5 Tips For Being More Confident Taking Picture…

5 Tips For Being More Confident Taking Pictures

Often times when I’m taking pictures with friends, they’ll comment that I look really confident and ask how I don’t worry about other people around me. Being completely honest, confidence when shooting is still something that I struggle with at times! If I catch someone looking over at me or it looks like they’re talking about me I’ll just feel anxiety wave over me and want to stop.

BUT creating…

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Hey loves!

I hope you all had the best time for Halloween! I normally don’t really celebrate Halloween, I only go as far as putting on a little costume to go out clubbing. This year was different, my boyfriend wanted to go to a pumpkin farm and for me to join with his family to carve the pumpkins.

We went to Stanhill Farm, Kent for their pumpkin patch, it opens every October and the pumpkins are a good price. Not that I have a lot of knowledge on pumpkins but I did see how much more expensive they were in local supermarkets for a much smaller size.


It was so much fun walking around to find the perfect pumpkin, my boyfriend decided to name the pumpkins before choosing them. It wasn’t one of my best ideas to wear platform converses to a muddy farm, I did slip around and nearly fall a couple times! Once we found a little cute looking one for me and a massive one for my boyfriend we chose to only get two pumpkins and not get too carried away.

This was my first time carving a pumpkin! I’m super proud of what I did, it obviously doesn’t compare to my boyfriend and his family’s ones but I don’t think it’s toooo bad! Got to start practicing for next year!

I really missed dressing up this year, I was thinking of dressing up as a pumpkin. What did you guys dress up as, if you did celebrate Halloween, please let me know.

Thank you for reading,



Pumpkin Pickin’

Hey loves! I hope you all had the best time for Halloween! I normally don’t really celebrate Halloween, I only go as far as putting on a little costume to go out clubbing.

The father seen through your Sun Sign


*** The sun rules over the father in the horoscope.  It is important to note aspects to planets can modify his nature.  The sun the house is in can show added information pertaining to his character and role as a parent. ***

Sun in Aries
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Aries can show a father who was a very fiery spirit. In a sense he may of been very child like, either for better or worse.  He could of been a great friend growing up; but the relationship may of suffered if he had a lack of maturity.  Passion and inspiration may of poured out of his character.  He was most likely very pioneering, adventurous, very independent and loved to prove his worth.  A competitive approach most likely was how he lived his life.  

The father could of always pursuing something new and exciting.  Sports or activities pitting his worth against others may of been a hobby.  He may of also been in the military or took on the battles of playing the hero.   He may of excelled at working in emergency situations.  Proving his worth as a parent was probably important to him and he may of loved to play the hero towards a child.    Unfortunately he could of exhibited a selfish side, a domineering nature, a strong temper and possibly a naive childish nature about him.

Sun Taurus
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Taurus shows a father who carries a earthy nature about him.  He carries a down to earth, practical and responsible way about him.  The father carried a strong value system and was most likely very fixed on what he believed.  He was most likely a hard worker and a great provider; but also very patient as parent.  He understood the value of providing the necessary means for survival.  Venus ruled over his life making indulgence, comfort, luxury and pleasure important. Food was probably a priority to him, at the very least providing abundance of it.

The father may of been a very possessive person, owning or collecting many things. Providing possessions like toys or gifts could of been a way to show love to a child.  On the downside of his personality the father could of been a very stubborn person, inflexible and very stuck on his ways.  Laziness may of been an issue, especially when overly comfortable.  Fights may of occurred because  of the father’s fixed opinions and struggles to see things in others ways. Regardless of negative traits being a great provider was probably his defined role as a parent.  Providing comfort to his children was and is the utmost priority.

Sun in Gemini
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Gemini brings a father who has a very airy nature about his general character.  The father figure was a master communicator and most likely quite intelligent. Curiosity enveloped his personality as he was probably a person whom loved asking questions, learning and absorbing all kinds of information in general. Words, language and word games may of suited him.  The father was most likely a whimsical person and had a comedic side to him.   He tends to be someone who needs much variety in his life and loves different stimulation to stay young and healthy minded.

Emotions may not of been his strong suit, perhaps being disconnected from his own feelings was the norm.  Struggling to understand others emotional displays, especially a child, may of been difficult.  A difficult person to go to for emotional nurturing.   The dual nature energy of Gemini can present a confusing perception of the father.  He may of seemed to be two people; or at the least moody and inconsistent.  Scattered minded may of certainly described his personality.  Maturity at points may of been at question to his youthful like exuberance.

Sun in Cancer
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  The Cancer Sun father embodied the watery nature of Cancer in his personality.  A shy introverted and private nature may of embodied the root of his character.  He is most likely a proud father, very nurturing and involved as a parent.  Being an emotional person do to the influence of the moon, He could of been very emotional and sensitive.  He may of embodied more feminine characteristics as a father figure.   While moody by nature; one of his greatest assets was his ability to nurture and be understanding of emotional needs.  Making a loving home could of been a priority to him.  Being a good cook was entirely possible.

The Cancer father most likely has a very good memory, drawn to a love of history and enjoyed the subject of family lineage. The imagination was very active and he may of been quite creative.   Being ruled by the Moon could of made the father overemotional or moody.  If the father is struggling in a bad time he might be one to retreat into his shell and he hard to reach.  An overprotective streak may of of embodied his role as a parent; leading to frustrations and over-parenting.  A detached and unemotional outlook may of been lacking to help make more informed decisions as a parent when required.

Sun in Leo
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Leo shows the father was the highest embodiment of the father figure by the nature of the Sun.  Ultimately having Sun in Leo will show the father was quite proud of his gift of being a father.  He loves children, having fun and being apart of their life which makes him a good parent.  The father was most likely authoritative, kingly, confident and had a charismatic side to him.  He most likely exhibited An ambitious nature, was bold, proud and passionate.

Leo rules love and the father was most likely quite loving in his nature. He could be a protective father and one displayed a loyal side to his character.  As a father integrity was important to him as a person and a parent.  A generous side could of made him very giving, if not spoiling at times.  His love did have it’s limits though; if a lack of loyalty was shown or his pride was hurt he may of been fierce or turned away from his duties.  He could of been proven to show the negative sides of Leo; egotistical, demanding, sulky, demanding or prone to being dramatic.        

Sun in Virgo
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Virgo shows the father had a strong Mercurial nature about him. The father’s cerebral nature manifested strongly through reading and may of been a writer.  He was most likely a very earthy type person.  Practical, thorough and systematical embodied his earthy traits.  He valued working hard but may of had issues feeling appreciated for his efforts.  His nature was potentially introverted, shy, reserved and very humble. The reserved nature most likely made him not the most emotional of people.  

Being a father he was most likely patient, tolerant, organized and big into planning.  He is most likely a very clean person and loves have everything in it’s place.  Details are very important to him and he was a particular person about being perfect.  His perfectionist nature may of made him hard to please due to a potentially critical nature.  He may of also had an OCD nature.  Health and diet may of been a particular interest to him.  He may of also suffered from health issues during his life.  Anxiety could of been an issue.  Feeling anxious about doing the rite thing as a parent may of been something he struggled with.  He may of also “over-structured” a child’s life as parent; perhaps not allowing them to have enough of heir own kind of fun.

Sun in Libra
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Libra shows the father carries a Venusian and intellectual airy nature.  The father may of been interested in many Venusian interests; food, music, glamour, clothes or art. He can have an elegant, affectionate, courteous, harmonious and easy going side about him.   Business was most likely his strong suit; always looking for deals and adding to a position of abundance.   The father was a social person who enjoyed engaging with others.

As a father he may of treated being a parent more like a partnership, where a friendship was the central focus of parenting.  He may of been one to spoil the children to win their approval.  Conflict was not his strong suit and found himself being diplomatic and always looking for a peaceful solution when justice was required.  Discipline was not his strong suit.  The Libra father could have struggled being a true care taker; instead choosing to nurture partnerships outside of parenting that were important to him.   He most likely struggled with his own ego and looked for validation with others; sometimes giving in far to easy to keep peace.

Sun in Scorpio
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Scorpio showed the male parent was one who had a distinct Martian or Plutonic nature. Privacy was important to him, yet a mysterious and complex aura about him always loomed.  Emotion, passion and intensity were a strong mix of traits in his nature.  His feelings were most likely very deep and possessed a keen intuitive sense along with them.  He was strong at seeing under the surface, getting to the truth of matters and understanding the darker side of life. He could of had occult interests like astrology he was drawn towards.

As a father he may of been very protective and possessive.  Showing a vulnerable side could of been his weakness.  The plutonic side may of been strong; leading to issues with moodiness, jealous, manipulative behaviors and issues with power struggles.  Trust issues could of been present in his character perhaps to the point of paranoia.  Despite darker issues he was probably a very courageous and resourceful person.  His loyalty was second to none and his role as father was taken with serious determination.  He was dependable when a child had emergency situations and most likely was overprotective.      

Sun in Sagittarius
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Sagittarius shows a father with a larger then life outgoing Jupiter persona.  His general character possessed an optimistic nature, humerus and quite jovial. Higher abstract thinking was a prime focus of his life.  He most likely gravitated toward higher education, philosophy, religion and broad minded subjects. Morality was a central point of focus to him; as was honesty.  An enthusiastic personality embodied his quite independent approach to life.  Like lord Jupiter himself he was probably quite generous and a very giving person.  

As a father he may of been a bit of an enigma because of the outgoing nature of Sagittarius. He may of valued his freedom so much that the parent child relationship could of suffered.  This isn’t always the case forever as the mutable energy of the sign has a tendency to grow into new roles; a father is no different. The father may find he enjoys being a teacher as a parent, going on adventures with or even playing sports with a child.  Regardless of his personality he will certainly be a father that gives freedom as he himself enjoys it.  His role will be to help a child grow into the fullest embodiment of the expansive nature of fire and the sun.  Teaching practical lessons and financial acumen to children could of been a shortcoming of his.

Sun in Capricorn
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  Sun in Capricorn can show a very down to earth father figure.  He most likely embodied an independent, responsible and disciplined side to his character.  Hard work was no chore to him; he understood the value of patience and getting good results in time.  Most decisions he made in life were based upon a need to be self sufficient.  He may of been widely recognized by the public, carried an air of status about him or received much praised for his talents.

As a father he must likely passed down the importance of being responsible. The importance of rational decisions was stressed.  Unfortunately he may of not been one to encourage use of the imagination; which may of lead to a feeling of missing part of the childhood experience growing up.  In some cases the father may of been a heavy disciplinarian and quite strict; which ensured adult like responsibilities were taken seriously from a young age in a child.  He could of taught the values of financial security and may of even been very materialistic.

As a parent he may of been a perfectionist and been quite cold to emotional needs a child can have.  His general character may of been a bit solitary, or at the least withdrawn and introverted.  He may of been pessimistic and even suffered self defeating bouts of depression in his life.  In some circumstances the father may of been really wrapped up in his career and reputation and neglected his fatherly duties.

Sun in Aquarius
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature. Sun in Aquarius can show the father was most likely a natural intellectual and air inspired individual. Scientific and logical minded thinking patterns embodied his character.  He may of been a person who was a bit impersonal and probably detached.  The relationship with the Father may of lacked deep nurturing a traditional child/father relationship embodies.  A natural humanitarian attitude and a progressive attitude may of made him very spiritual, liberal and believer in equality for all.  Most likely he lived life with many friends, group involvements and may of been into politics.  

The father child relationship could of been one centered on friendships traits. Generally the more in common that is shared the more bonding that was shared. This kind of father child relationship may get better with age; especially if both are involved in similar community or share aspirations and goals.  He may of lacked nurturing skills and failed to understand emotional ramifications of actions.  An arrogant intellectual nature coming from his high amounts of wisdom may of strained the parent child relationship.  He could of seemed like a no it all and been very stubborn and impossible to sway.  At points the fathers humanitarian interests may of been so deep the child may of felt neglected and failed to be admired for his needs or uniqueness.

Sun in Pisces
The Sun is the significator of the Father and his general nature.  The fathers personality was ruled over by Neptune and Jupiter.  His personality as a person could of been quite compassionate, accepting and idealistic.  Gentle, considerate and soft by nature; affection came easy to him and embodied a loving image.  An air of innocence from the Neptune side of his personality made him quite imaginative.  Creativity was a strong suit for him, namely music and probably vision minded concepts.  He may of enjoyed hobbies like video games movies, TV and maybe even drugs or alcohol to escape from reality.  The natures of Neptune and Jupiter combined could of made him quite a spiritual person.  He may of been a person who longed to belong to something greater then himself.

The father’s strongly compassionate nature may lead to a gullible nature.  He may of been moody, confused and had a unrealistic view of life.  Father may of even suffered depression or been a loner.  Disciple wasn’t his strong suit and may of been the type of father to let his children get away with anything.  His loving nature may of been so giving he chose to spoil instead of letting children learn the value of hard work and earning.  Offering his children freedom was natural to him and it may of led to the child’s greater creative side blossoming. He may of feared being a bad parent and times he came up short may of led to him feeling great personal guilty.  These shortcomings may of led to him being disconnected and withdrawn as a parent.  Sometimes he may of been absent altogether if the guilt was strong enough.


Spring into Denim Hi!  Spring is now officially upon us and I am loving every moment. I’m obsessed over all the blossom and flower displays around London right now and my boyfriend and I found a really cute spot in Bexley.

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