I think a good thing to ask yourself if you think you might be being abused is, “would I think this was normal if my sister/brother/friend/etc. was being treated the same way this person is treating me? Would it make me worried?” Thinking about someone you want the absolute best for being treated the same way might help. I used to google for answers for when I thought I was being abused, but sometimes you don’t realize what abuse is until you view it from the outside. And asking yourself this question is the best way to do that without someone you love actually being abused, and it makes you more aware.

What’s a grand square?? Can’t ever…

What’s a grand square?? Can’t ever find anything about them

Usually they are known as an element grand square and represents a dominance of mode energy which can be detrimental.  This happens because the grand square covers the angular, succedent and cadent houses.  The square will either be in the 1st/4th/7th/10th house, the 2nd. 5th, 8th and 11th, or the 3rd, 6th, 9th and 12th houses.  What happens is the energy of the grand square planets sign you an extreme and amount of focus on one specific mode.  It can either be cardinal energy, fixed or mutable energy.  The energy of the square goes a long way into making you good at starting, continuing or finishing projects; but not often particularly good at following through with every aspect on your own.  It’s not all bad…If your a team builder kind of person and have other people to pick up the slack.  But when it comes to doing things alone thou you can feel “stuck ” at a certain phase way to often.

What kind of conflicts would a person have wit…

What kind of conflicts would a person have with Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Aries and Capricorn Rising?

hmm probably trying to be the dominant head of house in the home most likely.  Perhaps trying to defend his stake in their country or culture.  Another possibility is anytime their ego is bruised in connection with their past memories they may step into a conflict.

Was the recent Stromboli volcano eruption a (b…

Was the recent Stromboli volcano eruption a (by?)-product of the Solar eclipse?

Actually it is a product of the tightening of the great Saturn conjunct Pluto conjunction that is coming up in 2020.  As the conjunction gets tighter you will see more transformation, change and upheavel in the Earth.  So more natural disasters.  This aspect can rule over volcanic eruptions and events like the Earth Quake in Southern California yesterday.

I’ve read a lot about 15 degrees Leo is …

I’ve read a lot about 15 degrees Leo is considered “unlucky” or “violent” or “the worst” for any placement. Or at least, a very negative placement for fixed signs. I have 15 degrees Leo North Node. This scares me??

Well the node can be connected with obsession; so I would not be surprised if murderous or violent tendencies can be connected with 15 degrees LEO.  Or at the very least getting oneself into situations because their ego is overblown and they can’t restrain themselves.  So I would be careful.

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