Moon in Aries is born with an innate sense of passion within them. At their inner core, they have the ability to feel the most alive of all the moon signs. A Moon in Aries who does not feel fully alive will feel lost, like they are not being their true selves. They can feel wild, crazy, even reckless on the inside. Their worst fear is becoming dull, their emotions staying stagnate. Moon in Aries will risk anything to avoid becoming emotionally bored.

Moon in the Houses:


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The moon holds your emotional energy. Where it is at in the houses is where it will be projected on. The moon is your emotional safety and it is what makes you feel comfort and familiarity inside and around you.

Moon in 1st house: You can get so
wrapped up in your own emotions it’s as if only your emotions matter and
not anyone else. You wear your feelings on your face and people can
easily tell how you are feeling. People often look to you for guidance
and reassurance because of how warm your outward aura is.

in 2nd house:
You need to feel emotionally secure in order to feel like
everything is okay. If you are in chaos the world can feel like a
really really bleak place. Finding the things that bring you comfort and
surrounding yourself in that light will help with your inner emotional
turmoil. You can get too attached with the things that have given you
comfort before and it may be difficult for you to change. Keep in mind
that growth is essential to improvements just as much as knowing what
brings you peace.

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Moon 🌙 and instinct

Moon in fire: instinct could be impulsive, dramatic or to attempt appearing unaffected while emotions brew underneath expressions.

Moon in earth: instinct could be a silent reaction, to reason, overthink or to decide logically while taking personal feelings into consideration too.

Moon in water: instinct could be to play victim, employ escapist tactics, withdraw quietly or feel emotions in the moment, only to forget them later on.

Moon in air: instinct could be to analyse, communicate with others for support/advice, keep things light or detach from the situation and feelings.

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