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TAURUS, LEO: ladyfingers
VIRGO, PISCES: raspberries and bananas
SAGITTARIUS, AQUARIUS: beef sauteed with peas and onions
LIBRA, SCORPIO: whipped cream


Hey! I was recently in Leeds to visit one of my closest friends, Aimee (my gorgeous bestie, my sister) for her belated birthday celebrations and as a treat I picked for us to go to Tattu. As I’m not from this city, I did search for a nice instagrammable restaurant to go to in Leeds and found Tattu, a modern Chinese restaurant.

When we arrived we were offered the opportunity sit at the bar until we were ready to go into the restaurant. The staff were so lovely; the waiter that we had was so understanding and patient with us when we were trying to comprehend what the food on the menu was. Here’s a link to the Menu.

We started our meal by sharing a Dim Sum, we ordered the Lobster and Prawn toast with Sweet and Sour Chilli sauce. I knew that Dim Sum meant ‘small plate’ but when it came I was shocked only seeing 4 balls of the toast, thinking that it wasn’t going to be enough for us to share. However I was pleasantly surprised at how filling and delicious it was. For our mains, I ordered the large plate of Balsamic Teriyaki Salmon with a Ginger and Cucumber Salad and Aimee ordered the Chicken Curry Clay Pot. To finish off the meal, we ordered the Asian Pear Sticky Toffee Pudding and the Dragon Egg Nest. The Dragon Egg Nest was a beautifully dished dessert and the flavours of the Mango, Pineapple and Lime worked so well together. I’d most definitely come back to this restaurant just for this dish!


In terms of pricing, our meal in total cost £80 and the two cocktails were £20. The food was most certainly worth the price, I’ve had meals in London cost way more and the quality is not even comparable. The Dim Sum dishes and desserts are around £8-10 each, the large dishes roughly £16-30 with the Japanese Black Wagyu Ribeye steak being the anomaly pricing at £80!


Felt like a Barbie doll in this light pink dress from Oh Polly! I know it’s getting a little cold out but it will not stop me from getting out my little dresses! Let me know what you think about this bright colour, I’m thinking of bringing more pink into my wardrobe.

Dress: Here | Heels: Gucci

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Tattu, Leeds – Restaurant Review

Hey! I was recently in Leeds to visit one of my closest friends, Aimee (my gorgeous bestie, my sister) for her belated birthday celebrations and as a treat I picked for us to go to Tattu.


Hey! For a surprise 21st birthday treat, my boyfriend treated me for a little getaway to PARIS! He tried his best to keep it a secret from me, only telling me that we were going away and not saying where. But packing not knowing where I was going was incredibly hard, so I begged for clues until he eventually caved in a week before we went.

Day 1

We started the day super early which normally is a struggle but it was even worse because my graduation and celebrations were the previous day. Doing my eyelashes at 3 in the morning, half asleep, was an interesting experience! Also, later in the morning, having my bag getting stopped through airport security did scare me a little, as much as I love watching border control I was worried that I would become a part of it.

Once we got to Paris, after a super quick flight on Vueling Airlines, we had some communication issues with the cab driver we got a ride to our hotel for €50. We could have travelled on the Metro for so much cheaper I’m sure but we didn’t look into this before hand and would have 100% got lost.


Wandering around our hotel, Hotel Sasha we found The Wall of Love and the Moulin Rouge and had lunch at the Le Sancerre. I would definitely recommend going to this part of Paris for nice sweet walks and for delicious ice cream at Amorino. Check out the picture below, the server made the ‘ice cream flower’ in about 20 seconds I was honestly amazed!

Next stop – The Lourve! Honestly it was so amazing, the art is beautiful and if you have the time queue up to see the Mona Lisa. Even though we queued for ages and only saw the Mona Lisa for like a minute. After all that waiting, we took a little break at Le Café Marly. After seeing on Instagram how amazing the view of the Lourve is from the restaurant, it’s worth going for a quick drink.

For dinner we found a Lebanese restaurant, Chez Sofia, it was absolutely delicious. First time having Lebanese food and it did not disappoint! We did plan to see the Moulin Rouge again in the evening to see the lights and get better photos but unfortunately it started raining.

Top tip of the day: Get tickets for the Lourve in advance to avoid the queues to get in, but be prepaid for the long queues

Day 2

My birthday! We started the day early, walking down to the Eiffel Tower passing the Pont Des Arts and Pont Alexandre III to find breakfast. It was actually quite hard to find a place that was open for breakfast! The first place we found was Le Recrutement, not too far from the Eiffel Tower, we got croissants for €2.50 each.

We booked tickets for the Eiffel Tower in advance but the queues through security and to get to the top were still so long. It did however give us loads of time for pictures in the queue. Once we finally got to the top, the view was amazing! I’m not the biggest fan of heights but I actually did enjoy going up all the way to the top floor, its a much better view than the other floors. Possibly because there were less people there so I could get to the edge to see and not have people pushing next to me!

We spent the rest of the morning and early afternoon relaxing at Champ de Mars park, the greenery just below the Eiffel Tower. On the way to Arc de Triomphe, we stopped off at  Le Marceau for lunch. We both ordered the duck with honey sauce, and I obviously enjoyed it too much and got the sauce on my WHITE playsuit! We walked down the Champs-Élysées, I had a great time window shopping at Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Chanel.

For my birthday dinner we booked another Lebanese restaurant, Maison Noura. We walked passed it on our walks during the day and saw how stunning the decor was and knew it was perfect for my birthday dinner. The food and the service definitely met our expectations; Lebanese food is now one of my fav types of cuisine.

The evening was spent walking back to the Eiffel tower to see the sparkling lights. We walked back towards Champ de Mars and cuddled on the benches until it was dark enough for the lights to turn on – it was about 9pm when the sparkly lights started. I didn’t realise how quick the sparkling would stop, I thought I’d be able to get loads of pictures but it only lasted for about 2/3 minutes. It was worth seeing the lights even though it was an hour walk back to our hotel afterwards!

Top tip of the day: Check the opening times for restaurants for breakfast time (Petit déjeuner) and possibly get some snacks for the morning to have until your preferred restaurants open.

Day 3

Our final day in Paris! We had a little lay in until check out time at the hotel and then headed out with our suitcases for one last walk around Paris. As we were heading to the Galeries Lafayette we stopped for burgers at King Marcel – such delicious burgers! More window shopping for me in the department store, I probably would have spent longer in there but there were queues for the designer bag sections. After a little shopping in the Lindt chocolate store we walked to see the Palais Garnier, an opera house. We didn’t have enough time to go in but we did take some pictures outside.

For our final stop in Paris we headed to Sacré-Cœur Basilica to relax before heading to the airport. Yet another beautiful building! With our suitcases we weren’t able to go up the stairs and see the church up close so we stayed on the benches relaxing and reflecting on our trip.

Top tip of the day: Definitely bring comfortable shoes! We worked out that we walked over 59,000 steps over the 3 days (sooo much walking!). All the blisters were worth it, Paris is a beautiful city.

I’ve got so many pictures from our trip that I’ve not only posted on my Instagram but I am also posting on Pinterest. I’ve started to now post a lot more on Pinterest, comment if you also have a Pinterest account I’d love to link up with you!

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Paris Travel Diary

Hey! For a surprise 21st birthday treat, my boyfriend treated me for a little getaway to PARIS!


Hey! This is the first blog post since my blog has turned 1 years old and I was planning on doing a post on how the first year of blogging has been for me and sharing what I’ve learnt. I’ve been super busy since my 21st birthday which I spent in Paris, a surprise trip from my boyfriend and I’ll have some blog posts coming up soon. The posts will be about our time in Paris, some advice on where to go and what to expect and avoid on your future trips, similar to ones that I did about our trip to Rome – Ultimate Rome Travel Guide and Rome Travel Diary.

To celebrate my 21st birthday with my girls we went to STK, Strand and I would definitely recommend this place for a group dinner. As a little side note, make sure that if you are group dining that everyone is on time to the reservation. Both times that I’ve been to STK they refused to seat us at the table until every person has arrived; not that I minded much as I made my way to the cocktail bar whilst I waited and was satisfied!

The pictures of the food don’t do it justice, in the pictures the food looks good but it’s even better than you expect it to be. For starters we had the ‘Lil Brgs’ which are two little beef burgers; I underestimated how small they were and tried to eat it all in one bite and terribly failed! For the main course, they offer a variation of steaks (I ordered the New York Strip) and I was tempted by the fish and chicken options. The side of mac and cheese is also a highlight of the night, it’s under the sides on the menu with the french fries but the portion size is big like a main dish, which isn’t a complaint just a happy observation!

For my fellow budgeters and those who love a good deal, make sure you ask for the set menu. You can get a choice of starters, mains and a dessert for £30; a super good deal considering how expensive London dinners can be!


Thank you all for the sweet birthday messages! I honestly had the best birthday and of course the birthday celebrations continue and will be dragged out for as long as possible!

Dress: Here (Click here to see how I’ve styled it previously – A Day Out of London) | Wedges: Saint Laurent

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London Instagrammable Restaurants: STK

Hey! This is the first blog post since my blog has turned 1 years old and I was planning on doing a post on how the first year of blogging has been for me and sharing what I’ve learnt.


Travelling to Rome was the best way to begin my travel adventures with my boyfriend as our first trip away together. Rome is a beautiful city, full of sooo many things to see and it is such a great trip if you’re looking for a city break jam packed with activities. This post is to highlight the best of this city, to make it so much easier for you to plan a trip and give you ideas of where to go.

Click here to see what we got up to in Rome – Rome Travel Diary

Where to Go

The two main places I firstly had in mind that I knew I had to go to see in Rome was the Colosseum and the Vatican.  Knowing this, two separate days were dedicated to seeing each one and we fitted in everywhere else we wanted to go based on its vicinity to those locations. I highly recommend visiting the Vatican including St Peter’s Basilica, even if you aren’t religious, you can appreciate the amazing beauty in the decor and art.

Here are the other places that are the best places to visit in Rome;

  1. Trevi Fountain – Best place to go to early in the morning, when it isn’t so busy. One thing we forgot to do was bring coins to throw in over our shoulders to follow the traditions.
  2. Pantheon – It’s one of the best preserved buildings from Ancient Rome, an incredible addition to our wander around the city. We didn’t go inside for very long, as it was really busy and therefore I got better view of the beauty of the building outside.
  3. Palatine Hill – This is one of the most Ancient parts of the city according to Google and in my opinion it is worth the little walk up to the top as you can get the most amazing view of the Colosseum.
  4. Piazza Navona – This Piazza was a perfect little spot where we rested from our explorations and enjoyed our ice creams and got some cute shots of the fountains.
  5. Spanish Steps – Honestly we walked by the steps on our first night when we were strolling the area around our hotel, not realising that we were at the Spanish Steps. The view is really pretty, however again it’s really busy there and there are plenty of other pretty fountain displays nearby that you can take pictures and relax around.
  6. Villa Borghese – If you’re looking to take a little break out of the city have a look to visit here, it’s a really beautiful park. We didn’t stay for long to see the whole park but I saw that they offer a tour of the gardens and there is also a museum.

Where to Eat

Traditional Italian restaurants are all around of course, we were so spoilt for choice.  I expected the pizza and the pasta to be amazing and there was certainly no disappointment. For lunch, after we visited the Vatican we went to Maccarone, I ordered ‘Lasagna Di Macaroni Alla Bolognese’ and my boyfriend ordered a pizza. On their menu they have Italian food but also American dishes, if that’s what you fancy. For dinners we wandered and got lost down little streets and found the cutest traditional restaurants which offered big portion meals what were surprisingly inexpensive. There were so many ice cream stores, like Venchi for example, having ice cream every night is this girl’s dream!

Where to Stay

We were super lucky and got a place that was roughly in the middle between the Vatican and the city of Rome, the Hotel was called Hotel Isa. I would highly recommend finding a hotel that is not too far away from the places that you want to visit, walkable distances ideally. My boyfriend and I literally walked everywhere and had no need to order taxis which I imagine would be quite pricey in this area.

This was honestly one of my fav hotels I’ve stayed in! The buffet breakfast every morning was delicious and the roof-top relaxation area where they offered cocktails, little snacks and other drinks was amazing. The staff were so friendly, the waiter at the roof-top bar was the sweetest and remembered our regular orders.

I can’t wait for my next trip away, not sure where yet! If you have any recommendations please comment some.

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Ultimate Rome Travel Guide

Travelling to Rome was the best way to begin my travel adventures with my boyfriend as our first trip away together.

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