simple ways to impress the signs

aries: be confident.

taurus: stand your ground.

gemini: stay true to yourself.

cancer: stay soft no matter what the world throws at you,

leo: be kind to others.

virgo: have your own mind/opinions.

libra: be open.

scorpio: stay passionate.

sagittarius: don’t back down easily.

capricorn: stay determined.

aquarius: express everything.

pisces: emotional intelligence.



some things i love 💕

Aries: they fake it till they make it with EVERYTHING. they might be scared out of their mind but you’d never be able to guess it. they jump in and challenge themselves and never look back

Taurus: they never judge you no matter what you tell them. they’re always open to listening even if they don’t understand it themselves.

Gemini: they don’t take anybody’s shit. they stand up for themselves and everybody else and keep their ground. they know when to pick their battles.

Cancer: they get very passionate about what they love and could literally talk about it for DAYS and it never gets boring bc you know how much it means to them. they truly have a light in their eyes when they talk about what they love.

Leo: no matter how bad they might feel, they’ll always take time out of their day to build someone up. it’s what makes them feel better.

Virgo: they know how to work hard to get what they want. once they have their mind set on something, they keep going until they get it.

Libra: they are always so excellent with words. they know what to say and how to say it, and how to string together the perfect sentence to make your day better.

Scorpio: they have a super empathetic side for the people that they love. they always check up on people and are more concerned for them than they are for themselves.

Sagittarius: they will always have something to say. you don’t have to worry about them not being honest with you, they always give it straight up.

Capricorn: they always make you feel listened to. they truly want to hear about your life and how you’re doing instead of just asking those questions without any meaning.

Aquarius: they are so deep, but they keep it hidden away so only the closest people to them can see this side of them. but once you do, it’s truly exquisite.

Pisces: they are the voice of reason. they may have to think about things for a while, but once they have something to say, there is no option but to listen.

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