The First Mercury Retrograde of the Decade has…

Astrology by Lisa Stardust 

The first Mercury retrograde of 2020 is upon us! This time around, communication planet Mercury will be back splashing through the mystical waters of Pisces to the airy breaths of Aquarius. We’ll be moving backwards from our emotions to our analytical nature, which goes against the natural progression of the elements (because we usually move from air to water, not water to air). 

This time around, we can expect to feel lost in our emotions due to our need to over analyze situations and relationships ad nauseum. The reason we are trying to understand matters is because our intuition will be cloudy and our ability to make decisions hard. Pisces, who’s known to act on instincts, may become extra confused or at a stand still until Mercury reenters Aquarius on March 4th. Then, Mercury will become focused — even if the right words are hard to find. 

Secrets, lies, and clandestine relationships or situations will be revealed from February 16th (when the retrograde commences) until March 9th (when the retrograde ends). Exes, old friends, miscommunications, travel issues, and technological breakdowns will also be major themes of this retrograde. 

In order to understand your personal retrograde story, take a look back at the story that started on February 2nd (when Mercury entered its pre retrograde zone). It’s the themes you’ll be working with until March 29th (when Mercury leaves its post retrograde degrees, AKA “Mercury Retroshade”). 

Ways to Make the Most Out Of Mercury Retrograde:

Forgive and Forget

Retrogrades are a great time to let go of old resentments and frustrations. For all you know, it may enable you to grow and heal. 

Embrace Your Inner Child

Do something that you’ve always wanted to do, but never had the opportunity to. Treat yourself to a day of activities like a baseball game, amusement park, or art projects you used to have fun with while you were a child. 

Connect with Old Friends

Look up people from the past. Check in with them. Reconnect. It’s always great to see what others are up to and how’s the perfect opportunity to meet up with them IRL.

Spruce Up Your Life

It’s a wonderful time to make much needed changes in your life. Declutter. Reassess. Release. Revise. 

Mercury Retrograde Protection Spells:

A Crystal Bath

Take a warm bath with a cup of pink Himalayan salt (to clean your aura), clear quartz crystals (to gain clarity), the skin of a lemon (to remedy Mercurial issues), and a few sprigs of mint (to awaken the body and mind). Surround yourself with lapis lazuli (to enable proper communication) and fluorite (to destress). *Do not put the lapis lazuli and fluorite in the water — place them around the bath to evoke their power. Only use the clear quartz in the water. 


Use Sage or Palo Santo to clear the negative energy in your home with a smudge stick to detox your personal space. Make sure you get the corners of your room when smudging. Smudge your car, computer, iPad, and phone too (especially during Mercury retrograde). You can also carry Florida Water in your backpack or purse to spray on when you feel a communication or travel breakdown coming your way. 


A mindful meditation will bring you back down from emotions or having a foggy mind. Even if you go this exercise for a few minutes it will help you to think clearly. Find your personal mantra to stay calm and fix your energy on it. Close your eyes and relax your body. Visualize your goals as you breathe in and out slowly. Allow yourself to let go of the stresses within as you exhale.

Venus in Virgo loves to date people who have p…

Venus in Virgo loves to date people who have problems. It’s a big turn on to them to try and “fix” people. Venus in Virgo thinks that if they can change someone, then that special person must really love them. Venus in Virgo needs to learn that this is not a healthy attitude for them to have. People can also change when they want to change for themselves. Just because someone temporarily changes for Venus in Virgo does not mean that it’s permanent or that it is a genuine change.



Mercury in the Zodiac Signs

Your communication style. The rational mind. Writing style. Intellect. Reasoning skills. Your thought process.

☿ | Aries: Straightforward. Argumentative. Decisive. Talks in an attention grabbing manner. Needs stimulation. Impulsive thought process.

☿ | Taurus: Neat thought process. Receives information slowly but fully. Soothing voice. Decisive. Focused. Firm in their judgements.

☿ | Gemini: Quick learners. Good with words. Seeks knowledge. Humorous. Skilled at brainstorming. Scattered thought process.

☿ | Cancer: Good with memory. Talks in an inviting and soft manner. Good at reading others. Intuitive thought process. Speaks with emotions.

☿ | Leo: Energetic talkers. Firm in their conclusions. Persuasive. Talks powerfully. Humorous. Expresses their thoughts dramatically. Creative thinkers.

☿ | Virgo: Analytical thought process. Overthinks and easily get stressed. Practical. Quick learners. Talks precisely. Blunt or insensitive in speech.

☿ | Libra: Good at giving advice. Harmonious thought process. Able to understand different point of views. Good listeners. Charming in speech.

☿ | Scorpio: Private about thoughts. Elitist. Digs deep into concepts and people. Obsessive thought process. Threatening in speech.

☿ | Sagittarius: Open minded. Idealistic. Nonjudgmental communicators. Philosophical in speech. Hungry for knowledge.

☿ | Capricorn: Organized thought process. Good managers. Detail oriented. Paranoid. Mature in speech.

☿ | Aquarius: Sharp witted. Open minded. Theoretical. Complex in speech. Unconventional in decisions.

☿ | Pisces: Creative. Soft communicators. Dreamy in speech. Predicts accurately. Unconventional thinkers.

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