the signs as lines from raymond queneau’s hund…


A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems or One hundred million million poems (original French title: Cent mille milliards de poèmes) is a book by Raymond Queneau, affiliated with the French constrained-writing movement Oulipo, published in 1961. The book is a set of ten sonnets printed on card with each line on a separate strip. As all ten sonnets have not just the same rhyme scheme but the same rhyme sounds, any lines from a sonnet can be combined with any from the nine others, allowing for 1014 (= 100,000,000,000,000) different poems.

ARIES: What things we did, we went the whole darned hog
TAURUS: That suede ferments is not at all well known
GEMINI: Bard I adore your endless monologue

One gathers rosebuds or grows old alone

LEO: His nasal ecstasy beats best Cologne

Victorious worms grind all into the grave  


Normal one aims to be and share the throne

SCORPIO: Southern baroque’s seductive dialogue

SAGITTARIUS: Where no one bothered where one warmed one’s bum
CAPRICORN: Poor reader smile before your lips go numb


That every verbal shock aims to deprave  

PISCES: Forms shadowy with indecision wheeze

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