September Lessons 🔥

Aries: be in the now. focus on where you are and what you can do to get where you want to be and don’t let anything or anyone distract you from it.

Taurus: listen to your gut about people. sometimes you give too much benefit of the doubt and then it is too late.

Gemini: being on your own is not a bad thing. learn to not depend on other people for happiness and create it for yourself.

Cancer: give yourself time to heal. there is no timeline or no correct way to get to your place of peace. be patient on the journey.

Leo: being vulnerable is sometimes not your strong suit, but be aware that it is the only way to be completely loved and happy. you deserve to open yourself up.

Virgo: use your voice. remember that backing down when someone challenges you is not an option. you are strong, you have to know that.

Libra: don’t run away from love. I know it scares you to think about letting someone down, but the people who love you will continue to no matter what.

Scorpio: you may be a little lost now, but you’re on your way. you have to take things in stride and understand that being lost is part of the journey.

Sagittarius: don’t forget who you are in the midst of craziness. you have to remain sturdy and be your own best friend.

Capricorn: it’s okay to let go sometimes, be silly and do things without thinking. don’t take it all too seriously, just let yourself unwind.

Aquarius: listen to the people around you when they’re worried. usually it is for a reason, and typically they have the best of intentions. you have to let people care about you.

Pisces: giving yourself permission to let go of the past is essential. don’t let things hold you back from creating the happiness that you deserve right now.

The Signs as What Winter Reminds Me Of


Aries: The moment when you come into a warm room after being out in the cold. Having the warmth instantly warming your nose and your cheeks that turned pink from the cold.

Taurus: Adding a splash of color into your clothes to stand out during the dark and dreary days, making winter a bit more colorful.

Gemini: Enjoying walks as the sun slowly goes down, and the sky changes into beautiful colors.

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why the mercury signs are awful

aries mercury: never shuts up and even when they do they are thinking about themselves, these people need to take a walk to get out of their own minds for a change. This mercury placement reminds me of a megaphone.

taurus mercury: come across as sweet and gentle but in reality they’re thinking about the next piece of food or when they get to go home. Does a shit job at hiding it as well. We see straight through you!

gemini mercury: just has to be the smartest one in the room. It’s a shame these can’t work out how to feel their own emotions though. So contradicting, genuinely believes they know everything, and expects people to listen to them.

cancer mercury: *tears* *resting bitch face* *tears* and repeat. Puts on SUCH a tough exterior it’s almost laughable. If you want these people to think about anything other then THEIR emotions or their house – forget it.

leo mercury: picture a balloon inflating. Has a way of turning every situation towards how they feel, it’s almost commendable. You know a person has this placement because they never truly shut the fuck up about their life.

virgo mercury: are known to be very smart but not very smart at keeping their opinions to themselves, no one asks these people for their opinions on things, and if they did it would be the last time because they are brutally honest.

libra mercury: so manipulative and is immune to telling the truth. SO sensitive and has a way of making everything a problem. It actually wouldn’t be a problem if these people didn’t live inside their heads.

scorpio mercury: not as secretive or mysterious as people they think they are! has a way of saying bitchy shit for no reason and then can’t understand why people don’t ask them anything. Keeps 100% of their thoughts to themselves but these people believe it’s other people that are the shady ones!

sagittarius mercury: these people are definitely not as cool as they think they are. Please shut the fuck up. I actually got a headache thinking about this placement. Doesn’t understand why they don’t have a 24 hour podcast.

capricorn mercury: so dry. Where is that sense of humour that people always talk about? You actually smell the condescension and belittling when these people step in the room.

aquarius mercury: distant. Thinks about some weird shit. Quirky sense of humour. Probably says the wrong things at the wrong times. Social ques aren’t important to these people.

pisces mercury: these people act as if they have a hard time remembering their own birthday but in actual fact are capable of thinking like other human beings. Maladaptive daydreamers. Please say something coherent.

Source: imagineastrology

Zodiac Signs when you mess up, bad, and they’r…

Aries: Lashes out at you and curses at you. Will forgive but won’t forget.

Taurus: Stops caring, which is the worst. Will forgive but will never forget.

Cancer: Casts death glares at you wherever you go. Will neither forgive nor forget.

Gemini: Cries in private whenever they see you or think about you and puts up a cold facade when in public. Will forgive and forget but will sometimes bring it up again.

Leo: Doesn’t say anything, ignores you. Will forgive but won’t forget.

Virgo: Ghosts you, *smiles* did you hear something? Will forgive but won’t forget.

Libra: Pretends things are okay but really atmosphere between you two is forever awkward and they’re really hurt. Will forgive and forget.

Scorpio: Glares at you and is cold, lashes out, cries, screams, emotional in the worst way possible.

Sagittarius: Tells you upfront what you did is wrong, those words are the last you’ll hear from them because now they won’t talk to you. Will forgive but won’t forget.

Capricorn: Won’t tell you their feelings and expect you to know what you did. Will neither forgive or forget.

Aquarius: Awkward, internally damaged, will avoid you. Will neither forgive or forget.

Pisces: Holds a massive grudge. Will forgive but won’t forget.

Source: dream-paracosm


Aries: looks scarlet red; smells like cigarette smoke; sounds like a heart pounding out of their chest; tastes like a cherry coke slushee; feels like a spiked choker

Taurus: looks emerald green; smells like freshly mown grass; sounds like a Fleetwood Mac song; tastes like organic dried fruit; feels like a new hoodie

Gemini: looks mauve; smells like lavender; sounds like fast typing; tastes like lemon drops; feels like freshly painted nails

Cancer: looks cornflower blue; smells like hot tea; sounds like rain outside your window; tastes like Sonic’s ocean water; feels like a warm bath

Leo: looks ruby red; smells like new Sharpies; sounds like your phone notifications going off; tastes like red velvet cupcakes; feels like rose petals

Virgo: looks like eggshell white; smells like lemon-scented cleaning supplies; sounds like papers shuffling; tastes like cucumber water; feels like glass

Libra: looks forest green; smells like chai; sounds like a symphony; tastes like fruit gushers; feels like embroidery

Scorpio: looks like jet black; smells like Victoria’s Secret perfume; sounds like revving your engine; tastes like rum and coke; feels like running your hands across skin

Sagittarius: looks mustard yellow; smells like subtle cologne; sounds like yelling the best lyrics of a song; tastes like apple cider; feels like stepping on crunchy leaves

Capricorn: looks charcoal grey; smells like sandalwood; sounds like pencil writing on paper; tastes like fresh coffee; feels like freshly sawed wood

Aquarius: looks seafoam green; smells like citrus and vanilla; sounds like splashing water; tastes like homemade granola; feels like petting your friend’s dog

Pisces: looks ballet slipper pink; smells like cherry blossom hand sanitizer; sounds like wind chimes; tastes like mochi ice cream; feels like wrapping yourself in a soft blanket

Source: informallyred

– warmth from each sign

Read for Sun/Moon/Venus

Aries: People like being around them, around their aura, around their being, because they are known to be passionate and exude passion, honor, there is fight in them, also they are bright beings and are shown to be very kind around people who deserve it, their innocence is present up till a moment they learn about this world, their naivety continues but they start using their intuition and instincts more to protect themselves. If you enter an Aries heart, they will do absolute anything for you and you can always rely and count on them.

Taurus: Filled with love and do not have a problem expressing and showing how dedicated they are towards their loved ones. With a Taurus beside your side, you will never feel lonely, unloved, you will even get bonus attention and bonus treats.

Gemini: Even though they are focused on the workings of their brain and communication (Mercury) they are actually dreamers. They love the unknown and are always ready for an adventure, you will never feel bored around them, you will always capture little moments that make you think life is worth living, also you will not be afraid to be a bit silly just as they can be. Geminis are always ready to discover something new but also uncover something new about themselves.

Cancer: They are always there for you and know exactly what to do to make you feel better. They really care for and take care of their loved ones. Regardless of you needing a shoulder to cry on, a friend, a listener, someone to celebrate your successes with, a Cancer will always be there by your side. They are a mother figure, so prepare to hear the truth from their perspective and them bringing you down to earth if necessary to show you to the right direction, even though a water sign and emotional, sensitive they have a feisty side where they can point out things.

Leo: A radiant, warm personality everyone wants a piece of. You should really value your friendship with them, they will always encourage you, support you, be giving and fight for you if necessary. Their golden heart is as big as they get.

Virgo: Always ready to help and sacrifice their time, sacrifice things for the people they love. If you have a Virgo by your side, you have a counselor, a critic, a friend, a right hand (and basically Google), you will also be fulfilled after spending time with them, they know your happy points and can get that side out quickly.

Libra: They love feeling at peace, they love being the mediator and keeping the balance. They will do a lot of things for the people they love, just so they can be happy and Libras enjoy that happiness alongside them. They can go out of their way for a lot of things, sacrificial, a listener, a soft-hearted best friend everyone wants.

Scorpio: Focused, intense, motivated also their passion is something to be touched from, something that inspires and they will try to inspire you and motivate you, to be the best version of yourself as you can be, to compete with yourself. They are extremely dedicated friends and loyal friends, once they achieve intimacy with people their whole world is whole.

Sagittarius: A challenger, a friend that will challenge you to think out of your zone, them questioning everything will infect you to do the same. They will teach you a lot, but will also be ready to learn a lot from you, they will follow your footsteps. Also they are adventurers, free-spirits, honest beings that will give you a great time, lots of laughter and humor. They really know how to enjoy life and they would like to share that with you. They are the optimistic point of life you go to when your world crashes for a moment.

Capricorn: Ambitious and hard-workers, loyal, dedicated, a pillar we all rely on. People with the best advice, best humor and someone who really wants you to succeed and will be behind each party, but also behind each sadness to console you. People who will challenge you in order for you to find pieces of yourself and never be lost, even if you are they will guide you. A friend with whom you can create little traditions, also inside jokes, something just between the two of you.

Aquarius: They will inspire you, they will be there for you, they will always be giving. They will be the string that keeps the group of friends together, they really try around their friends. Someone with whom you can talk about everything and anything and never be bored. Exploring together and achieving causes for the better of society, huge things I know but what can an Aquarius not do? They think of everything and will take you along the ride, because they are so friend-oriented they are stronger with you by their side, but you are too. A rare gem to always protect.

Pisces: The friend that will always understand beyond all understandings, the friend that will literally feel your pain, but feel your happiness and joy x 10. Really sensitive, creative and imaginative, they will make you look at things differently and really remind you why you are human, why you are on this very Earth, they will make you question about your mission. But they will always try to prove how grateful they are for meeting you, for having you. They will cherish you, they will be your support system forever.

Source: astrroloaries

why the mars signs are problematic

aries mars: doesn’t know when to shut the fuck up. just because you yell and talk over people does NOT mean you have won the argument! these people can come across naive because they just yell and yell and yell and don’t actually state anything of importance.

taurus mars: irritatingly stubborn for their own good. close minded. possessive to the point where it’s insulting. this placement reminds me of that piece of gum that is stuck to your table that you can’t seem to move. truly believes they’re right about everything in the universe. i actually yawned whilst writing this.

gemini mars: likes to show of their intelligence too much. highly likely to laugh at their own jokes. takes nothing seriously and then wonders why no one takes what they’re saying seriously. goals and dreams change 24/7. at least pretend you’re stable.

cancer mars: needs reassurance every minute.  has a habit of projecting their insecurities onto people. has 4582 tear jars. somehow everything comes down to their emotions? likes staying at home to the point that it’s worrying. has a ‘me day’ 6 days a week.

leo mars: just a lot of shouting. ego central. ‘how will this make me look the best?’. puts on a front. applies for jobs they’re not qualified for. this placement probably puts on a million Instagram stories about why they’re sad and then genuinely expects people to watch all of them….please come back down to earth..

virgo mars: TOO fussy. as long as they’re comfortable everything in the world is okay. puts work before their emotions and then wonders why they feel empty. their words can kill. looks calm but inside it’s like a volcano eruption. loves cleaning programmes.

libra mars: peaceful to the point where it could be considered disturbing. favourite sport is the sofa…and netflix. ask people with this placement: ‘where do you see yourself in the next 2-3 years?’ and then watch them slowly disintegrate inside.

scorpio mars: here is the famous placement. considers themselves as really really scary but truthfully will brood about your insulting comment for the next 80 years and just throw various insults when they can. probably writes lists of people’s pet hates.

sagittarius mars: loves the idea of ‘peace,love and happiness’ but has the most anger issues. anger comes and goes. so fucking energetic it’s tiring. ‘I CAN DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ -gets bored two seconds later-

capricorn mars: ‘work is my passion’ it shows. you can just hear the exhaustion in their voices. gets high off being right. needs to learn to have fun.  ‘oh there’s a pause in the conversation let me list my very long and extensive list of random achievements!’.

aquarius mars: just really loves to be different and quirky for the sake of it. loves to be the centre of attention but won’t admit it. more dramatic than leo mars. doesn’t understand the concept of social ques. pisses people off just because they can.

pisces mars: can actually be nasty when they become angry. holds a grudge but puts on a smile for show. you never know what’s going on inside their heads. lives in their imagination whilst everything in their life turns to shit. if you actually worked on your talents you wouldn’t need to escape into your imagination 24/7.

Source: imagineastrology

zodiac signs as a flowers

Aries – SUNFLOWER. You show outstanding activity, energies and initiative. You are open to changes and new experiences, you can be impulsive and excitable, you are an optimist.

Taurus – VIOLET. You are calm, patient, determined, practical, stubborn and resistant to change. You value the accumulation of material goods and cling to your property. You love everything that is harmonious and beautiful.

Gemini – LAVENDER. You are guided in your life with the mind, pushing your feelings to the background. You are lively, versatile intellectual. You can easily adapt to new situations. You like traveling and changes

Cancer – LILY. You are open, sensitive, sympathetic, polite and very emotional. You have imagination and an active, bright and intuitive mind. In an unpleasant environment or when you fail, you become closed, beautiful and inaccessible. You are obsessively worried about your future

Leo – ORCHID. The marigold is enthusiastic, effusive and creative, generous and extravagant. You are brave, sometimes lazy. You have nobility and pride. You are affectionate, kind and cordial, you love all of humanity. Natural simplicity.

Virgo – HYDRANGEA. You are secretive, modest, practical, fastidious and hardworking, analytical and meticulous, looking for knowledge and understanding. You are a perfectionist, your motto is work and self-improvement. You can easily adapt to new conditions, you are flexible.

Libra – ROSE. You are active, artistic, understanding, consistent, you value beauty and harmony, you are also diplomatic, elegant and sociable. You have a passion for indulging yourself and for luxury. You demonstrate great intelligence and imagination.

Scorpio – TULIP. You are passionate and emotional, subtle and persistent. Besides, you are endowed with great imagination. You have a lot of will power that you can use. You emanate with strong magnetism, fill you with energy and violence of feelings

Sagittarius – DAISY. You are energetic, ambitious and generous. you love freedom and are looking for challenges, you are open to new ideas and discovering the unknown. You are happy, if you can discover new ideas, explore distant places, you are the soul of the party.

Capricorn – CARNATION. You are mysterious, prudent, patient, you are looking for security, you are greedy, disciplined, determined, you can quickly take advantage of occasions. You are looking for praise and acceptance, but you tend to be secretive

Aquarius – PEONY. You are assertive, independent, progressive, analytical, original, resourceful and unforgiving. You are also idealistic and kind. Helping others gives you pleasure, you like to consider all “for” and “against”.

Pisces – LILAC. You are open, intuitive, emotional, imaginative, romantic, vulnerable, also mystical, you are very changeable. Dreams are your everyday life, you must trust your intuition and feelings, otherwise you will not realize your dreams and plans, you can not lose faith in yourself.

source: imapreciousgurl

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