What the signs are probably doing right now

Aries: making a mood board

Taurus: on a shopping spree

Gemini: playing some instrument

Cancer: taking a bath

Leo: practicing for an audition

Virgo: cleaning

Libra: doing their makeup

Scorpio: staring at someone

Sagittarius: booking a flight

Capricorn: working

Aquarius: somewhere saving the world

Pisces: dreaming about their 6th crush of the day

Let’s Couple Up: 6 Things We Can Learn From Lo…

Let’s Couple Up: 6 Things We Can Learn From Love Island 2019

Hey loves! Now that Love Island is over for another summer, I thought this post can temporarily fill the void in our lives as I reflect on what we can learn from this series and apply in our own relationships.

1.”Men are trash!”

They most certainly can be heartbreakers that can destroy your lives. How many times have we seen them claim that they are 100% into the girls they are coupled up with…

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Dear Cancers’

I admire you to the moon and back and are so grateful for you. You have multiple abilities that i am intimidated of. You guys are shy yet super socialble. I have never seen you guys project anger at others. And when you’re not crying, you have the biggest smile on your face. I love y’all and enjoy your last day of the season ♋︎


Signs as types of accessories

Aries: belly button piercing

Taurus: ankle bracelet

Gemini: nose ring

Cancer: fanny pak

Leo: layered necklaces

Virgo: rings

Libra: sunglasses

Scorpio: choker

Sagittarius: multiple ear piercings

Capricorn: layered bracelet

Aquarius: toe ring

Pisces: scrunchie

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