the signs as queen elizabeth i’s hand fans


Attributed to George Gower, c. 1590

TAURUS: Unknown artist, c. 1575-90?

GEMINI: Ditchley Portrait; Marcus Giraert the Younger, c. 1592

CANCER: Formerly attributed to Marcus Giraert the Younger, c. 1585

LEO: Lucas de Heere; date not given 

VIRGO: Unknown artist, Blackwork Guild

LIBRA: Unknown artist, 1590-92

SCORPIO: Unknown British School, scanned from Thomasina Beck, The Embroiderer’s Story

SAGITTARIUS: Attributed to John Bettes the Younger, c. 1590

CAPRICORN: unknown artist, c. 1585-90

AQUARIUS: Pelican Portrait, attributed to Nicholas Hilliard, c. 1575

PISCES: Unknown artist, 1590-92

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