Signs + No Social Life

Aries: Because why should I deal with annoying ass people.

Taurus: Because I could just eat lmao.

Gemini: Because I could stalk my crush.. I mean scroll through my social medias.

Cancer: Because my bed is just inviting me into it.

Leo: Because Youtube.

Virgo: Because I need to catch up on my celeb news.

Libra: Because I want to take a nice long bubble bath.

Scorpio: Because.. wait what social life.

Sagittarius: Because I could just talk to my friends from my bedroom in my PJ’s.

Capricorn: I could but Netflix.

Aquarius: Because sleep.

Pisces: Because I forgot to text back.

The Signs as Tumblr Moments


Aries: Being so far down your dashboard and finding a post you really like but accidentally pressing the wrong key on your keyboard which refreshes your page and you lose all motivation to find it again

Taurus: The instant contempt you feel for any uncultured peasant asking you what tumblr is

Gemini: Not ever being satisfied with your theme

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The strongest people aren’t always the p…

The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.


Mars in Aries

Mars, a masculine and fiery planet has Aries as its own sign; so naturally, this position is considered positive for Mars. People born with such a placement of Mars are quite strong, sturdy, aggressive, dominant and high in energy and stamina. These people are fond of indulging in physically demanding activities. They do well in military, police and other challenging areas. Such people are quite original in their ways. They like to work on their own and like to create new ideas than follow the existing ones.

Their life is a series of adventures. These people love to take part in adventurous activities. They are quite intelligent and decisive. There is a certain swiftness in their personality. They like to do things fast, including driving which can be risky at times. These people also have an argumentative nature. They do well in debates but often end up hurting people with their tone and aggressive instincts. These natives cannot stay at one place for long. Along with temper, their character is also marked by a streak of egoism. They are however quite honest in their dealings and say what’s in their heart. Mars in Aries people are impatient, reckless, innovative, spontaneous and straightforward, quite like an open book.

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