Signs in the Houses Masterpost

This Masterpost is a compilation of all of my personal write ups for the signs ruling the houses in an astrology chart.  These write ups are made within the perceptions of the houses being empty and how the sign flavor the themes of the houses accordingly.  If there is a planet in a house the sign ruling the cusp of the house is still influential as the sign represents our attitude and basic experience of that house in our life.  The planets just add multi-dimensional flavor.  Now the masterpost links to the write ups:

Signs in the 1st House

Aries in the 1st House (Aries Rising)
Taurus in the 1st House (Taurus Rising)
Gemini in the 1st House (Gemini Rising)
Cancer in the 1st House (Cancer Rising)
Leo in the 1st House (Leo Rising)
Virgo in the 1st House (Virgo Rising)
Libra in the 1st House (Libra Rising)
Scorpio in the 1st House (Scorpio Rising)
Sagittarius in the 1st House (Sagittarius Rising)
Capricorn in the 1st House (Capricorn Rising)
Aquarius in the 1st House (Aquarius Rising)
Pisces in the 1st House (Pisces Rising)

Signs in the 2nd House

Aries in the 2nd House
Taurus in the 2nd House
Gemini in the 2nd House
Cancer in the 2nd House
Leo  in the 2nd House
Virgo in the 2nd House
Libra in the 2nd House
Scorpio in the 2nd House
Sagittarius in the 2nd House
Capricorn in the 2nd House
Aquarius in the 2nd House
Pisces in the 2nd House

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Sagittarius in the 2nd House

—(Personal Values and Self Esteem)—

When the sign of Sagittarius rules the 2nd house of a birth chart the masculine nature of planet Jupiter controls the affairs of this house.  Sagittarius in this house brings personal values associated with independence and seeking growth.  Having a fire element rule the 2nd house can bring personal values associated with having expansive vision and looking to spread out in life. Looking beyond the scope of the immediate environment and expanding on what is already known is of great Personal Value.  One greatly values higher abstract thinking and the realms of philosophical thought, spirituality and expansive educational pursuits.  Personal Values can be associated with going on adventures of the mind and growing knowledge, perception and occurring greater wisdom.

Sagittarius is an idealistic energy and ruling the 2nd house can bring personal values associated with honesty, truth and higher philanthropic values.  The personal values of idealistic Sagittarius in this house can include a deep connection to morality where one lives by the code that is important to them. One can have strong value attachment to opinions formed and seek to share them when appropriate.   Personal Values are greatly associated with idealism and always having a cause to work towards in a greater scope of life.  One’s strong values can be associated with generosity and wanting to share wisdom and help make the lives of others better through personal wisdom gained.   There can be value and interest associated with teaching through speaking or writing with Sagittarius energy in this house.

When having Sagittarius the 2nd house the self esteem can be affected by having freedom and independence to work towards one’s own expansion vision. Being allowed the ability to explore and pursue life towards one’s wishes has a great influence of feeling good about oneself.  Being constrained and forced to live a life which has no attachment to one’s philosophies, ideals, morals or greater vision can have negative effect on self esteem.  The self esteem can also be greatly impacted by the higher knowledge that one accumulates.  Being able to share greater wisdom through teaching or writing can bolster the self esteem.  The self esteem with Sagittarius in the 2nd house is greatly influenced by how well generous notions are received by others.  Feeling rejected for acts of generosity may bring about a loss of self esteem.

—(Income Gained)—

The placement of Sagittarius in the 2nd house can be adventurous when it comes to trying to generate income.  One will like to be forward thinking and expansive when it attempting to make money.  Sagittarius brings an independent mindset towards making money that can manifest as an entrepreneur spirit.  Owning one’s own business can be of interest and approached with great faith and optimism to make money for oneself.  Much effort and passion will be shown toward an independent business venture to grow it into a dependable money making endeavor.  The nature of fire ruling the 2nd brings great passion to spread out efforts to make money and will likely continue to grow a business when it’s successful.  

When Jupiter influences the 2nd house even suffering failures and setbacks in independent enterprises can be used as a way to build wisdom and learning experiences for future efforts.  Sagittarius here can bring motivation to continue to try to make money independently and have great faith something can work in time through setbacks.  
During times of financial struggle Jupiter can bring luck in gaining finances to fulfill survival means.   One may be able to get a basic job or gain the help of others to keep themselves afloat.  Having the backing and support of basic income from secondary sources can help keep a business idea afloat for a longer period to cultivate it into a success.  This is because Jupiter’s influence on the 2nd house does not allow their dreams to make money just to simply dry up.

In terms of ways to generate income Sagittarius in this house can bring a variety of ways to make money.  Money can be generated specifically in connection with a higher educational effort and use the wisdom and knowledge to make money from it.  Income can be generated through being inspired by the ideas of others and work to build upon them.  Money can be made through sharing one’s wisdom and higher knowledge that one accumulate.  Income can be connected with journalism efforts such as articles written and published for exposure.  Money may also come come in part due to a talent for speaking and letting their voice or opinions be heard such as broadcasting or teaching.

Sagittarius in the 2nd house can bring money in through association with adventure or travel of some form.  One may be motivated to work in the travel industry, be a travel agent or even publish travel guides.  Income can be generated in travel by going to a foreign land for opportunity to work or work with foreign imports and exports in business.  One could generate money connected with their ideals, philosophies and higher religious beliefs.  There could be interest in pursuing police work, work in fields of theology, paralegal or working in non-profit organizations.  Sagittarius energy is also associated with sports so money may be made in connection with playing sports, gambling on sporting events, teaching sports or even writing about it.

—(Income Spent)—

Sagittarius being placed in the 2nd house can spend money based on ideals and things one believes greatly in.  Money can be spent pertaining to philosophies, higher beliefs, religious purpose or matters pertaining to spirituality.  One can be very generous and spend their money helping people and supporting others in need.  There is danger of being a careless spender and not keep great tabs on the assets they are spending going out to help others or support causes.  Sometimes one may great faith there is spending applied to support strong causes instead of being being concerned heavily with one’s own needs first.

This 2nd house placement of Sagittarius can also make someone who spend their income on travel associate of a physical variety.  One may spend money to travel to foreign lands to experience culture outside their own or spend it on foreign related items and themes.  Money may be spent associated with a religious or spiritual belief such as spending on offerings to a church, going on a pilgrimage or attaining the services of a guru.  Money can also be applied towards growing one’s mental knowledge.  It would not be unusual to see money applied towards college, seminars, books or a variety of means to expand the mind.  Sagittarius can also bring great interest in spending money on themes related to sports or athletics like events or participation.


The 2nd house being influenced by Sagittarius can show a desire to possess things of a worldly nature from foreign lands or cultures beyond their own.  One may like to own clothing, books, video games, furniture and other such goods in their possession from a foreign land.  Possessions can be connected with methods of traveling long distances like cars, boats, airplanes if they accumulates enough resources to afford them.  Sagittarius here can bring value in owning material pertaining to wanting to learn and expand upon a certain subject of interest.  Such an example can be owning books, documentary movies or such to expand the mind.  Possessions can be had are that of a religious or spiritual nature like literature, artifacts or statues.  Possessions may also embody themes relating to sports like equipment or memorabilia.

Sagittarius in the 2nd can also show possessions can be strongly tied to a theme of morality or idealism.  One may not own something unless they feel it is just or fits within a code they believe it is moral and rite.  The influence of Jupiter on this house can show one may feel turned away from owning things due to moral conflicts they carry.  Jupiter’s influence on the 2nd house can also bring an over-abundance of possessions over the life time.  One may naturally build great collections of things are of value to them.  The generous and idealistic of planet Jupiter ruling in the 2nd house can be prone to be generous with accumulated possessions.  One may give away their accumulated possessions for philanthropic reasons once they no longer need them or feel someone else can have better use with them.




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Weekend Bump

Planetary Stellium in the Houses Guide

A house stellium refers to a condition when 3 or more planets are contained within a single house of the birth chart.  Stelliums show a higher degree of importance towards matters of the house in which they occur.  Inner Planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) tend to strengthen the stellium due to their nature of greater impacting the make up of the personality.  The outer planets have influence in a stellium but the focus is stronger with inner planets as the inner planets are what make up the personality. A combination of both inner and outer planets contributes to a house stellium; but a stellium of outer planets only (Jupiter through Pluto) is not to be considered valid a stellium.

(1st House Stellium)
A person with a first house stellium can include a strong influence of Aries in their general nature.  They can be very outgoing and have strong presence in the world.  The individual can have a deep need for self-expression and to get across to the world.  More so then any other stellium the actual planets in the 1st house each can influence the general behavior and overall personality of the person.  Their personalities can be widely varied and depends upon each planets characteristic that make up the stellium.  The tightness of the conjunction the planets towards the ascendant can modify person’s physical appearance to suit the nature of those planets.  In these scenarios it can even appear that the 1st house stelliums physical nature can embody many different rising signs altogether.

A strong theme of independence is certainly embodying how life is taken on. Self-Identity tends to be the major overall theme present in the 1st house stellium.  Presenting a strong image is of the highest priority and everyone tends to know who they are and what they are about.  How the person dresses and the persona they take is very important.  These facets of who they are very much dependent upon what signs the planets in the stellium are in themselves.  The signs energy is what the individual will greatly identify with and naturally portray to the outer world with no blockages preventing the expression.

Since the personality can be overly strong and influenced by many factors in the 1st house stellium the person can seem to have many interests.  One of the best features is the dynamic nature that this individual can portray.  The planets that come across most strong can be dependent on active transits highlighting the priority on planet’s expression at the time.  The high concentration of energy before put into the self can mean the individual pursues with full force anything they are “about.”  This can lead to an aggressive go-getting personality and certainly the potential for leadership skills because they can confidently know what they are about at a given time.

Quite simply the 1st house stellium largest benefit and biggest weakness is the overbearing energy of the planets in a sign in the first house.  Since the 1st house is the gateway of the outer personality
A major downfall of this position may be a person who is strongly interested in only themselves and come off as selfish.  They will make a lot of choices and decisions to suit their needs.  This can cause a struggle with relationships, partnerships and other areas of life that require them to step outside themselves. Adjusting the needs of others, quite frankly, can be a real struggle.

(2nd House Stellium)
An individual with a 2nd house stellium brings a strong emphasis on Taurus inspired efforts in the life scheme.  The efforts in life pertain to resources, possessions, values and self-worth.  Importance in life is placed on finding a comfort zone and feeling secure while doing whatever it takes to maintain it. Whatever is needed for security can be seen through the sign ruling the second house cusp.  In that way the traits of the sign are quite important in determining what is needed to find comfort in life.  

Reaching a point of self-sufficiency is usually of the highest importance to support the ongoing need for security the 2nd house demands.  Attaining a dependable and constant flow of income is a major focus to bring in a sense of consistency and security in life.  The money that is brought in can be applied to making sure whatever lifestyle is personally important can be supported.  An emphasis certainly can be placed on saving money with the 2nd house stellium as means to having a nest egg for support.  Accumulated funds can be saved for survival means or for aid in having purchase powers to acquire what is personally valued.  It is not uncommon a 2nd house stellium promotes having large collectors of possessions and items of personal value over time.    

The second house stellium can bring a very significant importance placed upon the home since this is the house of survival means.  Having a place to shelter is a priority and in one way or another the thought of “home” is very important.  This can mean translate various ways within this stellium ranging anywhere from working on the home, seeking to settle into a home or anxiety about paying rent for sheltering needs.  A large concentration of planets in this house can even show working in real estate, on homes or having something to do with sheltering others.

It is not terribly uncommon to see many life choices simply made to ensure survival means are being met with the 2nd house stellium.  In cases this stellium can produce a selfish “me centered” person who makes choices based on their values; regardless of the impact on others.  Comfort tends to be a priority at all costs; and any threat to survival means can lead to a need to seek out stability elsewhere.  Sometimes this need can come at the cost of personal relationships or long-standing engagements to suit future survival means.

The 2nd house stellium can also bring about an interest in certain Venusian elements due to the planets working through the house ruled by Taurus.  An interest in food can certainly be apparent as the 2nd house rules what goes into the mouth.  Health foods and eating in general can mean a focus on diet is important or certainly a desire to cook and enjoy foods.  Taking care of the body can also be a priority to a 2nd house stellium as the treating the body like a temple can be important to ensure continuous survival.  Music may be a general interest in life as a means for finding comfort and relaxation.  Singing be enjoyable as a source of pleasure from here.

(3rd house stellium)
Having a 3rd house stellium in a birth chart makes for putting copious efforts into areas of life ruled by Gemini.  Relating to the environment around the “self” is an important part of life.  This is accomplished through using the intellect to connect the self to the immediate world around itself.  Through the intellect learning plays a centric important theme in the life scheme. The more that is learned and absorbed the better understood the environment is.  With an understanding developed a relationship with the self and how to assert into the world begins to take shape.

Learning is a central focus of the 3rd house stellium as it is a means for how the “self” becomes aware of where it is.  In the youth curiosity can lead to asking many questions to parents to learn about the world.  "Why" can certainly be a stable as the stellium of energy seeks answers to how things function.  Primary education can be vitally important as the early school years are key to grasping how the world is taken in.  With many different planets in the house it can indicate a varying interest of subjects early in life.  the 3rd house stellium can bring an early school curriculum that is packed full of all kinds of extra circular studies to fulfill a deep amount of youthful curiosity.  Quite honestly it is not uncommon the early school years are busy; if not the most productive time of life altogether.

As a viable vase of information is absorbed from learning and a pathway to understanding the environment is developed the real doorway of Gemini’s energy potential opens.  The 3rd house stellium brings an importance on communication and relating to the world around oneself through it.  Speaking, writing and relating through words in general tends to be centric in the life scheme to share what is learned.  Anyway, in which a person can reach out and exchange ideas through social interaction is important.  Even after learning early in life interactions with others can help spur new days to motivate a need to learn new things for the curiosity that is constant in life.  With information learned the stellium can produce a person who loves to teach, do art, sing, write books or even public speak to get ideas across.  

The 3rd house also rules over short distance trips and interaction in the immediate environment.  From an early age a general interest can be seen being involved in activities around the local town.  As adulthood comes this can be a person who enjoys embellishing in all the activities a city has to offer and explore.  You may see an interest in taking learning classes, participating in social meetups or being involved with others in sharing activities in general. Being involved in the local community is a staple for life in the 3rd house stellium.

The 3rd house also rules over interactions with siblings, neighbors and blood relatives.  The Stellium of planets can indicate a diverse number of siblings; sometimes indicating more than 1 sibling.  The planets can be indicative of the personality traits of the brothers and sister; or the relationship that is shared with each one.  The planets in the stellium can also indicate the nature of the relationship shared with neighbors and blood relatives.  Just as with siblings more planets in the 3rd house stellium can indicate a more involve relationship with relatives altogether.  

(4th house stellium)
An individual with a 4th house stellium includes a strong nature of Cancer energy in their nature.  The 4th house rules traditionally the beginning and end of life. In the beginning of life, the birth family starts off as a vital important theme that influences the person for life.  More than the average person the personal upbringing tends to be very important in shaping them in how they approach life.  The family upbringing is vital as it helps construct their emotional security base and bring them a feeling of personal roots.  

More so than any other stellium the planets contained within the stellium can affect how it plays out. This is because the 4th house rules the beginning of life and influences the emotional security structure in the early developmental years.  Strong inner planets in the stellium can make the person project a Cancer-like desire for stable home life.  However, a strong number of outer planets (Jupiter through Pluto) may change the complexion of what makes the person feel stable and especially what they aspire for in their own home as an adult.  

Jupiter in 4 can make someone feel their best fortune comes through attachment to their family and comfortable home life.  Saturn may cause the person to receive a tough love environment at home making them a bit detached emotionally from family (especially in the early life.)  Conversely it may also the person to family seriously in the latter part of life and be a good provider to their family.  Uranus can show upheavals and many changes of address cause lack of stability later in life.  Neptune in this stellium may of cause a person to be left alone making them need space within their own home to feel comfortable.  Pluto may show certain abuses in the home making the person prone to unstable home life. It may also manifest in impacting the emotional security by making for a home environment where the person’s emotions weren’t realized by a controlling situation

Regardless of the planets that construct the stellium attachment to family traditions is strong.  Often this stellium shows a need to carry on the family traditions to the children if they go onto have any.  The desire to have a family of their own with a 4th house stellium tends to be important for them.  However, in harsh situations where the upbringing is combative or difficult the reverse situation can occur.  This person may turn away from their family traditions and culture and desire to make a family or roots of their own efforts. This may also influence a possible desire to avoid wanting children or a family of their own in the most extreme cases.

Nurturing can be a very centric theme in life.  The 4th house rules emotional security and through nurturing they get a feeling of being grounded if the upbringing was good.  Since Cancer is the “motherly” energy the zodiac this stellium can make a person who likes to nurture others to share the feeling of comfort they received in good upbringing.  They may nurture others through tending to them on an emotional level.  However, if the upbringing itself was difficult the reverse may be true where the person may feel the need to nurture themselves before others.  An example of this maybe Pluto in the 4th house stellium making the person desire to get away from their family to escape bad situations. This can be to make their own feeling of home.

The 4th house stellium tends to also show a strong attachment to the past in general.  It is not to uncommon to see this placement show an interest in history. Often there is a tight attachment to the grandparents in some way; unless there is some form of negative karma coming from the outer planets that hurts this possibility.  The emotional attachment to the past can be inspiring if the memories are good and motivating which help the basis of security.  Conversely the 4th house stellium can also show a harder upbringing can cause the past to haunt them if not come to terms with.

(5th House Stellium)
The individual with the 5th house stellium shows strong efforts placed into matters ruled by Leo in the 5th House.  The major influence of Leo energy in the 5th puts an emphasis on developing a sense of individualism.  Finding that true personal identity is the starting foundation which is required in order to shine in the ways Leo energy needs to.  Life takes on a feel of a child-like nature where discovering what makes someone who they are is the primary focus.  
Many ways exist in which an individual with the 5th house stellium can pursue a desire to shine.  

A cluster of planets working through the 5th indicates a strong desire for expression in a creative manner.  Drawing attention to oneself by projecting who they are is an intricate part of the life scheme to prove individuality to the world.  The forms of creative expression can vary greatly by many chart factors; but certainly, can fall in the realm of many forms artistic pursuits.  Music, drawing, writing, poetry, drama or acting or of the many ways a 5th house stellium can assertive individual creative expression of itself.  Expressing feelings through art tends to consume the focus of the planets in the stellium; and this is the way the stellium individual finds their place in the world.

A 5th house stellium shows a focus of planets putting their expression through seeking fun and pleasure in life.  Seeking hobbies and engaging in activities such as sports can bring happiness and be a major focus of life. Life tends to carry through in a desire oriented fashioned where leisure activities play a pivotal role.  This can carry with it sometimes troubles focusing on practical responsibilities.  5th House stelliums can show such an interest in engaging in the pleasure oriented inner world that adult responsibilities can be hard to align with.  A person with this stellium, for instance, may take less of a job so they can pursue more fun and leisure in life.  Potential exists they may pursue difficult to attain careers in creative arts just to have the freedom to be their self, often at the cost of income potential working regular jobs.

The youthful energy of the 5th house can draw the stellium toward an interest in children.  Children are great for the 5th house stellium to relate with as their youthful and creative energy meshes well with how the planets in this house express.  Working and relating with children is usually integrated heavily into the life scheme.  Certainly, many planets in the 5th can bring about a desire child of their own.  Potentially the stellium may indicate many children may be had; but can also indicate a deep attachment to the few children that they do have.  Parenting is something that is appreciated and looked forward to; and if not parenting at the very least raising children in some fashion is desired.

Love, Romance and dating are other key factors of the 5th house that a stellium draws efforts towards. A planetary cluster in the 5th house can bring strong attachment to romantic partners.  Dating and romance can be pivotal for happiness and casual sexual encounters that go with it are vital for pleasure.  In many cases an enjoyment of romantic partners can go hand in hand with the desire to have children.  Simply you may very well see a higher change then normal of having children; perhaps earlier in life then the average person may wish too.   Romantic partners and children together are a vital way to to make a footprint of individuality for the 5th house stellium.

Planets in the 5th house in mass can show a desire for taking risks more so then the average person.  The stellium can bring a desire for gambling to increase the worth of the personal “kingdom.”  Gambling addictions may not be uncommon.  Certainly, speculative activities can be of interest as well.  Reckless gambling and chances can cause issues taking care of adult responsibilities; so, it’s not uncommon that self-control needs to be learned and honored.

(6th House Stellium)
An individual with a 6th house stellium shows a strong expression of Virgo in their nature. This can bring about a person who needs to establish routine and emphasizes it greatly in their life.  The general nature can be geared toward keeping things organized and in their place. This person may like to keep their life very busy filled with tasks to accomplish and complete.  Often the well-being can be dependent on how much they must do as downtime may make them ridden with nervous energy.

A stellium in the 6th house is position where a person aims toward working and being of service. Having dependable everyday employment is vital to the well being.  There is potential dependency towards a workaholic nature due to putting a bulk of their energy into this area of their life.  Any kind of work that requires helping, assisting or analyzing due to the Virgo influence from the 6th house can be the focus of their efforts.  These can include jobs dealing in healthcare, fitness, nutrition, analysis, surveying, personal training or working with domestic animals as examples.

A cluster of planets in the 6th house can also lead the individual towards taking a great interest in matters of health and fitness.  They may be very concerned with their health and work hard to maintain healthy habits.  There can be a tendency towards facing diseases in their life time relating to the planets that make up the stellium.  Often the health can improve with age for this person. Sometimes the person may tend to over analyze their health and exhibit hypochondriac tendencies.  An overemphasis on health can potentially lead to eating disorders or exercise addiction.

A 6th house stellium may also show a person who enjoys small animals and like to keep domesticated pets.  Their overall mental health can benefit greatly from taking care of pets as well as having the companionship in their life.  Sometimes the interest in pets can be so deep there can be a better relationship with pets then with people.  The nature of the planets in the 6th house can show what kind of pets the person enjoys in their life.  Certainly, the traits of the planets can shed light on what kind of activities a person loves to partake in with their pets.

(7th house stellium)
This can be a person who expresses a heavy emphasis on putting the planetary energy in the stellium toward Libra ideals.  This makes for a heavy life focus on deal making, finalizing arrangements and seeking abundance of goods.  One of the main ways deals are pursued is through the market place.  The 7th house stellium can quite frankly enjoy shopping and going out about markets to find deals and grow their abundance of luxuries and possessions.  Making deals with merchants is a way the planets in the stellium find balance.  Whatever kind of luxury is sought can be determined by the sign on the cusp of the 7th house.  Making deals and contracts with merchants can be a way to ensure a continuous flow of goods to engage personal pleasures.

The 7th house stellium can make for someone who pursues relationships to feel complete.  As previous mentioned business arrangements and partnerships are quite important to the life scheme.  The cluster of planets in the 7th also makes for a person who tends to find themselves through intimate relationship.  It’s important to at least have a romantic partnership they can reflect off.  This can be especially true early in life if the sun or moon is part of the stellium where the person’s identity and emotional structure’s development can be dependent on others.  All through life ideas, thoughts and concepts can be bounced off the relationship partner to gain confidence in who they are.  

A stellium in the 7th house can show a person who may be obsessed with intimate relationships.  They may be very interested in marriage and give a lot of themselves to the partner they settle down with.  As the person with a 7th house stellium matures they may find that they know themselves better through experiences with others.  This can lead them to finding a better marriage partner for themselves if they wait for marriage.  If they marry young before they know themselves well potential can exist for feeling like they are stuck when they do discover themselves.  Depending on chart conditions they may be prone to divorce and running away to find what suits them.

The general nature of a 7th house stellium individual tends to be very balanced oriented.  In this way the stellium individual finds greater importance on always seeking a balance in their life.  When things are off kilter they will work putting their energy to restoring balance.  7th house stelliums can produce a person whom is tactful and likes to negotiate to find a middle ground.  Keeping the peace and working towards harmony tends to be very important.  They may be great mediators and arbitrators who like to find the balance and bring about fairness in unbalanced situations.  The nature can generally make the person more indecisive when it comes to making harder decisions in life.  

(8th house stellium)
A person with an 8th house stellium tends to heavily express Scorpio traits to their nature.  A cluster of Planets in the 8th house can have a distinctive private nature about them.  This tends to make for a person who is very private about parts of themselves.  There is an instinct to keep things hidden from “pray” who may look to use things against them.  Trust issues are usually apparent and the the most private parts of themselves often are only shared with but a select few.

With an 8th house stellium we can see a person who puts a lot of focus towards matters of things considered taboo, restricted and hidden from the public eye. These can be areas of life like the occult, metaphysics, astrology, psychology and other such hidden sciences.  A keen interest can exist in shared resources, taxes and utilizing investments to bring income.  The topics of inheritances and legacies can be a keen target of importance.  The person may benefit from any of these during their life time; however, the nature of the planets in the stellium can give details to how, when or even if inheritances may come.

An interest in matters of life and death experiences, rebirth, and transformation can be present in their archetype.  They may like to learn about what happens after death or learn about the deeper side of how to transform themselves as they go through life.  Nothing is enjoyed at a stagnant level and there is always a pressing need for something more than surface level.  They may embellish in seeking emotional excitement and intense experiences in a variety of ways to experience life to the fullest.  A talent for working in danger can be present.  Working in emergencies may very well be integrated into the life scheme.

Sexuality and intimacy can be a very important part of the life scheme.  Through sex a feeling of personal generation and wellbeing of the soul is derived.  The sexuality sought is usually of a very deep experience; one which has soul depth and brings about a sensation of merging with a partner.  Through the partner the relationship runs deeper then sex.  Merging and combining resources is sought as a means for two people to become one.  With the combination of resources pressure is taken off the individual so a deeper side of life can be explored and embellished in.  The 8th house stellium can show a keen interest in shared resources, taxes and utilizing investments to bring income.

With an 8th house stellium a psychic nature can be present because planets occupying the 8th house exist in a water house which can show psychic ability.  This can manifest in talking and communicating with those who pass or sometimes being able to see into other realms.  Often, they may find they have psychic experiences in there that tend to get brushed off or not revitalized.  A stellium in the 8th house usually needs conditioning to understand the potential of their psychic ability if it’s present.

(9th house stellium)
An individual with a 9th house stellium can showcase a heavy emphasis putting efforts into matters of a Sagittarius nature.  Planets working in this stellium are all about helping expand out and growing perception in life intellectually.  The world is viewed as an oyster and there is much to gain beyond lower minded thinking patterns.  The stellium in the 9th house works diligently to broaden perspective and take all of the world in and experience life beyond simple perception.  Opinions are greatly valued in life and are gained through the ongoing education of the world at large.

For the 9th house stellium life strongly emphasizes putting efforts into higher abstract thinking.  A higher purpose in life can be very important and sought after with passion and much gusto.  Areas of life where the mind is applied to higher levels of thinking can range from philosophy, higher spiritual beliefs, religion and morality.  Interest in Law, it’s function and the morality behind codes can be a perceived interest.  Forming beliefs is essential for finding purpose in life; and sometimes can be a lifelong pursuit. Practicing beliefs is valued and often study is consciously done to grow toward a self-perceived higher calling; be it spiritual, educational or of a moral need.

Higher educational interests embody one of the major life interests of the 9th house stellium.  Attaining information on informed subjects grows the perception of the world but also helps bolster whatever subject encourages personal growth at the time.  Degrees from universities can be a highly prioritized pursuit in life.  one of the main functions of planets working through the 9th house can be to help support 10th house career efforts.  The 9th house stellium can offer much potential in areas of study to support recognition efforts.  If spiritual growth is the primary focus, then pursuing gurus or going on pilgrimages may be ways in which spiritual education is achieved.

One of the most sought functions of planets working through the 9th house will be the desire to ultimately teach what is learned.  Publishing and offering the education to others through spoken word can be focuses of the 9th house stellium efforts.  In other manifestations opinions formed through learning may lead to an interest in debating points of philosophy or educated matters altogether.  if enough growth is achieved spirituality then becoming a priest, guru or general educator of spiritual subjects can be pursued with passion.  Even law can be taught in law school or interpreted in the ultimate highest form of practice of the subject through being a lawyer.

A final major function of the 9th house stellium can be the need to travel.  Through experiencing long distance travel the perspective of the world can grow.  Meeting foreigners and engaging with people in lands away from home can be very inspirational to the life scheme of growth.  The more traveling that is done, the more exposure to new concepts to learn and grow are found.  Even if a lack of traveling options are available a 9th house stellium may other options to open the world to them.  Travel can come through books, using the internet to meet people of another culture or watching documentaries on TV for example.

(10th house stellium)
A person with a 10th house stellium showcases a heavy Capricorn and Earth nature to them.  It’s all about building structure and finding a construct in the world.  There is an inherent need to be an architect and build oneself up.  With many planets in the 10th house the person’s 10th house planetary strength grows with age.  The reason for this is the 10th house is how a person works to become in their mature years after they have experienced their 4th house upbringing.  As they mature they wish to go out into the world and make their own place in the world.  At this time, they can unlock and use the power of the planets in the stellium as they mature to towards these efforts of independent growth away from the 4th house.

A 10th house stellium shows a person who can be seen as career minded and out for recognition for their efforts.  Often, they work feverishly and care much about finding a place in the world.  Ambition is very strong in the 10th house stellium and they generally are very hard working.  Often the nature is more of an independent person who wants results to come to them on behalf of their own efforts.  The career can be built upon the traits of one or all of the planets that make up the stellium.

Status tends to be very important a person with a 10th house stellium.  The main goal of their hard-working efforts is to bring recognition in one of two main forms to themselves.  The first for is achieving status through structure which includes building stability for themselves through financial gains.  The second area of status comes through building a reputation and bolstering their status in the community.  Often the desire to build status can result from a natural fear of not being good enough.  This is the fuel for them to work hard and maintain their ambitions even when they do achieve their ambitions of status.

The result of building up their status culminates in the 10th house stellium establishing an authoritative nature.  This person can like to show a desire to lead and achieve a position of power.  They can be interested in a role of government or any kind of prominent position that shows status for their effort.  Often time’s goals centering around authority can include ambitions to become a boss, a leader, self-employed or a government figure that can make decisions and lead.

A stellium in the 10th house can potentially show that the father figure in life was very influential in the person’s life.  The stronger the stellium is through planetary strength or in numbers shows a stronger impact of the father in the life of the person.  In some instances, many planets in the 10th house may show the person had many step parents whom impacted them; however, this can vary from a person’s individual living situation.  Ultimately the authority, father, teachers or step parents in the person’s life tend to exasperate the traits of the planets making up the 10th house stellium.

(11th House Stellium)
With a stellium in the 11th house there can be a defined interest in putting efforts into 11th house efforts ruled by the sign of Aquarius.  The focus of 11th house planets tends to funnel into society and everything at large.  The tendency is towards moving away from the concept of self on an egotistical level and moving towards society at large.  The focus on society can be so intense that the individual may seem to bypass their own needs favor of other’s needs altogether.  It is not to uncommon at all to see a high degree of humanitarian energy attached with the planets working through the 11th house.

The concepts of society, the future, science, technology and innovations are many of the key areas together that can include humanitarian ambitions.  The stellium in the 11th house puts emphasis not so much on creating structure for their own life; but rather the structure they can build for society.  The future is always contemplated, and the best efforts are concentrated towards improving society as for a better tomorrow.  Since the 11th house is classically ruled by Saturn planets working through the 11th house include a major focus in helping lower class and underprivileged people.  How this is achieved may vary based on the nature of the planets in the 11th and all chart factors considered.  Humanitarian interests can even go as far as an interest in politics to help bring recognition and create a better frame work in society for disadvantaged or lower-class people.

An interest in the latest innovations in science and technology can lead the way in how to go about bringing the future to now.  If talents with engineering are design are present, then hopes and wishes in life can be to use these talents to improve the framework of society.  Working towards hopes and aspirations is a key focus of 11th house planets in a stellium.  Being a dreamer comes hand in hand a with a major focus on matters of this house.  Unlike Jupiter’s tendency to dream, the 11th house influence by Saturn makes dreams of a more practical and realistic nature.  Studying the needs of society and trying to improve its structure from the bottom up will be a focal point.  Planets in the 11th house bring about a thought process that society is as strong as its lowest denominator, and dreams and aspirations will be pursued to which can realistically raise the bar.

Friends, groups, corporations and society on a mass scale come into perspective as a key focus of the 11th house stellium.  An individual with this stellium can find a broad interest in having many friends in the social sphere.  Many planets in the 11th can each represent the kinds of friends they have and the nature of the friendships they enjoy.  They may bounce between different kinds of friends and even seem to compartmentalize their friends for different needs in their life.  Just as with Aquarius energy issues may arise with bouncing between friends so much where a sort of flightiness and “ghosting” of existing friendships may occur.  This derives simply from the fact that so many friends exist that it can be difficult not to spread oneself too thin in trying to keep up.  More emotional type friends can be offended which can make issues occur.

11th house stellium planets love to share responsibility and do things in groups.  Since the 11th house is ruled by Uranus (and classically the society structure side of Saturn) responsibility loves to be shared among others for fulfilling hopes and dreams.  Working in corporations tends to be favored to work towards the higher benefits of society. Even when work is not involved, socially the 11th house stellium loves to mingle among masses of people.  This will be the type of individual who loves to go to meetups or engage in community-oriented events to find pleasure in life.  If they are not extroverted in outgoing, they may simply love to use technology to internet.  This would lead to social networking more than likely as means to be involved in social groups.

(12th House stellium)
When a stellium in the 12th house exists, it shows a person who is highly infused with the nature of Neptune and Pisces in their life.  The high amount of emphasis on the 12th house can make for an introverted individual that may appear withdrawn or even hard to understand to others.  Since the 12th house is the house of solitude and confinement a stellium here can make the planets existing within it hard to access.  Often the power of the planets is hard to grasp and become a blind spot in the person’s general make up.

The result of a concentrated 12th house stellium can make it hard for a person to see themselves for who they are.  The 12th house Neptunium influence often dissolves the person’s ability to put into action the key areas of the life the planets within the stellium represent.  As the 12th house is the house of solitude the power of the planets tends to be hidden in confinement within the person.  It is not uncommon to see this produce depression and a feeling of loneliness that is hard to depart from.

The power of 12th house stellium planets come to the surface most when the individual spends time in confinement and solitude to access them.  Often the more powerful the stellium on its own the more solitude is needed to express the planets.  This stellium is often the hardest to understand because of the nature of the 12th house expressing it at the person’s digression.  The 12th house is not as cut and dry as other houses and requires a matter of personal focus and understanding of the greater collective to unlock it’s potential.

With a cluster of planets in the 12th house being confused about life’s purpose or one’s self is often apparent.  The reality is this position produces the hardest expression of a stelliums power than any other planet cluster in a house.  The reason is because the possessor of the stellium has the choice in how to express the power.  The 12th house is most widely known as the house of imprisonment and suffering but also as the house of compassion and giving. This stems from becoming an absorber of all the worlds misfortunes and pains as the 12th house is a vacuum cleaner for picking up energy around one’s self.  The suffering is often internalizing and misguided as confusion to the guilts origin can be an enigma to the person.

A person here can take two primary routes of 12th house expression.  The first route is the self-undoing side; one in which they retreat into themselves to handle the confusion or suffering.  The second is the compassionate side.  This would be where the person learns the need to reach outside themselves and offer help to those in need.  It’s often the recognition of absorbing the energy of others and the environment which is important in choosing the compassionate route. Without that realization there can be an internal sense of misguided guilt that causes the self-undoing nature to take prominence in their nature.  

When the confusion of guilt is dealt with this stellium often produces a person who likes to help those who suffer in society.  Spirituality is very strong in this house and this stellium draws the person toward understanding the “greater collective.”  There can be a strong interest in god, spirituality, the universe, metaphysics and astrology.  Also, being influenced by Neptune can make a 12th house stellium person drawn to arts and music since imagination is strong with the water ruled planet.  Dreams and meditation act oft as a guide for stimulating the individual to action; conversely, they can also be a means to escape reality in the worst-case scenarios.

The 12th house is a very karmic house, so karma here can be perceived as pushing a person to reach outside themselves.  If properly handled this can make a champion of helping ease the suffering of others realizing themselves.  If confusion and lack of understanding dominants the 12th house stellium person it can cause a need to escape in unhealthy ways.  Mental illness can be a result as can addiction tendencies to deal with the guilt and personal suffering taken on from the collective suffering.

As the 12th house is ruled by Pisces and is mutable in its nature often influences throughout life are what guide the person down the opposing paths of the 12th house.  Since human beings are social creatures it is for the better that the 12th house is expressed outwardly through helping others.  This prevents the cycle of inner loneliness this stellium can produce from dominating the psyche.

Aries in the 2nd House

—(Personal Values and Self Esteem)—

When the sign of Aries rules the 2nd house of a birth chart the masculine side of planet Mars controls the affairs of this house.  Aries in 2nd makes for a desire to fight for what one personally believes in.  Value is placed in being aggressive, ambitious, passionate, pioneering and being competitive.  The self esteem can be tied in with a desire to win and overcome difficulties.  Overcoming difficulties and obstacles tends to make one feel good about themselves; but a failure to do so can be crippling to the self esteem.

Aries in this house can bring value toward being action oriented.  Taking on new projects and starting to get the ball rolling on something productive.  There is a value placed on being independent and pioneering.  One’s esteem can be tied to being impulsive and taking on a spur of the moment call to action.  Rescuing people or helping those that are in a state of crisis, emergency and great need can bring a feeling of self worth.  Showing the courage to do or go where others others are not capable or capable of makes Aries here feel worthwhile.  This position of Aries can also be very defensive over the things of value and is willing to defend it to death.

—(Income Gained)—

With Aries in the 2nd house one can be ambitious, determined and passionate toward seeking financial gain.  Achieving the very state of financial independent is very important.  The self esteem can be greatly tied to achieving a sense of financial well being.  One can even have a great sense of optimism that whatever is done to make money will work out in the long run.  Aries can also bring great courage shown toward doing what it makes to become financially independent and well off.

Aries can make one energetic, motivated and have a pioneering spirit when it comes to business dealings in hopes of making money.  Business interests can center on one of many things Aries related in nature.  Working with metal, mechanical work, machines, construction, military, starting movements, athletics or working with knives can be many of such examples.  The ways to generate income can require a certain degree of bravery that others can consider dangerous and be unwilling to do.  The bravery that most times can be exhibited is through showing a desire to take a great leap of faith and go into business for oneself.

When it comes to pursuing business to generate income Aries in the 2nd will attempt to be very pioneering and be first in matters.  An assertive attitude can embody the passion to want to establish a profitable business enterprise.  Ideas can be pursued and put into production that have never been done or seen before in an attempt to generate income. Aries in this house can be very competitive to try and be relevant always try to work their way into a market by fighting for the piece of the financial pie.  

The issue in doing self run business for Aries in the 2nd is trouble sticking with laid out business and income generating plans over the long term.  If plans fail to materialize one can give up and go another direction.  Patience can easily be lost which inspires trying many new avenues to find a business that may suit best.  Despite failures the chance of success eventually can come from great courage to continue fighting and trying to find what does work.  Aries in this house never tends to view itself in an old defeated matter but rather a young and optimistic manner that something will work out.

—(Income Spent)—

Having Aries in the 2nd house can make for being impulsive when it comes to dealing with spending money.  There can be times of being foolhardy with it; spending it on things out of impulse instead of practicality.  In many instances this can lead to simply outspending the income that one generates.  Other such scenarios may simply just show a “you earn it you burn it mentality” where everything going in goes rite back out.  The attitude toward spending money can be defensive as well as if always trying to stand up for impulsive spending that is done.

In some ways it may very much seem like Aries in the 2nd house spends money like a child.  One can seem very raw and lack foresight in spending.  The money one has can be spent on starting up business ideas but there can have issues being underfunded for the long term investment.  Aries in this house can find that they may impulsively spend the income they make investing into their business to stay competitive.  There can be a great inner desire to spend income just to prove self worth or win at something.  This is dangerous especially if one is insecure or headstrong with desires to spend income to feel relevant.

—(The Possessions one may Attain)—

Aries in the 2nd house has a propensity towards owning possessions centered around things of a Mars Masculine nature.  Since Aries is ruled by the 1st sign of the zodiac one can desire to own something that is new or fresh in it’s nature.  For instance one may like to possess the newest of anything that recently comes out.  Spending money on possessions that bring new experiences can be relevant in general.  Possessions can include things that are of a Mars military nature like guns, swords, knives, cutting tools or items related to war in general.  Income can also be spent on other Mars related areas like sports.  One may enjoy embellishing into sports equipment, memorabilia or sporting event tickets.  Also not out of the realm of possibility is owning things that relate to sex and sexuality because they are seen from ruling planet Mars.

Moon in Pisces

—(The Sensitive and Emotional Pisces Moon)—

When the Moon is in Pisces in the birth chart the higher mind and inner conscious is influenced by Co ruling planets Neptune and Jupiter.  The reactionary thinking process is deep and full of emotional energy.  A highly sensitive and intuitive emotional nature can be seen in how one reacts to the world.  The energy of Pisces will bring the emotions empathy as connecting with the feelings of others will come natural.  A very sensitive responsive character brings thinking that is very susceptible to the influence or input of others for better or worse.  Nonjudgmental thinker that takes in an experiences all the sides sides with why things occur.  See the potential of the best in everything and everyone due to the optimistic nature of Jupiter influencing the emotional mind.

—(Going with the Flow)—

The Pisces effect upon the moon can bring a very introverted nature that embellishes in the world of watery emotion.  With Moon in Pisces comfort is found going with the flow and taking life as it comes.  The Moon in Pisces feels emotions at face value and lives through what feelings inspire.  The mind achieves balance by embellishing in emotions and not rejecting the power and influence they bring.  One is Wise in the realm of emotions and understands the intricacies of feelings and the wisdom relating to them.  Pisces brings a very wise emotional nature that understands the good, bad and ups downs of everything emotions offer.  There is inclination towards understanding the implication of emotions and the role they play in life. One sees everything in an intuitive way and understands the under current energies of life at work

—(Environmentally Sensitive)—

The mutable influence of Pisces on the emotional nature brings a sensitivity to energy of environments. With this Moon one can absorb the vibes of the environment which can not only impact the thinking but also the moods.  The moodiness stemming from the environment often can be tracked back to the direct interaction with others. Interactions can modify and influence the personal thoughts and feelings at a given time.  The moodiness influenced by others can really add to the moodiness the Water Moon can naturally go through.  It can even be quite difficult oft to draw the line where personal emotions separate from the feelings of others around.

With Pisces Moon balance of the mind can come through escaping to isolation where things are peaceful and meditation can be achieved.  Carry so much emotional pain and burden of others that internally carry confusion of where emotions begin and others end.  Meditation is a place where the mind can come to make sense of personal emotions..  Isolation time really helps to clear up the difference between personal emotions and the emotions of others.  In isolation the Moon can also embellish getting lost in daydreams, inner thoughts and escaping the physical world simply to aid in the understanding of personal feelings.

—(Peace of Mind in Nature)—
When the Moon is in Pisces balance of the mind can come from spending time in the natural world to re-balance the thinking.  This influence is born from planet Jupiter’s love of nature and the outdoors.  Traversing the world’s natural settings can be peaceful and the energy can be soothing and cleanse negative thoughts of the mind.  Secondary ruling planet Neptune can show love of being near oceans, creeks, rivers, spending time a pool or even bathing as sufficient ways of balancing emotional energy.  The spiritually compassionate Moon can also find a life of animals of all kinds be it in nature or domestically as pets.

—(Living by Spiritual Philosophy)—

As the Pisces Moon is ruled by spiritual Neptune and philosophical Jupiter one seeks to find find meaning in life through spirituality.  The Moon has great faith in the greater universe and aims to find reason of being born on earth towards some great purpose.  Peace of mind comes through finding a place among the greater good and fulfilling a spiritual or religious longing.  The influence of both Neptune and Jupiter together inspire curiosity about universal mystical energies that are unseen.  The lives to grow it’s wisdom in all that is mystical and spiritual and yearns to give it back and help ascend people to higher callings.

Intuitive connections to the other worlds, spirit realms and understanding of greater force sin the universe bigger then the self comes from Pisces Moon.  The mind can find itself gravitating towards metaphysical matters like the occult, ghosts, demons and astrology.  Religion, Mystical things, fantasy, chakras and under current energies can be of quite interest.  Dreams and dream interpretation can be a center piece of trying to connect with the subconscious world to help understand emotional complexities.  All of these matters can be studied to work to uncover how things of an unseen realm can influence them.

The influence of spiritually philosophical Jupiter brings a yearning to know how all energy undercurrents effect life in a greater picture sense. As the Pisces sign is the last sign of the Zodiac there can be a great respect for seeking how everything fits together.  The mind becomes spiritually philosophical and always looks for the greater meaning, purpose and fate behind life.  One will be blessed with inner perception that every action has a result that can cause influence everything around it.  Sometimes this understanding can cause the Moon to live in a world of confusion and negativity due to understanding of how truly connected everything is.

—(Empathetic Moon)—

Jupiter has influence over the thinking and emotions when the Moon is placed in the sign of Pisces.  A moralistic approach to life can be observed with a central belief in the good of people and life.  There is much compassion and love in putting in work to see the growth of others.  A non judgmental thinking pattern will exist towards others and be accepting of everyone regardless of status.  The mind here lives to give wisdom of the highest order and help people reach their highest potential.  Solving the problems of others helps balance the mind because the morals are built upon not gaining for oneself but spreading good into the world.  The intuitive sense of energy inspires Pisces Moon to give back through a body of work that is in line with picking up on the needs of the immediate public.

The Pisces Moon will show it’s empathy, compassion and good intentions towards others that society neglected, forgot or simply ignores.  There is a draw towards people in hopeless or difficult situations, especially when it seems society all but seemed to give up on them.  The Moon will use it’s intuitive emotional nature to work into the subconscious of the whose whom suffer.  Through understanding the emotions of others it can aid in healing the troubles of others.  The co-ruling planet of Pisces , Jupiter, can inspire one to travel to far away places in order to offer compassion and help.  Travels may find in foreign countries, jails, hospitals, asylums or any such hidden place where society can neglect people whom are in need.

Unfortunately helping so openly can have it’s drawbacks.  One can be so idealistic to help others it fails to realize the impact that can occur on oneself.  The Moon finds a tendency to be open to negative energy and manipulation of people whom are out to take emotional advantage of others.  This occurrence can be a drain on personal emotional energy and wither away one’s resources that are committed to helping others.

—(Neptune’s Imaginative and Artistic Influence)—

The Moon in Pisces is influenced by co-ruling planet Neptune making expression in creativity and use of the imagination paramount to balance of the mind.  The emotions can be highly stimulated through any form of writing or visual art.  Paintings, drawings, movies and even video games can be all forms of art that are creatively inspiring.  Music also tends to play a intricate role in the life of this Moon.  Music soothes the water nature of the Moon through the vibrations which can be healing.  Music can also be something to relate emotionally too through lyrics as well.

For the Pisces Moon artistic energies can come out best when in isolation and allowed to search inner feelings to bolster creativity expression.  Deep and profound thoughts flow seamlessly into creative works when the imagination is allowed to work freely.  Thoughts and feelings can tend to show a poetic expression from the stimulation of the imagination.  This can make a very deep profound writing talent not seen many places.  A gift of being able to take the inner emotional world and translate it to words that grasp the attention of others and take them away is seen from the Pisces Moon.  Poetry and creative writing almost come naturally as means to express emotions.

—(Otherworldly Imagination has Drawbacks)—
The inner imagination for Pisces Moon is so great that it finds comfort from reality in the real of fantasy worlds.  Power of the imagination comes out greatly through taking action in dream world scenario.  The unfortunate reality is the Moon can feel like there is more control of life to get satisfaction in a fantasy realm.  Peace of mind and purpose for the self by escaping into the imagination when feeling powerless in real life.  During times of deep depression or feeling a loss of power the emotions can ride towards the imagination to escape the powerlessness of the moment.  

—(Happiness in Love and Romance)—

Co ruling planet Neptune brings a loving and romantic need to the Pisces Moon.  General happiness and balance of the mind comes when love is found in life.  Finding a partner whom can help embellish romantic fantasies goes a long way to satisfaction.  Along with romantic interest the Pisces moon finds great happiness being a parent to children to share compassion and love with.  Engaging with children can help stimulate the inner imagination and spark a feeling of youth and creativity in adulthood.  The openness seen in children’s minds help sooth Pisces Moon in their own inner beliefs of the good of humanity.

—(Disillusioned and Overly Idealistic Thinking)—

The delusional effect of co-ruling planet Neptune can bring adverse effects on the emotions and reactive thinking mind.  The thinking can be prone to confusion and have trouble committing to a decision or direction forward in life.  The mutable thinking Pisces energies make one get easily distracted and have trouble bringing imaginative fantasies to reality.  The attention span can be very short in general.  The Pisces Moon can also be prone to giving into the needs of others out of compassion and neglect personal needs.  The romantic Pisces Moon can also be engaged so much in the fantasy realm there can be inclination to get lost in what the reality of a relationship actually is

The impact of co ruling planet Jupiter can show a tendency to think positively and expect the best of everything to a detriment.  Disappointments, failures and rejections of compassion lead to a victim or self pity complex to form.  During these times there can be inclination to run to isolation and nurture oneself emotionally.  During these times the emotions can become self destructive.  The spiritual calling of bringing positive energy to the world can be overlooked in need of balancing the mind through other means.  Drugs, alcohol and addiction problems can be recurring problems to help nurture the inner emotions that are hard to deal with.

Having the practicality to realize idealistic visions can be among the biggest weakness of Pisces Moon.  One can spend life offering compassion and understanding but lack the practical resources to invoke any true change.  The Moon can suffer from bouts of low esteem and depression when idealistic dreams don’t materialize in the real world.  This can cause one to live in the head dreaming of ways to save the world and living out the fantasy internally instead of working hard to make idealistic visions come true.

—(The Ideal Partner to Emotionally Support Pisces)—

The sign 7 places from your Moon in astrology can show the traits that are needed to bring balance to the emotional mind through an alternative perspective.  Being born with Moon in Pisces finds balance through attracting someone that is down to earth and realistic minded in their approach to life.  The Pisces Moon will benefit from a partner that adds realistic perspective to ground their dreamy Moon in Pisces thinking.  This partner can be very logical, analytical and judgmental and really give perspective on whether the dreams and idealistic thinking of Pisces Moon has any place in reality.  This can promote inner balance simply by not setting oneself up from being hurt since the emotional mind is very sensitive in a water sign.  The love of the partner might be tough; but it serve to protect their feelings in the long run which can stop them isolating themselves due to pain.

The partner can one who helps the Pisces Moon build a routine out of their life if they are confused and have no idea where to begin.  Partner can help the Moon deal with pain productively by forcing them out of their sorrows and applying it in a service oriented approach. They may teach the Moon native the importance of gaining for oneself and not just giving everything way.  There can be a tough lesson that you need to take of yourself in order to be there for others over the long run.  The Pisces Moon can also like a partner who is sensitive and feels a need to offer service to the world.  Together they may take part in humanitarian efforts to fulfill a need to feel useful together.  A feeling of happiness can come to the moon through this.  The Pisces Moon can also find a partner that has mental or physical issues issues that they themselves can offer holistic healing or compassion filled nature towards.

—(Pisces Moon and the Early Experience and perception of the Mother)—

The Moon in astrology rules over the experience of the mother/nurturing parent and the perception one may have of her.  Having the Moon in Pisces can show the mother was emotional, sensitive and most likely private.  She may be perceived to be quiet, laid back and easy going.  Her attitude was one of unselfishness making her quite approachable.  The perception of her was someone compassionate, idealistic and most likely always wanting to help generously.  Her compassion stretched far and she loved to help anyone and everyone.  She displayed traits of being sensual, dreamy, creative and artistically expressive.  The perception she gave off was someone who loved music and being engaged in feelings.  Her personality was probably inclined to be spiritual and mystical.  She may of had otherworldly healing qualities about her that was hard to understand.  Psychic powers or strongly intuitive instincts existed in her.  She was quite adaptable to whatever situation she was apart of.

The negative parts of Pisces was infused into the perception of the mother figure.  She may of been someone who was mysterious, vague and ungrounded. Many of the choices she made may of lacked logic and she could of seemed disorganized overall.  Practicality was not her strong suit.  Self isolation behaviors embodied her as she may of been easily overwhelmed in the presence of others.  She could of embodied the traits of an escapist and loner. The perception of her may of been as someone who does herself in, either through addictions or do a tendency to isolate herself.  Her availability as a parent may of been subject to coming and going at times depending on if she retreated to re-balance her emotions.  During these times the relationship was embattled as she was hard to reach.  It’s altogether possible she suffered a mental illness to some degree.

Moon in Sagittarius

—(Fire Filled Expansive Nature)—

The Sagittarius Moon is an extroverted sign in which the nature is extroverted and outgoing.  The masculine fire nature of the Sagittarius moon likes to reach out to the world and be apart of it.  The sense of inner emotional wellness comes through spreading out into new experiences.  The Fire nature of the Moon loves challenge and competing to push limits and boundaries.  Adventuring and taking in the world is a big part of what brings the mind inner balance through expanding horizons and visions.  One here has a natural love of foreign cultures, places, people and things outside the realm of locality

—(Always Needing to Spread Out)—

With the Moon in Sagittarius Peace of mind comes from the ability to spread out in an unrestricted form.  The emotional self does not like to feel restricted from being free.  Peace of mind for this Moon comes from a sense of freedom to branch out and pursue new avenues to grow.  One will have an inner need to travel and experience new things beyond what is already known.  The mind feeds on expansion and reaching outside what is already established to grow the inner intelligence to greater heights.  Restricted physical or mental freedom causes great inner turmoil and can be detrimental towards emotional balance.  

The Sagittarius placement of the Moon prefers anything that helps take them away from an uneventful life.  An emotional reaction to boredom can trigger a need to broaden horizons and escape a cycle of monotony.  Often one does not stay bored for long as they find a new way to expand their view of the world.  If one is stuck it can pursue adventures in a multitude of ways to reignite the inner emotional fire and feel inspired inside.  Since the Moon is extroverted being social, meeting people, sharing stories and learning about other peoples adventures can open new inspirational path ways.

—(The Optimistic Thinker)—

The Sagittarius Moon inner conscious is optimistic and likes to live bringing hope and faith through the line of thinking.  The Moon always possesses faith that things can work out for the best regardless of what circumstances are going on around.  The Moon needs to live life to the fullest to feel happy and fulfilled.  The nature is apt to take risks with a sense of faith that things have a high chance of working out in the long run.  Naive thinking can embody the thinking expecting the best from everyone.  Despite believing in the best from people the Moon can fail to read people or situations properly that can be harmful or detrimental.

—(Bigger Picture Perception)—

The Sagittarius Moon mind grasps ideas and knowledge in larger concepts and likes to work toward becoming well educated in greater ideas and visions.  The thinking occurs in very abstract ways always looking at the bigger picture beyond the moment.  One tends to shy away from the past and not like to mull in what has occurred and can’t be changed.  The Moon likes to be forward thinking and carry a sense of belief things can be molded toward a better positive outcome.  Much faith can display even through hard times that better things are yet to come in the future.

The Moon in the sign Sagittarius can run into problems with looking at the bigger picture which can be detrimental in the larger scope of things.  One can potentially fail to consider minor details which can be intricate   Problems with efficiency can be prevalent in Sagittarius Moon where one ends up wasting time trying many paths to get to a result.  Over the lifetime many shortcomings, failures or accidents can occur due to a lack of detailing and analysis.   In extreme cases one may put so much faith things will work on their own that the Moon fails to take a realistic approach to achieve a vision of a bigger picture.

—(Philosophical and Theological Minded)—

The Sagittarius Moon mind lives to find the the greater meaning behind life. The inner mental process is philosophical and always aiming at gaining knowledge and expanding understanding of the greater world at large.  The inner conscious always believes there is something more or greater to experience on a higher level. The curiosity is strong with need to understand and form understanding behind philosophical questions.  One seeks to answer higher truth and can on great physical or mental journey’s to find answers.  When that truth is found one will spread it around and wish to bring others up their consciousness level and philosophical understanding of life.

Sagittarius Moon brings the inner thinking towards belief and faith as a basis for emotional security..  The Moon can be very religious or spiritual and have higher beliefs that motivate every response or action.  One with this Moon can believe highly in greater spiritual or religious order and follows a moralistic path.  The inner self oft believes in higher purpose and meaning that is explained through religion or faith.  Reality of situations can be glossed over and given way for belief that everything happens for a reason.  One may tend to want put things in god’s hands and believe he has a great plan or path for them to follow in life.

—(Higher Educational Purist)—

The Sagittarius moons balance comes from learning and going on mental adventurous and journeys to expand the mind.  One has intuitive thinking that wishes to pursue greater understanding behind basic ideas.  The inner self looks to take basic interest in ideas and turn them into something greater by seeing how far an idea can take them.  The sense of emotional wellness comes from having doorways open to pursue education on subjects one is inspired toward.

Due to great emotional attachment to education Sagittarius Moon can be a lifetime student.  The Moon spends the better part of life building up education and never being entirely satisfied with a set amount of knowledge.  One will be a continuous motivated life learner who is always in pursuit of higher knowledge to build into a greater wisdom.  When an education is sought one can prefer a a path or degree that offers constant mental stimulation and future growth potential to bring long term happiness.  After graduation or certification is achieved in specific fields one can lean toward long term careers, jobs and projects that require a lot of continuous learning involved in them.

—(The Teacher, Preacher and Publicist)—

The nurturing nature of the Moon in Sagittarius oft is applied through teaching and spreading truth, faith and philosophies.  The inspirational fire moon needs to share truth and inner faith that is discovered in the journeys and adventures of life.  The moon yearns to get points across which can easily capture the wonder and imagination of students and interested parties.  Publishing their experiences in articles, books or journals is something they one find emotional fulfillment in addition to teaching openly.

When Sagittarius Moon shares information it will portray an image of being correct and righteous of everything it knows.  The Moon has heavy faith in what it comes to feel is true that it can’t help but exude righteousness for it.  One will be persuasive in in speech with knowledge and opinions that are shared and can will the influence of others with thoughts and ideas.  There is great passion to get thoughts and feelings across until other buys in and see what the Sagittarius feels to be true.  When writing use of powerful language is mixed with optimistic and passionately influential words to grab attention and focus of a reader

The self righteous teaching and writing style can come across as preachy and dogmatic to other.  A lacking of being able to contain passionate beliefs back can upset people who may not have interest in preachers or teachings.  Sagittarius Moon can have an oblivious streak where towards the impact of words or writings can have on someone else psych.  Sharing personal truths can be very overbearing to the point that enemies can be made by sharing the inner truth aggressively.

—(Sagittarius Imagination)—

The Sagittarius Moon Imagination can be very expansive based upon the adventurous spirit energy Sagittarius brings the mind.  The great source of knowledge and experience that one occurs over the course of life becomes the foundation of the Moon’s imagination.  The experiences had can be catalyst for anything creative that requires imagination.  Any kind of artistic talent energy is put towards can include themes of travels or stories of adventures built into the undercurrents of the creation.

—(Need for Physical Exertion and Time Spent with Natural World)—

As Sagittarius Moon is ruled by fire expending physical energy is good for mental health and bringing peace of mind.  Emotional balance can come from doing physical activities especially ones that are outgoing in nature. The Moon finds itself happiness through spending time participating in sporting activity, nature, being in forests or enjoying the expansive wilderness.  One also gravitate towards natural love of animals and pets to feel balanced.  Enjoyment can be had spending time doing outdoor activities with animals and pets to bring emotional fulfillment.

—(Fiery Unfiltered Emotions)—

For Moon in Sagittarius thoughts and passions are expressed with energy and intention to reach as many people as possible.  Emotional reactions can tend to be overblown based upon inner beliefs and visions one is attached too.  The Moon here is inclined to go with intuitive feelings and be led to paths it feels brings greater purpose to life.  A lack of passion or purpose can lead to overwhelming emotional hardship, depression and a need to escape to find new passionate inspiration.  Emotional distress for this Moon can also come from seeing injustice or when morals are loosely followed or neglected altogether.  When this is seen the self righteous nature can come out wanting to rite the wrongs based on personal beliefs.

—(Repressed Emotional Expression)—

The Sagittarius Moon oft takes a long time to process emotions when unexpected things happen.  Emotions tend to restrict freedom to one would would rather not spend time ruminating over feelings.  Feelings in general can be very hard to express and one would better be seen running from them then embellishing them if possible.
Spending time engaged in feelings isn’t entirely rare but doing so to often culminates in a feeling of inner restlessness that builds from a feeling of inaction.
The Sagittarius Moon also is emotionally in danger of being be so forward thinking due to restlessness it simply fail to settle down and enjoy a moment for what it’s worth.

The battle with Restlessness is solved by applying oneself towards pursuits that can bring positive results promoting growth and hope for the future.  When upset or restless the reaction can be triggered to travel and expand horizons instead of staying inside a self contained emotional box.  One may also be known as a runner wanting to find peace of mind elsewhere then deal with emotions of the moment.  When feelings are to much can be over indulgent or gluttonous to deal with overwhelming difficulties.  The Moon can also turn towards faith as a matter of dealing with difficult circumstance instead of facing it directly.  

—(Emotional Empathy blockages)—

When The fire Moon of Sagittarius offers emotional support to nurture there can even be a sense of repression and holding back.  The Moon gives emotional support by being very uplifting and inspiring towards showing faith suffering or hardship can have a purpose.  However the Moon may not listen well to the needs of others and lack true empathy to connect on a truly emotional level.  These emotional empathetic blockages can bring difficulties in being a supportive spouse, friend or parent.

Since Sagittarius represents Jovial Humor one can take action with their emotions through humor and laughing situations off.  One may laugh things off with humor rather then truly feel a painful emotion and come to terms with it through healing work.  The humor inspires a say detached away from truly doing the trans-formative work pain requires to bring inner growth.  One such issue the Moon can face with Humor s occasionally blurting out humor at inappropriate times.  This can offend more sensitive or serious types and unintentionally hurt feelings when in fact there is desire to help them.

—(The Ideal Partner to Emotionally Support Sagittarius)—

The sign 7 places from your Moon in astrology can show the traits that are needed to bring balance to the emotional mind through an alternative perspective.  Having the Moon in Sagittarius likes to have a partner that they can communicate with.  The mind finds balance having someone who has a sense of curiosity and interest in learning.  Being able to teach a partner or simply share knowledge makes the moon feel happy as it gives them direction when the partner likes to learn.  The partner can be someone they debate with and share opinions with and it makes the inner world feel balanced and purposeful.  Sagittarius Moon also enjoys greatly in having someone that is witty to enjoy sharing humor with.

The partner can be more scientific and fact minded, while the Sagittarius Moon is more faith or religious minded.  This can help balance inject logic and reasoning into the sometimes dogmatic approach to life Sagittarius Moon can take in.  The partner can also be one that is good with small details and help control from Sagittarius Moon from getting lost in the bigger picture.  The Sagittarius Moon also finds balance through a partner that is versatile and adaptable minded.  Happiness come to this moon through a partner that loves variety and may be willing to go anywhere with them on adventures or travels.    They don’t like to stay stagnant for long which helps balance the mind by avoiding boredom and feeling trapped.

—(Sagittarius Moon and the Early Experience and perception of the Mother)—

The Moon in astrology rules over the experience of the mother/nurturing parent and the perception one may have of her.  When the Moon is in Sagittarius the mother was seen as energetic, outgoing and fun loving.  The mothers personality was most likely optimistic, enthusiastic and quite spirited.  The experience of her was someone who was confident but quite jovial and humerus.  The native may deduce the mother was of an independent individual who loved freedom and new experiences.  She was quite adaptable and loved to get outside the realm of her environment and broaden her horizons.  She was perceived as being broad minded, knowledgeable and philosophical.  Religion and spirituality were important to her.  The mother was very idealistic and moral in her character.  She valued forward thinking.  She may of loved having pets, going into nature and playing sports.

The negative manifestation of Sagittarius may of embodied the mother’s character.  The mother figure could of been very cynical and seemed judgmental towards the belief of others.  If the native believed something different then she did it may of caused issues.  Dogmatic behavior may of led her to feel inspired to force her beliefs on to others.   She may of been always wanting to teach and lecture even if no one wanted to hear it as a general character trait.  The mother figure was probably rude and tactless at times.  She may of been one to always miss minor details and was prone to accidents.  Over indulgence may of embodied her personality.  If she loved to traveled she may not of been home much to tend to the house hold as a normal mother figure may be expected.

Moon in Scorpio

—(The debilitated Scorpio Moon)—

When the Moon is in the water sign of Scorpio it is considered to be debilitated and in a bad place of expression.  This occurs because the nature of the inner world governed by Scorpio is contradictory to the exalted and beneficial placement of Moon in Taurus.  The Moon’s nature normally seeks stability, calm with a instinctive contemplated desire to turn emotional responses into purposeful actions.  When Moon is in Scorpio the inner world and emotions exist in such a way that works against the inherent nature of Moon’s desired comfortable state.  In Scorpio The inner world lacks stability and is intense in emotional reactions.  The instincts are geared toward reacting in a powerful manner based on powerful dark natures of Scorpio’s ruling planets Mars and Pluto.

—(Fixed Nature of the Moon)—

With Scorpio Moon the inner thinking and reactions are of a fixed nature.  In this situation ideas and thoughts generated in the mind can be very stubborn and difficult to change.  Once the mind is made up on something an intense attachment will form  unwavering to outside influence.  The only influence capable of changing an attachment to a feeling or thought is a stronger reaction topples one that already exists.  

The Scorpio Moon thinking seeks stability and dependability with things to gain a sense of inner comfort.  The Moon’s Fixed emotional nature makes letting go of stable emotional attachments very difficult.  The attachment to dependable situations can become the Moon’s worst enemy due to how deeply one can latch on to things.  The Moon being in Scorpio is not adapt at going with the flow of change in life that is often inevitable.  In turn this extreme behavior of holding on to attachments that bring emotional security can bring great inner hardship as life is always changing.  Over the life one can be forced to learn painful emotional lessons that things need to be let go in order to grow.

—(Intense Inner thinking)—

The Moon in Scorpio inner emotional thinking patterns are riddled with depth of intensity.  With Scorpio Moon the combination of Pluto and Mars together ruling the Moon intensify the emotions to the point emotions are felt to great extremes. The Moon’s entire inner world is moved greatly anytime something is felt internally and the reactive thinking is oft impulsively quick due to Mars influence on the Moon.  The thinking is very powerful and manifests in stimulating strong reactions that can bring waves of change or influence.  

For Scorpio Moon the Soul and the Emotional thinking are all but married and closely connected.  For the Watery Scorpio Moon emotions and thoughts compulsively drive one to action in order to bring passions to life.  These passions taken satisfy both a great need for peace of mind as well as to regenerate the inner core soul.  Satisfying both the soul and the emotions create a feeling of being alive that inspire purpose in the soul and great inner happiness.

The Scorpio conscious mind seeks intense experience that help enrich the soul and bring on a feeling of emotional growth.  There is dislike towards choices and situations that are prohibitive or restraining towards feeling regenerated on the inner level.  The inner emotional mind, being ruled by Planet Pluto, brings great intense desire to transform and grow to find peace of mind in life.  Any kind of restricting of growth can feel like inner death of the emotions.  In order to feel alive emotionally there will always be need to challenge oneself to push the boundaries to become something greater.

—(Life or Death Attachment)—

With Moon in Scorpio the instinct to possess things for emotional security can be so strong it produces a feeling of life or death attachment.  Losing the bonding with things that bring emotional security can run deep and stir heavy emotional reactions and sadness.  In order to avoid such situation from coming to fruition the mind seeks having power over situations to gain a sense of control. Unfortunately nothing in life can truly ever be controlled, owned or possessed and it’s a dark lesson for this Moon.  The inevitable reality does not stop Scorpio Moon from trying to keep things close for peace of mind.  The inner self is a constant battle of fears trying to prevent loss and keep a sense of stability always feel ever fleeting.

—(Private Inner Nature)—-

The Scorpio Moon being ruled by Pluto influences a very private nature with feelings and thoughts.  One struggles to express feelings due to a need to be private in order to feel safe from other people or situations that can upset inner stability.  With Moon in Scorpio one can feel a great sense of fear that others are out to judge their thoughts and intentions. One of the main reasons Scorpio Moon remains private is to protect oneself from being open to having outside forces have control over them.
With this paranoia the Moon internalizes feelings and thoughts in order to protect potential of being invaded.  This natural tendency can spurn oneself into feeling isolated but at the same time emotionally secure nothing can hurt them.

Peace of mind for this Moon comes through having secrets and hiding things away from exposure to the open.  The Moon trusts very few people with things that are personal and takes a long time to intimately open up to others about these matters.  Trusting someone intimately is vital so the emotions don’t stay bottled up and the mind can be more clear.  Having secrets exposed after trust is given can cause angry and distrustful feelings towards whom the secrets were entrusted too.  In this the Moon can grow weary and become more intensely private to protect personal sensitivities.

The Scorpio Moon portrays an outer image of always being in control and doing well in social or conversational settings.  The Moon protects it’s sensitive emotional inner workings by hiding the true feelings and thoughts going on inside.  Being socially withdrawn tends to shut out chances of expanding friendship circle of meeting new contacts.  The Moon Will find itself in situations where drama is created because of how mysterious and protective of the thoughts and emotions it is.  Others socially can tend to perceive Scorpio Moon as unfriendly, lack ingenuity or just seem disinterested in bonding or forming friendships.  Being private oft causes issues lacking the support network to lean on when things go wrong.  Shutting others out to protect one’s vulnerabilities tends to leave the Moon alone dealing with it’s emotional complex.

—(Penetrating Investigative Mind)—-

The Scorpio Moon mind is deeply tuned with an investigative nature that needs to look below the surface to find answers. The Moon contains ability to find  anything through applying the will into researching.  One here digs deep and looks for hidden information that is not common knowledge and does not exist in the realm of common society.  The Desire to dig deep can gravitate towards interest in learning about the deepest parts of the emotional complex.

Greatly understanding of the psychology of human emotions comes with an intuitive insightful interest of feelings.  Through observation of others and personal emotions and come to understand the great depths and powers, purpose and reasoning of emotions.  The deep researching Scorpio Moon can work vigilantly to connect dots and understand what makes up the psychological foundation of a emotions.  One can be naturally talented with intuitively deciphering motivations and psychological reasoning behind the actions of other people towards them.

—(Deep Memory and Great Imagination)—

With Moon being in Scorpio the memory is incredibly deep thanks to the depth the element of water brings to the mind.  The imagination is often is rich and deep from lifelong emotional experiences that move the inner self greatly.  Strong memories are intensely drawn upon which become the foundation and inspiration for creative undertakings.  One Pours emotion and passion into creativity as it’s a way of expressing the highs and lows of their emotional experience.  Often times imaginative creations can have a darker and “real” nature to them that can be intense.    Creating art using the imagination is a productive way to express the soul without feeling judged on the spot.  The Moon can be very private with imaginative creations and choose to hold on to them for a long period of time before releasing them; if at all.

—(Extreme Emotional Reactions)—

Being ruled by watery nature of Scorpio makes the Emotions sensitive yet very deep.
Hurt, pain and things that bring suffering can be held on to for a very long time.
Anger of this Moon can oft be turned inward when facing difficulties on an emotional level.  Self guilt can manifest from taking on responsibility when facing losses in life.  This victimization complex can be done to to help qualm the unpredictable nature of the actions and events which can occur that are out of control.  In the deepest parts of the Scorpio Moon there is great belief it should have power over all emotional situations.  When situations get out of hand it can feel like one has no power which can cause deep inner sadness.

The inner emotional world of Scorpio Moon goes through ups and downs because the mind is always dealing with intense deep reactions to stimulation.  Emotions can come through waves alternating extreme polarities that can seem unpredictable and even overwhelming.  The inner emotional world can become imbalanced when something threatens or perceives to disturb a sense of security that is so very hard to come by.  One can feel great inner paranoia of things or situations that are working to break their much hard to come by stability.

With Scorpio Moon The emotional reactions never lie in the middle but rather tends to go to extremes on matters in black and white thinking.  The mind gravitates towards either liking something or hating it; resting on one side of spectrum or the other.
Instinctive reactions can easily get swept away by the inner imagination which can be tilted toward fears of loss of control.  The personal inner thoughts and emotions can be the Scorpio’s Moons worst enemy which oft results in approaching the world in a timid and fearful way.

—(The driven healer)—
Since the emotions can be subject to such great waves of hurt the mind is always working toward healing or coping mechanisms.  Since the mind likes to dig deep it can be interested in seeking alternative ways to seek emotional balance and heal the self.  Deep inner introspection and meditation is one which way to connect with the inner feelings and understand what is needed to feel emotionally secure.  Once a connection is made with how to feel the safe the mind can be gifted how to help others in the same way.  Since Mars rules the emotional complex the Scorpio Moon is naturally gifted at dealing with intense situations that others struggle with.  This can help keep personal emotions under control when facing emergency or upheaval scenarios when dealing with the crisis other’s face.

—(Emotional wellness comes with Depth, Passion and Intimacy)—

With Moon in Scorpio Peace of mind comes through having control, stability and dependability in the life scheme.  These needs are born and rooted from a dislike of change due to the fixed nature of the mind that needs stability for peace of mind.  The Moon lives Lives in a fear based base mindset which can bring a very negative perception towards life.  One with this Moon can be internally negative and brooding; always expecting the worst of situations of life.  Difficulties can be apparent manifesting positive things because of living in a fear based mindset.  The pursuit of emotional wellness comes through trying to make a close intimate connection with another to feel safe with.

Scorpio Moon’s Best emotional wellness comes through the safety and dependability of intimate love relationships.  One Aggressively can pursue ways to feel complete and satisfy the need for passion and intimacy.  The Mars nature of the Moon likes to dive in and engage intensely with someone and show great loyalty and passion towards them.  Emotional security comes through feeling safe having spiritual intimacy as the doorway to open their inner world to another.  Intimacy is important because the Scorpio Moon is motivated not to express emotions or thoughts to just anyone.  There needs to the feeling of safety, loyalty and devotion in order to open up let the inner world flow outward.

—(Protective Instincts)—

With Scorpio Moon happiness comes in life through having something to fight to protect.  One will fight to the extremes to protect loved ones and to ensure things that are valued are taken in and protected from harm.  People can be viewed as possessions that need to be kept close and protected from being taken away.  For this reason the Moon can be motivated to fight to death to keep what is cherished in their own possession.  This behavior can stretch far beyond people but apply towards all things that loved.  One could even go as far as putting their on the life towards a cause it feels is sacred and wants to protect.

—(Dark Controlling Tactics)—

Since fear can rule the Mind of Scorpio it can lead to some very dark controlling tactics to protect things that are valued or sacred.  One can believe the only way to ensure things are kept close is by making sure they have power of control over them.  One may experience an impulsive emotional need to keep attachments close by keeping loved ones hidden away, being controlling or being out-rite manipulative to things of emotional value close.  Issues can be had with jealousy as it triggers the fear of imminent loss.  When feeling threatened the Moon can react without hesitation and take revenge on what infringes upon their territory.  Anything may be done to take back what is rightfully felt is there.  Fights and battles can be common in life to keep all that is cherished under their power.

—(The Ideal Partner to Emotionally Support Scorpio Moon)—
The sign 7 places from your Moon in astrology can show the traits that are needed to bring balance to the emotional mind through an alternative perspective.  For the Moon in Scorpio they like to seek a partner who is stable and dependable.  The emotions of the Moon feel balanced when the partner can be depended on.  The Scorpio moon loves a partner who is stable emotionally and the thoughts are steady.  It helps balance out the inner intensity the Scorpio Moon deals with on an going basis.  With a stable partner there is a sense of security present that the Moon in Scorpio won’t be abandoned when times get tough.  This makes the Scorpio Moon feel safe and secure which can help them open up and not feel so much anxiety or paranoia.  The Moon can actually be more creative in a positive light when not always feeling like they are drowning in emotions.  There imagination can flourish simply by feeling safe and having that stable foundation they lack alone.

The Scorpio Moon likes a partner that can balance and bring income to their financial interests. The partner may be very good at working to make money and saving it and adding it to a nest egg.  This saved money can help in attain loans, depleting debts more efficiently or used for investment which the Scorpio mind talented with.  The partner should be one that wants to contribute to a comfortable home that feels safe and secure.  Together the Scorpio Moon and partner can combine their resources which makes living life easier.  The Scorpio Moon also finds balance and happiness in someone who likes sex for sensual and pleasurable reasons.  The Moon loves seeking a partner that is loyal and wants only one intimate partner for themselves.  Sexual release for Scorpio Moon helps them feel intimately close with someone and secure.  Having someone committed to sexual enjoyment gives them the safety and happiness the Scorpio Moon requires to feel balanced inside themselves.

—(Scorpio Moon and the Early Experience and perception of the Mother)—

The Moon in astrology rules over the experience of the mother/nurturing parent and the perception one may have of her.  The Moon being in the sign Scorpio can show the mother was emotional, dark and mysterious in her character.  She may of been been private, cautious and quite defensive in her reactions.  The nurturing parent was great in understanding emotions.  She was intuitive about them and had great insightful into feelings.  It was hard to get half truths or lies past her.  The mother’s personality was experienced as being direct, exacting, powerful and quite intense.  Determination and strategic thinking embodied her character.  She may of been one to go to extremes and was daring and afraid of nothing.  Over her lifetime she was perceived to go through many changes and transformations. Most likely she hidden hidden knowledge, occult things, astrology or anything outside the norms of society.

The negative manifestation of Scorpio could of been perceived in the mother’s character.  She may of been seen as very stubborn and immovable.  Getting her to change her ways may of been hard.  She may of only wanted to change when she pushed herself to do it.  Her character may of embroidered strong emotional reactions which may of been overbearing.  When she felt threatened she was perceived to be combative and confrontational.  She may of reacted to situations by trying to be controlling and manipulative to ensure her will had influence.  The experience with her may of been full of power struggles and fights.  Her thinking may of been been very negative, fearful and paranoid.  Perhaps she had issues with mental illness.

Moon in Virgo

—(The problem solving Virgo Moon)—

When the Moon is in Virgo the inner conscious thinking is ruled by the feminine nature of planet Mercury.  Mercuries influence on the emotional thinking quickens the mind and creates an internal over thinker that is drawn to working to resolve conflict.  The mixture of the element of Earth through Virgo and the speed of Planet Mercury brings the Moon a heavy burden to be active.  The emotional peace of mind comes through performing services, solving problems, healing the self and others while nurturing the world into a better standing.  There is a lot of pressure to make things operate as efficiently as possible and this line of thinking carries to all phases of life for Virgo Moon.  

—(The Intellectual)—

For Virgo Moon the inner balance comes from feeling mentally engaged and intellectually stimulated.  The Moon values education and happiness is linked to being well educated.  The mind is mathematical and is good with numbers, accounting, organizing and reaching the bottom line in matters.  Virgo makes a very literate mind that analyzes words and concepts towards putting together ideas based off per-existing knowledge and observed knowledge.  Since the mind of Virgo Moon is so intellectually based the thoughts at a given time can have a great impact on how moods play out.  

One of the most prominent moods of the Virgo Moon can be a constant restlessness.  This mood is born from the speed of planet Mercury influencing the Moon to always want to structure information into an efficient and organized form.  Since the mind is always processing information there is a lot of pressure to do it quickly and efficiently as possible.  Anxiety is often a constant internal state as the Virgo Moon’s mind is always at work and the pressure can lead to mental overload which effects peace of mind.  

—(Detailed Thinker)—

The Moon in Virgo’s higher minded thinking patterns are geared towards thinking and perceiving in detail oriented ways.  Structure and organization are vitally important to bringing a sense of peace of mind.  Higher thinking patterns are analytically based with a critical and judgmental vibe on the basis of emotional reactions.  The analytical nature is very observant towards finding flaws that are imperfect and need to be made pure and whole. The inner mind is always feeling the pressure to notice details that can be transformed into better ways of doing things to be more efficient.

—(Realistic Driven Perceptions)—

The earth presence of the Moon in Virgo brings thinking that is very factual which does not care much for bigger pictures or future potential in matters.  The mind is strictly living in the present and looks at the reality of the body of work that needs to be accomplished.  One will look at the real side of life in order to see what it takes to manifest an end result to a desired outcome.  The Virgo moon can display issues with lacking faith as it tends not to depend on a higher power to make things things happen.  The Moon is inspired to put all the responsibility on the self to do things and puts a heavy load on itself knowing effort is get results.

—(Modest Minded)

The Virgo moon carries a most modest mind and likes to keep personal feelings and thoughts internalized and private.  may lack self confidence and have an apparent insecurity streak pertaining to anything personal.  The thinking won’t be inspired to draw a lot of attention from others to themself.  The moon is shy towards exposing thoughts and feelings to the point of being introverted and self contained.  Happiness for this place of the Moon comes from a clean and orderly appearance.  One will aspire to present a perfect image image of having things in control all while working efficiently to get tasks or work done.  Simple recognition for efforts brings peace of mind for the laborious amount of effort the Moon puts into solving problems in whatever it does.

—(Critical and Judgmental of One’s own Feelings)—

The Moon in Virgo can be very calculative and judgmental of personal feelings and emotions.  The observation nature Mercury brings to the inner consciousness seeks the reasoning behind feelings instead of accepting them as natural responses.  The Mind can get stuck in inner upheaval and unrest when emotions and feelings can’t be logically explained away.  The Thinking can get stuck in negative feedback loops trying to find answers to complex emotions instead of letting them inspire a call to action as they normally function.  The Virgo Moon’s wound up anxious nature can think negatively and expect the worse scenarios to occur all the time.  Negative internal thinking brings fearfulness over things that can disrupt ability to help live an orderly life.  

—(Emotions riddled with Worry)—

The higher thinking patterns of Virgo can be so highly driven to overthink it is not uncommon to drive oneself into a state of worry.  The Moon is prone to anxiety in Virgo because it overwhelms itself with details and judgments.  The anxious energy of always needing to fix everything can turn into an obsessive compulsion to cure things that cause worry.  For this reason the Virgo Moon can always be trying to live a very controlled life.  One will attempt to control their routine, work spaces, homes and even emotions to have a sense of control in life.

—(Creature of Habit and Routine)—

The Virgo Moon finds itself most peace of mind through established daily life especially when it brings a feeling of productivity.  The mind is well structured and needs to have things in a specific place, time and order to feel emotionally secure.  One with this Moon has a tendency to plan everything into well well structured routines which can take the spontaneity out of life.  A lot of pressure is placed on the self emotionally to get things done and on a daily basis that are important.  Despite the pressure the native can make well by using the imaginative mind to create an art form of tackling established routines and managing time.  one such way the mind can be creative is by being organized and creating lists.  Lists are efficient ways to cut down stress to take on a routine in a particular order to make sure things get done efficiently which balances the mind.

Without an established routine the peace of mind can be ever fleeting.  When things are out of order or don’t go according to a plan one can feel chaotic in thinking.  Much stress can come from feeling disorganized and incapable of having a proper handle on a situation.  An obsessive compulsive nature in the mind is common to want to work diligently to correct things that cause chaos and stress in the thinking.  If things are particularly bad the mind can be neurotic and obsessed with working to a state of perfection to get things back in order.

—(Peace of mind through Working)—

Happiness for the Virgo Moon is closely linked through working and being of service to others.  Having jobs or something to commit oneself towards that brings a feeling of productivity establishes peace of mind.  Feeling needed by others through the service one offers in skill based work is vital to finding emotional balance of the moon.  Since the Moon takes work seriously others can depend on them to approach a job and give all the emotional effort into achieving a satisfying outcome.  The Virgo influences on the Moon wants to save, rescue, solve and fix circumstances that trouble others as a form of nurturing and caring towards people.  There can be a savior complex of even needing to take over the work others struggle with and work to perfect it into something great.  

When lacking something to work on towards the Virgo moon can become quite embodied with insecurity and even depression.  Even worse then having nothing to work on is a feeling the work done is insufficient or failed to satisfy.  One here can become quite upset when feeling unappreciated for the quality of work and effort they give.  Emotional insecurities towards quality of work can trigger an obsessive respond to perfect what is wrong.

—(Possessed by Perfection)—

When facing an imperfect quality of work one can be nit-picky, critical, judgmental and quite obsessive about correcting faults in a poorly done job.  The Sensitive and observant mind picks up all the the little details and flaws that need correcting in situations to make a mistake or perceived flaw perfect.  In order to avoid failure and shortcomings there can be tendency to be very judgmental of things looking for potential mistakes needing correcting.  Moon in Virgo will always study the imperfections and flaws in the self that can be perfected to be made more efficient.  

One can put into action whatever thought comes to the mind that needs to be done to bring about a sense of perfect version of the self.   This can mean improving personal skills to do a better job, improving the personal education or focusing on work routines to improve quality.  Since Virgo energy can be quite anxious the mind can always wound up from feeling something needs to be made better about them self.

—(Insecurities born by need for Perfection)

The Virgo Moon has a marked sense of inner security that nothing can live up to a very high set of standards it sets.  The emotional mind always comes to feel nothing can be perfect or measure up to a perceived greatness that is cherished.  The mind is nit-picky and likes to judge situations harshly find flaws to correct to fit a mold of perfection.  An occurent issue is nothing ever reaches a state of imperfection because even good work can appear flaws.  This perception can bring the mind into a state of constant anxiety thinking things always need to be more perfect.  Issues come about truly accepting anything in a finished state is as more work always seems need to be done to get things rite.

The desire for perfection can run run deeper as it can be turned inward.  Personal expectations of high standards often become the foundations for peace of mind.  One can pick apart every detail about themselves that need needs fixing and perfecting and have trouble seeing the good of things.  The issue is peace of mind never comes because one can be very judgmental of themselves.  The Moon never sees an ends to a means with the pursuit of perfection of the self.  Such high standards are apparent that one can become a martyr of their own unhappiness and insecurities.  

Besides being sensitive to personal judgments of the self there is often internalized sensitivity from the critical nature of others. It is easy to be hurt when people try and fix them or point out flaws that need correcting.  This can be especially hurtful as the mind is already well aware of the personal flaws through self analysis and judgment. Having them affirmed by others can be painful and really cause emotional pain to the inner self.

—(The Virgo Moon Imagination and Creativity)—

The imaginative thinking of the Virgo Moon is influenced by the weight and heaviness of the Earth element.  The literary Moon is well red and educated in Virgo and helps grow the imagination  The imagination is not the most creative but it is skilled in working with literary matters, details, organization and general efficiency.  The memory of the Moon is good with working in the confines of systems to manifest results.  The creativity based off the imagination tends best to be applied to using education to refine and perfect things.  

Since the emotional mind is literary in the sign of Virgo it can best be equipped to use the imagination for writing.  There can be great skill in using creative imagination to create realistic non fiction stories with artistic writing.  If any kind of artistic skill with the hands are present one could sculpt, paint, draft or draw. Since the sign of Virgo is notorious perfection minded the imaginative artistic creations can respected as a job and worked with utmost care.  Dissatisfaction with imaginative creations can oft occur making one work diligently to perfect them.  It tends to make a lot of work and time to finally find confidences to present something if at all.  Many artistic creations can simply be kept for personal admiration.  

—(Dealing with Emotions through Writing)—

For Virgo Moon there can be an inner nervous energy when asked to convey thoughts or ideas in a spoken form on the spot.  To counter this writing feelings down helps bring structure, order and form to thoughts so they make same for the literary Virgo Moon.  The mind can feel more intimate and safe with the space to share things without feeling pressured.  There is a general feeling of feeling secure writing and journal emotions into a neat, orderly list form as they can be reviewed and edited to come across better.  The Moon tends to display emotions best in written ways through journal, writing letters or texting on a phone.

—(Practical Emotional Support)—

The emotionally nurturing side of the Moon in Virgo comes out in more practical ways as opposed to straight emotional empathy.  This Moon is not the type to emotionally react in a touchy feeling emotional form to be supportive directly.  Virgo will observe the problems of others that need fixing and offer practical solutions to help in order to offer support.  Further more giving time to others to fix their problems is one such way the Moon stretches it’s nurturing.  One will give their skills and time to nurture the issues and problems of others and try solve them to show a form of caring and love.

—(Health oriented)—

The inner need for control in Virgo Moon brings a great interest in health of the mind and body.  The observant thinking patterns of the Virgo Moon can be turned inward and become analytical of the state of health.  One can observe every nick and knack that is wrong causing a constant issue of hypochondria.  It is not uncommon that anxiety can be constant always thinking is something wrong with the health that needs fixed.  The unfortunate result is issues with the stomach as the stress of worry can bring digestion issues, cause ulcers and other such stomach aliments.

Taking care of the health and mental well being is critical to achieving that state of inner balance of the Mind for Virgo Moon.  There is need to focus on the in and outs of personal health in order to operate efficiently so the body and mind can work at optimum level.  The better the health the more effective one can be at working and solving problems with a clear mind and able body.  Diet routines and staying physically healthy can be critical to feeling good about the self and being happy.  The Moon native can be driven to exercise the body to stay fit and feel healthy and able.  

—(The Ideal Partner to Emotionally Support Virgo)—

The sign 7 places from your Moon in astrology can show the traits that are needed to bring balance to the emotional mind through an alternative perspective.  Having the Moon in Virgo can show a need for a partner that is Dreamy, imaginative and otherworldly.  The imaginative nature of the partner can help color the black and white logical driven world of Virgo Moon.  The partner sought needs to be quiet and laid back in their nature. This can help the Virgo Moon towards happiness because they require quiet environments to read and study.  These traits help balance the practical and down to Earth way the Virgo Moon lives.  The partner may be very spiritual which can help bring deeper meaning to the everyday life of their partner if they go through periods of needing to find a purpose besides work.

The partner of Virgo Moon can have a compassionate and loving nature to them.  The unconditional love they offer helps Virgo Moon deal with the heavy pressure on themselves to be perfect.  The partner can practice alternate or holistic practices that can compliment and expend the Virgo Moon’s way of taking care of oneself.  Meditative practices and being able to escape into isolation may be a nature of the partner that can help balance the Virgo Moon. This practice helps remove Virgo Moon from stress and aids in balancing their mind and promoting happiness.  Through the partner they can learn the value of re-balancing their energy so they can be more productive in the long run without burning out.

—(Virgo Moon and the Early Experience and perception of the Mother)—

The Moon in astrology rules over the experience of the mother/nurturing parent and the perception one may have of her.  When the Moon is in Virgo the perception of the mother is of an intellectual who is inquisitive, analytical and well educated.  Reading was a large of her life most definitely.  Writing may of been a large part of the way she communicated.  She can be distinguished as a productive person, who is always busy and working on something.  Her routine was very important to her.  The mother can be perceived as being conservative and modest in her personality.  Her general nature can be observed as caring, one who likes to fix and is very nurturing.  She may be seen as health conscious and fit.  Her behavior was most likely organized, tidy and quite clean.

The negative side of Virgo may of shown in the perception of the mother’s personality.  The mother may of been very self critical, judgmental and nagging. She may of been rather negative and always had something to say if things weren’t perfect.  Feelings may of been hurt unintentionally back in the forth in the mother/child relationship due to her being insecure. An inferior complex may of been obvious in her character at the root of her insecurity.  She may of been perceived as anxious, stressed and restless.  Perhaps she always had to be doing something which made her a work addict or just to busy to have fun. She could of had illness of either the physical or mental variety.

if Jupiter rules the father's father then…

if Jupiter rules the father's father then who do other planets rule?

Sun – Father, Son

Moon – mother, elderly women of family, mother in law

Mercury – Younger Siblings, Friends. Mothers relatives, Cousins, Uncles

Venus – Female Spouse, Daughters

Mars- Younger Siblings, Brother, Sister

Jupiter – Teachers, Elder Siblings, Male Spouse, Grandfather on Father’s side

Saturn – Older people, Oldest Brother/Sister, Servants, Employees

North Node – Grandfather on Mother’s side

South Node – Children, What your inclined to teach them out of habit.

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