What kind of conflicts would a person have wit…

What kind of conflicts would a person have with Mercury in Pisces, Sun in Aries and Capricorn Rising?

hmm probably trying to be the dominant head of house in the home most likely.  Perhaps trying to defend his stake in their country or culture.  Another possibility is anytime their ego is bruised in connection with their past memories they may step into a conflict.

I think another reason people stereotype Libra…

I think another reason people stereotype Libras as air-heads is because, even though it is a masculine sign, it's still associated with femininity (probably thanks to the ruling planet of Libra) and unfortunately, misogyny is a curse we have to bear for the time being. Think about it. What are women stereotyped as in western society? Shopping addicted, beauty conscious, and talkative (eventhough statistically men tend to dominate conversations). And these are all things associated with Libra.

I know your rite,.  It’s all a product of perception based on outdated stereotypes.  I think as the Age of Aquarius sinks in more and more you’ll see these kinds of perceptions fade off.  People not only are becoming more forced to recognized for their individualizes,but i think they are being forced to take on more non-traditional roles like when you saw marriage dominate the Pisces Age.

During my lifetime I have seen “the Venus perception change.”  For instance it as not uncommon that i heard things like “you dress well, you must be gay” or A man who enjoyed peace and was sensual was deemed “feminine and gay” because it was womanly.  I do see hope for it changing.  I think over the next hundreds of years you’ll see a shift as the digital age brings out the more masculine traits of Libras and will make Venus be respected more as the dual gender planet it really is.  As people make less money, more deals will need to be made to keep people afloat.  And that’s fine by me; the age of Pisces was really ridiculous with it’s heavy emphasis on the masculine, over bearing and consuming energy the world valued.  It’ll change in the Age of aquarius when the value system shifts more feminine so we see it as it really is..

What are your thoughts on pisces sun+mercury, …

What are your thoughts on pisces sun+mercury, both in the 1st house?

The basic sense of will and creative side of the personality mixes well with how you learn, form ideas and at the speed of life at which you like to work.  Being in the 1st house will show the actions you take, the behavior you exhibit and attitudes towards life are in line with Pisces.  Others will easily know you for your creative and imaginative energies, your spiritual nature, compassionate side, love of all things dreamy.  You’ll feel comfortable expressing your highest universal beliefs in how you dress or perhaps you really love to sing or share the things that touch you emotionally by how you act or even in how you dress.

Hiiii, Transit Pluto in my 5th house in Capric…

Hiiii, Transit Pluto in my 5th house in Capricorn square my Natal Venus in 8th house Aries. What would that mean for me? Im a bit scared tbh my last relationship recently ended because of manipulations and jealousy.😭 It was almost like my ex boyfriend was manipulative i knew that but towards the end of relationship i was the one acted unreasonable (manipulative,almost like mirror effect)Can you tell me about the aspect? It would mean a lot.What will/ might happen ?

Transit Pluto square Venus in the 8th will mean you have transformation, power struggle issues and ups and downs pertaining to matters of your intimate relationships, resources you share with others and even in your own psychological complex.  The things that bring you pleasure and happiness will be upset by the transit of Pluto.  Pluto in Capricorn wants to exert it’s will through imposing structure and responsibility.  These energies conflict with the Venus in Aries nature of being outgoing, impulsive and adventurous not wanting to be held back.  So generally you may get into a lot of fights and have issues of others imposing their wills on your to prevent fulling Aries themes that make you happy.

Another possibility is Pluto in the 5th causes you fight and have power struggles with romantic partners which may affect your intimate life and prevent you from feeling happy.

I always feel so conflicted because my Rising …

I always feel so conflicted because my Rising is Scorpio at 29 degrees. But I relate to both Sag and Scorpio Rising traits. But usually people always describe me with Sagittarius traits like “ wise , old soul, blunt, free spirit” but I have Pluto in first house which might be why I feel like a Scorpio Rising or it might be because my sun is in the 8th house I’m not sure but my birth time gives Scorpio Rising (accurate time) it’s so weird and confusing I relate to both

it could be that your birth time was off yes; even as little as 4 minute difference can move a rising sign one degree believe it or not.  So when your dealing with the 29th degree it can be very touchy.  My suggestion is to cast a whole signs chart and watch for the sensitive Ingres (moving) of a planet into a new sign and house.  You should feel the effects immediately pertaining to the house the sign is in.  If a planet moves into the sign that rules your rising sign and you see changes according to your 1st house matters; you know that is your correct rising then.

Also be sure to check for aspects between your ascendant ruling planet and other planets.  If you have Mars in aspect to Jupiter that can exasperate the outer behavior in a Jupiter way that can make you seem Sagittarius Rising in nature.

Love your blog, very informative. What is the …

Love your blog, very informative. What is the difference between western and vedic astrology? What is the belief system behind each one? Or do you know a resource that can tell me?

The difference lies in using the seasons and elliptic to set the start of the zodiac signs for western and using the positions of the fixed stars for casting Vedic charts.  The western system tends to be more idealistic based and uses more psychology and new age concepts to grow from.  The Vedic science is more of a repeatable science; often interpreting not based on the the 12 signs but rather the strength, nature and influence of the planet.  Vedic uses more historical teaching and records to make predictions while i think western likes to use transits more.  I think they both have their place if your willing to put in the time.

I was comparing my family’s charts the o…

I was comparing my family’s charts the other night looking for similar aspects. I noticed my grandmother and I have North Nodes in 2nd house. She is the family member I consider closest. Besides me feeling like she is the only one who understands me, we also share 11th house mercury and 12th house venus. Is it just coincidence we share these houses? How does relate on a generational point of view?

All I can say to this is sometimes family members just share a karmic link and have similar destiny paths in some places.  When this happens just look at their nodes and see the life choices or things they experienced because it could be indicative of what your “destined” to want in your life.

Which aspects denote ‘beauty’?

Which aspects denote ‘beauty’?

Usually it’s just someone who is well received for their graces or mannerisms.  So nevus in the 1st house, Libra or Taurus rising. You may also see this from people where their internal consciousness is connected with nevus like a  Sun/Venus conjunction, Moon/Venus conjunction or Venus itself falls in the dharma houses (1st 5th or 9th) where the planet of beauty is built into the frame work of their life purpose.

Are there any implications in a chart for a ti…

Are there any implications in a chart for a tired, worn-out soul? I have no prominent Neptune or Pisces placements, and I know they are considered the ‘old souls’ (I have also heard similar descriptions from Pisces themselves) Anyways, would this have to do with retrogrades or squares or the Nodes? Because I feel like I’ve lived for centuries

There is a lot of things that can go into a situation like this.  Some observable in the birth chart itself; some not.  Within the birth chart you might see sun or moon conjunctions or squares to Saturn as feeling old and tired.  Retrogrades could do it too especially if your planet has no release or forced focused that helps funnel it into something productive in your life. The other possibility outside the birth chart is you moved and you line in a location where your planet direction local space lines or paran lines have not so good influences that zap your energy.

Hi! Can you tell me about my north node? its i…

Hi! Can you tell me about my north node? its in libra, 5 house.

You seek to balance your life through taking on the role of creatively expressing yourself. You should be inspired to do art or at the very least find intellectual ways to express yourself and share ideas.  The 5th house node position of libra may find interest in gathering people through parties and social functions to have fun and interact.  There may be interest in playing social games with others to interact and enjoy oneself.  The nodes placement in the 5th in libra can also show a strong desire to take a romantic partner; especially one that is of an intellectual nature to talk with.  There is a need to strive for equilibrium and balance in love relationships.

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