend a long weekend at your friend’s beach house, the idea of all those emails and projects piling up will stop you cold in your tracks.

Mars in your wellness zone could inspire a fitness kick. Of course, this will be at odds with the hedonistic spirit of Gemini season, when you’re busy bingeing on artisan cocktails and summer flash sales. Try to strike a balance between discipline and instant gratification. If you’re looking for an outlet for your anxious energy, start with a big decluttering. Then, discerningly treat yourself to a few well-considered purchases.

Midmonth, Mars makes three important contacts with other planets. On June 14, he forms a flowing trine to dreamy Neptune in your second house of daily habits, money and security. You could be serendipitously offered a job doing something that betters the world—right up your humanitarian sign’s #woke alley. Neptune adds a spiritual and pleasurable twist to your wellness pursuits. Think yoga, meditation or a retreat to a gorgeous, eco-chic destination.

The other two Mars aspects aren’t quite so lovely. Also on June 14, Mars will form a challenging opposition to rigid Saturn, which is in Capricorn and your twelfth house of sacrifice and endings. Then Mars makes this same face-off with shadowy Pluto on June 19, which could provoke volcanic anger and passive-aggressive showdowns. Buried resentments can bubble up, and you could fling cutting, critical words that hit below the belt. Careful, Aquarius! It will be hard to take those caustic words back.

If you’ve been pushing a nagging ache aside or putting off a checkup, these mid-June Mars oppositions will force you to deal. Better to get to the root of what ails you than to let it snowball into something bigger. The mind-body-spirit connection will be strong, so any issues are likely to have an emotional underpinning. Don’t just treat the symptoms now, Aquarius.

The sixth house rules helpful people, and with Mars here, a service provider or employee could become a source of stress. Is a certain member of Team Aquarius acting selfish or unreliable? Maybe you’re short-handed and need more assistance to pull off a project. Don’t try to DIY this one. Invest in the resources you need so you can do this right.

In the midst of all this, there’s a rare Jupiter-Neptune square AND a full moon to spice up the action even more. Closely examine the people in your circle and make sure they really have your back. On June 16, expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius and your group activity zone will form its second of three tense squares (90-degree angles) to hazy Neptune in your grounding second house. Do the people you call friends support or thwart you?

Sharing money with friends—whether you’ve made a loan or you’re splitting up the tab—could get awkward if you don’t discuss it openly. And if lines have blurred with coworkers, this Jupiter-Neptune square forces you to delineate better boundaries. (Do you really need the play-by-play of their drunken dates?) This is the second of 2019’s three such aspects (the first was on January 13), and this time, Jupiter is in low-power retrograde mode. You may need to have an uncomfortable but long-overdue conversation with a friend or team.

This square will also pull you between dueling needs for autonomy and security. One part of you wants NOBODY pinning you down; another side kinda wishes someone would just tell you what to do! The final Jupiter-Neptune square on September 21 can bring resolution—but prepare to negotiate this tricky balance all summer.

You CAN make progress at the June 17 Sagittarius full moon, which spotlights your collaborative eleventh house. Start getting your tribe on track or expressing yourself more vocally in a group. If you’re launching an online venture, this digitally dialed-in full moon could be the perfect day to press “post” or “publish.” Since full moons can also mark endings, you may decide to part ways with a crew you’ve outgrown. Make space for people who are more on your wavelength now, Aquarius.

You can start to wrangle any outsized emotions or unruly projects starting June 21, when the Sun enters Cancer and your orderly, health-focused sixth house. For the next four weeks, slow down and prioritize. That same day, nebulous Neptune turns retrograde in Pisces and your second house of work and money until November 27. Plug the money drains in your life, whether that’s a bunch of unused app subscriptions or a distracting coworker who leaves you stuck working late. With mystical Neptune here, check the Feng Shui of money-related areas of your home. Adding some houseplants or decluttering might just open up blocked channels of abundance. Try it all!

Love & Romance

With Mars charging through Cancer and your sixth house of systems and self-care all month, you could be too busy to, well, get busy! Getting all those loose ends tied up will serve you well when the red planet blasts into your relationship sector on July 1, returning for the first time in two years. Put the focus on YOU in June with a ramped-up workout scheduler, leaner and greener eats, and streamlining the messy areas of your life. Say “no” to obligations that fail to inspire. Unburdening yourself is how you’ll feel sexy in your skin again.

But you don’t have to wait until July to flex those flirting muscles, Water Bearer! Single Aquarians might meet someone through healthy pursuits, running errands or doing volunteer work. In a relationship? Lace up your sneakers and take long walks together or join a summer sports league. Just be mindful not to take on a partner’s stress or try to “fix” them. If there’s something to discuss, do it in on neutral turf. Go for a walk or spread out a blanket in a quiet park for your state of the union.

One June 8, Venus exits your domestic zone and sails into extroverted Gemini and your amorous fifth house, bringing all kinds of romantic options your way. Summer love could spark up at any moment, so take a break from all those projects to have some fun and meet people. As a chatty air sign, you won’t have any trouble finding an opening gambit, which is all is will take to get the ball rolling. Couples should make an effort to go out on fun dates where you DON’T talk about work, complain or coach each other.

But alas, June is not all fun and games, especially later in the month, when Venus swings into two tense angles with heavyweight planets. On June 23, she locks into her annual opposition with boundary-challenged Jupiter, and a budding romance could suddenly lose steam and feel more platonic than erotic. Pro tip: Be patient and don’t push. You’ll have a better sense of things in a few days.

The next day (June 24), Venus squares off with hazy Neptune. During these back-to-back “hits,” you could feel like you’re drowning in work, or your social and dating life could get very costly, driving up financial stress that diminishes your romantic mojo. Put yourself on a (temporary) budget, allowing enough for beauty, style AND heaps of fun. If you start to get angsty over money, remember that old adage, though: The best things in life aren’t things.

Key Dates

June 2: Venus-Pluto Trine
Open the vault and let someone have a peek inside. As alchemical Pluto in your dreamlike twelfth house forms a rare trine to the love planet in your sensitivity zone, you’ll feel safe enough to open up to someone who’s earned—or is earning—your trust. This kind of openness can deepen your bond. For couples, you might be ready to talk about buying a home together or starting a family.

Money & Career

So much to do, so little time? It could feel that way in June, as activator Mars spends the month in Cancer and your sixth house of administrative details. The pressure is on to streamline and organize—but you’ve got this Aquarius. Midmonth, Mars makes two tough oppositions to Saturn (June 14) and Pluto (June 19) in your hazy twelfth house. Make sure you’re not sacrificing your to-do list to rush in and play savior for someone. If they genuinely need your support, then offer it. But know that you’ll be prone to enabling—a “convenient” distraction from the mundane work that HAS to get done now. Grumble if you must, but stay focused! Direct people to resources instead of trying to fix it for them.

Another challenge will be resisting the temptation to blow off your duties and go play, at least while the Sun is in Gemini until June 21. With El Sol in this fun-loving and childlike zone of your chart, you’ll get a wild case of FOMO if you pass up too many invitations with the old “I’m so busy” line. Try to keep a healthy balance. (Another good case to stay focused—you’ll leave yourself more time to enjoy extracurriculars!)

Who knows: One of your inspired ideas could become a profitable venture, especially near the June 3 Gemini new moon. With aesthetic Venus moving into Gemini on June 8, sharing your creative gifts could magnetize opportunity and fans alike. And when the Sagittarius full moon on June 17 illuminates your eleventh house of groups and technology, kindred spirits could emerge from every pocket and platform. Get your world-changing ideas out there to a wider audience, Aquarius!

Yes, you’ll need to think about bills and expenses, too—on June 16, Jupiter in Sagittarius will square off with Neptune in Pisces and your money zone, a day when you’re not exactly realistic about what things cost. Some old fears about money could surface, but watch for passivity and helplessness—an illusion Neptune can spin. When Neptune turns retrograde from June 21 to November 27, keeping a handle on your finances will need extra attention. Money can slip through your fingers, even if you’re frittering it away on “practical” stuff. Look for costs that might be draining your funds and start cutting there!

Key Dates

June 9: Sun-Neptune Square
Listen to other people’s points of view with an open mind today—even if you think you know the best approach. You might be surprised what you can learn if you can listen without judgment. Don’t get hung up on “logic” and protocol. With trickster Neptune in the picture, things are probably not exactly as they seem.

Love Days: 3, 7
Money Days: 14, 23
Luck Days: 11, 20
Off Days: 5, 9, 18

May Forecast for Aquarius

Cozy up, Aquarius. You’re on a belated hibernation schedule until May 21 while the Sun pays its annual visit to Taurus and your domestic fourth house. Bask in some relaxing spring vibes by nesting and resting, booking ample quality time at Chateau Aquarius. With el Sol moving through the base of your chart, you’ve got planetary permission to tend to home, family and personal matters—all the stuff that makes you feel anchored. Catch up on self-care, especially since this year’s social starmap has probably spread you thin!

On May 4, the annual Taurus new moon brings fresh-start energy to your emotional fourth house. This heart-opening day could help you articulate feelings you’ve been keeping inside. You might also be called to support a loved one who needs an empathic ear and a non-judgmental person to “hold space” for them. (Who better for that job than you, Aquarius?)

This new moon could spark a change to your living situation. Maybe you get inspired to redecorate, start paging through listings or go all in and put your home on the market. Your inner Martha Stewart could be elbows deep in planting a veggie garden (or an herb box for the windowsill) and switching to seasonally appropriate linens. Whatever your concept of “home sweet home” looks like, don’t rush to pull up roots or turn a flurry of paint and fabric swatches into an overnight masterpiece. This new moon will unfold over six months’ time, culminating at the November 12 Taurus full moon. Map a plan for how you’d like your personal life to look and feel before the holidays, then work backward from there.

Besides, spring fever is nipping at your strappy heels for the first half of the month as energizer Mars rounds out a lusty visit to Gemini and your passionate fifth house through May 15. An attraction might quickly spark into a sexy spring fling while couples could feel that wild attraction ramping up again. At the same time, intense Mars in your dramatic fifth house can also activate knee-jerk reactions and drama, so try to keep your seldom-seen temper in check, even with Mars pushing your buttons.

While May’s emphasis is on your personal life, there’s one day where professional achievements take the crown. On May 18, the year’s only Scorpio full moon beams into your tenth house of ambition and success, bringing your hard work to a triumphant peak.

A project or goal you’ve been working toward all year (and specifically since the November 7, 2018, Scorpio new moon) reaches a decisive moment now. What’s your next move, Aquarius? Will you go forward and take this to the next level—or call it a day and move in a new direction? If you’ve been thinking about a career change, this full moon might be your exit point. You could also go after a choice client, get a promotion or step into a leadership role. Diligent effort may be recognized with an award or some flattering media buzz!

If you’ve got a big project to wrap, roll up your sleeves and finish it NOW. Then get out and paint the town. Starting May 21, the Sun takes a monthlong spin through Gemini and your fifth house of love and creativity. In addition to getting some fun-filled and decadent dates on the calendar, the muse pays a visit, sparking some artistic notions. Let yourself play—and if you’ve got a performing streak, take to the stage or studio during this richly expressive time. With action planet Mars in your get-‘er-done sixth house, it won’t be long before you’re crafting some kind of business plan to monetize your creations. But try making “art for art’s sake”—or at least to allow your imagination to fly at full wingspan before you whittle it into anything concrete. Pleasure and play are your guiding principles now!

Love & Romance

With amorous Venus and lusty Mars orbiting your most outgoing, passionate chart sectors, your love life—and maybe your entire life—will be packed with lighthearted fun, flirtation and limitless options for the first half of the month. Social Venus is in Aries and your everyday-people sector until May 15, which could send sparks flying with a neighbor, colleague or friend-of-a-friend. With red-hot Mars in Gemini and your lusty fifth house until May 15 as well, an attraction could progress quickly.

For couples, this is a great time to hang out with your common crews or host a party together—and of course, to put a few glamorous date nights on the books. With your naturally flirtatious side turned up to max, jealousy and drama could spike. While nobody puts YOU in a corner (or on a leash), be sensitive to your partner and make sure no lines are crossed.

If you’re looking for something real, don’t let the distractions take you “off-task.” It’ll be easy to lose yourself in the whirlwind of attention, but you can channel that intense energy into getting to know one certain someone deeply. But don’t be SO focused and fixated that you forget to prioritize pleasure or enjoy the process of getting to know each other.

Red-blooded Mars could bring a no-strings spring fling and, during the rare Venus-Jupiter trine on May 9, chemistry could unexpectedly ignite with a friend or an online match. You’ll be looking at the whole world in a new light under this expansive alignment, so keep an open mind and see where things go.

But just when you’re really warming up, you could switch into a totally different groove during the second half of May. The love planets both lunge into another sign on May 15: Venus into Taurus and your sentimental fourth house through June 8 and Mars into homey Cancer and your analytical sixth house until July 1. Now decisions seem to carry more gravitas, and you’re less willing to rush in and let the chips fall just anywhere. Top priorities will be nesting and finding the right person to hunker down with—for more than just one memorable night. Mars in your persnickety sixth house can make you analytical and critical—about them AND you. Watch for body image issues and unrealistic (and unloving) “swimsuit-season” perfectionism. You’re a lot more than a dress or pant size, Aquarius!

Key Dates

May 7: Venus-Saturn Square
Walking on eggshells is not the path to a deeper connection. If you can’t speak honestly to someone you care about—or want to care more about—then you might want to examine what this connection is built on (e.g., terra firma or quicksand). This isn’t the same as blurting out the first thing that pops into your head. In fact, structured Saturn can lend some discretion and restraint to the excitable love planet.

Money & Career

We’ll be honest: May is one of those months when work might be the furthest thing from your mind. As the Sun travels through the bottom of your chart, it’s heating up the more personal zones of your life. But there’s nothing like stepping away from the grind to get a fresh perspective on it! While the Sun is in Taurus and your domestic fourth house through May 21, prioritize self-care and tune in to your emotions. We get so caught up in the “doing” that we forget to just let ourselves be, connect and savor the present.

And how about tending to your creativity? Until May 15, energizer Mars is in Gemini and your passionate fifth house, handing you the mic. The urge to express yourself artistically in some way could strike—carried out even more when the Sun and communicator Mercury move into Gemini on May 21.

That said, your busy-bee side makes a comeback from May 15 to July 1, when Mars revs its engines in Cancer and your sixth house of work, health and organization. You could get pumped to make detailed plans, crafting the master agenda (complete with spreadsheets) for one of your big ideas. This is an ideal time to get all your behind-the-scenes projects squared away, from filing paperwork to decluttering to delegating tasks. There’s one day this month when your inner mogul WILL show up hardcore. Circle the May 18 Scorpio full moon, which will illuminate your ambitious tenth house of career. A project or milestone you’ve been steadily working toward for the past six months could finally come together. Don’t be surprised if you’re offered a leadership role or finally granted well-deserved recognition for your accomplishments.

Key Dates

May 2: Mercury-Pluto Square
No matter how clearly you present your case, someone’s sure to misconstrue your message or twist your words. If the prospect of banging your head against another brick wall doesn’t appeal to you, fly below the radar and put off anything interactive until folks are more receptive.

Love Days: 7, 11
Money Days: 18, 27
Luck Days: 15, 24
Off Days: 9, 13, 22

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