“New Moon” Cheat sheet

The new moon in astrology represents the resetting of the mind.  The Sun and Moon together reside in the same sign and show focus on matters pertaining to the house the New Moon occupies.  Since the mind is reset it is a time for forming new ideas and stimulating the imagination based upon the house matters.  The moon represents a culmination of past experiences; so it is a time when past failures or experiences come to the surface for contemplation.  The product of contemplation culminates in how to move forward and achieve success or balance in the house of the New Moon.  

“When my New Moon is in the _______ house I will feel like seeking something new pertaining to  _______”

1st house ; Outer action I can do, Ways to express myself, Behavioral changes i can make, My Attitude Moving Forward

2nd house:  How I feel about myself,

How to secure my finances, 

How to save money,

Ways to make money, How to spend Money, Things I can buy  

3rd house: My Community and surrounding environment, Places I travel around time i’ve never been, Learn learning new ways to reach out to people, Gather new information and learn new things, Asking more questions to broaden scope of knowledge, Social media interactions, How I interact with my neighbors, relatives or siblings

4th house: Bettering my home environment, Doing new things to satisfy myself on an emotional level, Connect with my family in ways I had not before, Expanding my life based on my needs, Starting a family, Gaining perspective on your early life experiences

5th house: Making myself more unique, Expressing myself in fun ways, Getting educated in ways exclusive to my interests, Finding new hobbies, Injecting more romance in my life, Dating people, Experiences with children, Having a child, Sexual encounters or enjoyment of sex, Taking risks, Being involved more in sports

6th house:  My daily routine, The situation of employment I currently have, How I serve others with skills, The obligations I have in life, My current state of mental health, How my physical health is, Fitness routines, Getting a pet or doing more with the pets I have

7th house: The partnerships I have in my life, The situation of my marriage, Wanting to sign a new contract, Negotiate matters to get a more fair handshake, make deals to better my life, How I interact with the general public, How I live the general public, 

8th house: Bringing more peak emotional experience into my life, Intimate relationships, Sexual experience, Finding deeper meaning, Acknowledging the inner Psyche, Learning what goes on below the surface, Metaphysical interest, Using other’s resources to my advantage, Understanding taxes, debts, loans or inheritances

9th house: Broadening my horizons, Learning more about things I have ideas of, Gaining new wisdom and greater understanding, Finding a higher purpose to my life, Expanding my worldwide interests, Visiting far away places, Meeting people outside my comfort zone, Subjects to teaching others, Sharing stories or ideas through written word

10th house: My career, Expanding my career vision, Attaining financial security for the long term, How to realize my ambitions, Get recognition for the work I do, Reaching a position of power

11th house: Being involved in society, Having more friendships, Working in relatable groups, Pursuing personal long term dreams, integrating new technologies into my life, Innovating or creating more advancements to help people, How to be a better contributor to society in general

12th house: Understanding higher meaning in life, Learning about how vast the universe is, Understanding energy and undercurrents, Helping people who need help finding who they are, Helping others find a purpose, How I spend my alone alone time, Retreating away from the stress of everyday day, how to deal with my past issues and sorrows,  Find a new addiction to cope with reality, Integrating with the natural world to escape from the man made world

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