What the signs are probably doing right now

Aries: making a mood board

Taurus: on a shopping spree

Gemini: playing some instrument

Cancer: taking a bath

Leo: practicing for an audition

Virgo: cleaning

Libra: doing their makeup

Scorpio: staring at someone

Sagittarius: booking a flight

Capricorn: working

Aquarius: somewhere saving the world

Pisces: dreaming about their 6th crush of the day


Dear Cancers’

I admire you to the moon and back and are so grateful for you. You have multiple abilities that i am intimidated of. You guys are shy yet super socialble. I have never seen you guys project anger at others. And when you’re not crying, you have the biggest smile on your face. I love y’all and enjoy your last day of the season ♋︎


Signs as types of accessories

Aries: belly button piercing

Taurus: ankle bracelet

Gemini: nose ring

Cancer: fanny pak

Leo: layered necklaces

Virgo: rings

Libra: sunglasses

Scorpio: choker

Sagittarius: multiple ear piercings

Capricorn: layered bracelet

Aquarius: toe ring

Pisces: scrunchie

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