How to Make the Signs Feel Special

Aries: give them your time, and if you don’t have any, make it for them. they value true quality time together and someone making an effort to have that.

Taurus: it’s simple, be present. ask about their day, and really listen to what they have to say about everything.

Gemini: whether it’s planning something or staying in and watching movies while you make dinner, a gemini appreciates little gestures that show you care.

Cancer: definitely show an interest in them as people. go out and do the things that they want to do and continue to ask questions about them, always.

Leo: a leo does like grand gestures. post about them, send them long texts, take them out for the night and dress nice. but, they also enjoy the small things. there is a balance.

Virgo: ask them little questions, like how their day was and if they’re hungry. show that you’re there to talk and want to be there with them. they need to have stability.

Libra: just showing a genuine interest in wanting to be with them and do things with them is usually enough for a libra. they want to feel wanted and needed.

Scorpio: show excitement about them! they love to feel the same amount of passion that they give to you. they need to feel appreciated for who they are.

Sagittarius: spontaneity is mostly key. they love random trips, random gifts, going on little adventures. they prefer to keep things exciting and fresh.

Capricorn: wanting to get to know the people in their life as well as wanting to become a part of their family/friend group is important for caps. they value you as much as the other people in their life.

Aquarius: being silly with an aquarius is so important, they can’t be with someone who doesn’t have an inner child such as they do. they want to laugh together and enjoy the moment.

Pisces: initiate those deep talks with them, be interested in getting inside their mind. they want someone to explore them as much as they do other people.

Zodiac Sign Facts

Aries have a zest for life and adventure, but they bore of situations quickly.

Taurus naturally posses a calm aura, that puts others at ease.

Gemini are the twins of the zodiac. They posses two different personalities in one body.

Cancer keep mementos throughout their life. Often, their home in decorated with photographs.

Leo, ruling the heart, want to uplift others and will do anything to make the people they love happy.

Out of all the zodiac signs, Virgo are most concerned with their health. They can become hypochondriacs.

Libra prefer to keep conversations light and airy, free from to heavy emotions.

Scorpio posses a depth to their emotions no other signs can match. They have a deep fear of being emotionally hurt by others.

Sagittarius guard their independence fiercely. They long for a life of complete freedom.

Capricorn prefer to think logically rather than emotionally. They can come off as feeling cold to more sensitive souls.

Aquarius appear as very extroverted people, however, they are very introverted and introspective.

Pisces wander through life in a sort of daydream. Often, they are present in two worlds at one time.

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