The strongest people aren’t always the p…

The strongest people aren’t always the people who win, but the people who don’t give up when they lose.


Mars in the Houses

Mars in the 1st house: Mars in the 1st house creates a fiery, aggressive personality. Individuals with this placement can be quite exciting to be around. They are passionate to the max and full of energy. Where they are, the action is. Because the 1st house rules appearance, they may be powerfully built with a strong, muscular physique. They are not afraid to work hard and they are especially keen to get things started. When negatively aspected, Mars in the 1st can produce people who act before they think or who respond to situations with physical violence. It can also indicate people who are great at starting things but not so hot on finishing. Famous people with this placement: RuPaul, Winston Churchill, Marie Antoinette, Johnny Depp.

Mars in the 2nd house: Cue the Donna Summer music for this placement of Mars produces someone who works hard for their money. They are ambitious for money and material goods. Cash drives them. Often times, they will prefer to work on their own rather than work for a boss or company. Which means: it’s an excellent placement for entrepreneurship. Individuals with this placement can also be financially competitive and quite possessive when it comes to their personal property. Don’t touch their stuff or else you face their wrath! If afflicted, this can produce a person who will do whatever it takes to achieve their financial goals, even if that means resorting to dishonesty or thuggish criminal activity. Famous people with this placement: Freddie Mercury, Vladimir Putin, Elizabeth Taylor, Russell Brand.

Mars in the 3rd house: This placement of Mars indicates a sharp, quick mind. Individuals with Mars in the 3rd are often times brash communicators, able to assert their opinions aggressively. They don’t mince words. In fact, they can often be harsh. The “brutally honest” person is an example. This placement is ideal for people who work in careers where debate is part of their work. For example, attorneys or political commentators could be quite effective if this is where Mars hangs in their chart. On the downside, it can also indicate a person who jumps to conclusions and likes to bicker. Trouble with siblings, neighbors, travel, and communication are also ways this placement rolls when Mars is afflicted. Famous people with this placement: Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey, Marilyn Manson, Paul Newman.

Mars in the 4th house: Mars in the 4th house folks expend a lot of energy in the home. This is the old “rule the roost” vibe. They want to be the dominant force in the family, which can often lead to drama, especially if they are unable to regard the feelings of the other members of the household. While they can be protective of their kin, they can also be controlling. Conflicts with parents is typical. If afflicted, the energy is amplified and the family dynamics can be toxic and volatile. There can also be trouble with property. For example, the home could be destroyed by fire. Most people with this placement do better when they move out of the parental home. Famous people with this placement: Amy Winehouse, Prince, Jim Morrison, Ted Bundy.

Mars in the 5th house: This is a hot ’n sexy placement for Mars. Individuals with Mars in the 5th love to pursue romance and pleasure. They are not shy – in fact, they tend to be quite aggressive when interested in someone. They’ve got game, yo! The sexual nature is also strong, which means that they could be quick to hop in the sack. A bit of self-control can help them avoid making mistakes (aka the “coyote ugly” morning). This placement is excellent for teachers as long as the individual keeps their power in check. An afflicted Mars in the 5th could produce a jealous, sexually demanding person or promiscuous one that flits from one relationship to another impulsively. Sometimes this can indicate an unexpected pregnancy. Famous people with this placement: George Clooney, Pamela Anderson, Robert Redford, Charles Manson.

Mars in the 6th house: This is the placement of the workaholic. Folks with 6th house Mars love to work and tend to have plenty of stamina. You will rarely find a lazy person with this placement. They have a good work ethic and often expect everyone to work as hard as they do. Woe be it to the person who works under this person and doesn’t live up to their standards! Routines are important to them and they will spend much time organizing and fretting over details. They can be harsh critics but don’t take kindly when someone criticizes them. If Mars is afflicted here, the natives can be prone to overwork or arguments with coworkers. The terrible boss who makes work hell for everyone else ala Devil Wears Prada would be an example of a poorly aspected Mars in the 6th. Famous people with this placement: JayZ, Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood, Coco Chanel.

Mars in the 7th house: Mars in 7th house people are aggressive in partnerships, both romantic and business. They will actively pursue relationships and once in them, will be determined to make them work. In a romantic relationship, sex will be important. In business, compromise will be a must. Impulse needs to be avoided in the choice of partners or the individuals will learn some pretty big lessons. Look before you leap into any relationship should be their mantra. This placement of Mars can also produce excellent lawyers. If you need to hire one, check to see if they have Mars here. If Mars is afflicted, relationships can be full of drama and discord, which can cause the severing of ties.Famous people with this placement: Adolf Hitler, Barack Obama, Whitney Houston, Natalie Portman.

Mars in the 8th house: This is another placement that can bring on a strong sexual nature. Passion is paramount for these sensuous folks. They are intense so do know if you’re getting involved with one of these people, you’re gonna be exploring the erotic side like never before! They may be interested in tantra or sex magic as well as the occult. Mars in the 8th house people are extremely psychic – they can tune in quite easily. You can’t fool them for long! Sooner or later they see right through ya. There may be a lot of aggression around joint finances. If the Mars is poorly aspected, it can lead to issues around tax, sex, and inheritances. Famous people with this placement: Marilyn Monroe, John F. Kennedy, Courtney Love, Gary Oldman.

Mars in the 9th house: Here, Mars indicates an interest in travel and philosophy. The individual with this placement may travel widely in order to broaden their perspective. Foreign travel is especially of interest to them. Wanderlust will be strong and the desire to “see the world” may keep them on the road. They are also quite aggressive about promoting their own ideals. That preachy friend who goes on and on about politics or religion – that. If the chart is afflicted, they can become narrow-minded fanatics who try and push their beliefs on others. Think: cult leader. If you’re ever in a cult and your leader has this placement, don’t drink the damn Kool-Aid. Famous people with this placement: Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Kendrick Lamar.

Mars in the 10th house: Individuals with Mars in the 10th work tirelessly towards their way to the top. They want status, which means they will be extremely ambitious and competitive. Power and fame drive them – and in some cases may produce a leader who does what they can to step into the top dog role. You will find many corporate executives and politicians with this placement. When well aspected, they will inspire others as they gain power. If poorly aspected, this can produce the individual who stop at nothing to achieve their goals, even if that means trampling over the rights of others. A fall from grace is possible if that is their method of operation. No one likes a bully. Famous people with this placement: Beyoncé, Kanye West, Andy Warhol, Rasputin.

Mars in the 11th house: Mars in the 11th house indicates individuals who place a lot of importance on friendships. They enjoy working in groups and are often effective leaders. Some of their friendships may be based on professional or political ambitions. They will be excellent networkers who seem to know everyone. Yet they will have few people in their inner circle. They prefer to keep that part rather exclusive. (Sometimes it’s because they are a bit paranoid.) If the Mars is afflicted, there can be treachery through friends or power struggles in groups. They could also attract friends that lead them astray or into dangerous situations. Great care must be taken in the choice of buddies. Famous people with this placement: Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Mitt Romney.

Mars in the 12th house: Folks with Mars in the 12th house like to work in secret. Like the Wizard of Oz, they prefer to be behind the scenes, managing operations in order to avoid the scrutiny or opposition of others. They often have deep, dark secrets too. Sometimes these are of a sexual nature. The unconscious mind is strong and may influence their actions. It’s important for these people to be clear on what their motives are when engaging in a situation. If afflicted, this Mars can produce a person who has many secret enemies or who has trouble with honesty. In worse case scenarios, the individuals could be confined to prisons or institutions. In some cases, this could be due to political reasons (ex: a political prisoner or prisoner of war). Famous people with this placement: Donald Trump, David Bowie, Osama Bin Laden, Rose McGowan, Muammar al-Gaddafi.


Mars in Aries

Mars, a masculine and fiery planet has Aries as its own sign; so naturally, this position is considered positive for Mars. People born with such a placement of Mars are quite strong, sturdy, aggressive, dominant and high in energy and stamina. These people are fond of indulging in physically demanding activities. They do well in military, police and other challenging areas. Such people are quite original in their ways. They like to work on their own and like to create new ideas than follow the existing ones.

Their life is a series of adventures. These people love to take part in adventurous activities. They are quite intelligent and decisive. There is a certain swiftness in their personality. They like to do things fast, including driving which can be risky at times. These people also have an argumentative nature. They do well in debates but often end up hurting people with their tone and aggressive instincts. These natives cannot stay at one place for long. Along with temper, their character is also marked by a streak of egoism. They are however quite honest in their dealings and say what’s in their heart. Mars in Aries people are impatient, reckless, innovative, spontaneous and straightforward, quite like an open book.


Mars in Taurus

Taurus is governed by Venus, a feminine watery planet. It shares a neutral relationship with Mars, which on the other hand, is a fierce masculine energy. When Mars is placed in such a stubborn sign having a delicate planet as its lord, its energy is not as active as in other signs. People born with Mars in Taurus have a low physical drive and level of activity. However, their mental concentration is outstanding. These people learn a lot from their experiences and mistakes. In fact, these are some of the most determined and stable people.

They have a strong penchant for beauty and arts such as music, paintings, luxuries etc due to the influence of Venus. Some of them also have an artistic talent up their sleeve. These natives want to live a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle. Mars gives them the ability to manage their money wisely so they tend to have a strong hold over financial matters. Such people tend to be inclined towards love and sensuality. In fact, at times, they also have more than one lover. They often feel dissatisfied with their spouse and relationship. They can also be overly possessive and violent in love and sexual matters due to the overflow of energy given by Mars.


Mars in Gemini

Gemini is an air sign governed by Mercury, which is an earthy neutral planet. Mercury and Mars are inimical towards each other so this placement has quite a lot of contradictory energies working together. When the intellect of Mercury meets the energy of Mars, the native is often a logical and intelligent being, skilled at many arts. Such a person is quite active and involved. Mercury also gives the native a strong foothold in poetry and passion. These people are highly intelligent and quick learners. They also have a strong desire to go abroad.

Gemini is a dual sign and when Mars is placed in it, the native is likely to have good sense of judgment and laws. Such a person often indulges in superficial romantic encounters and relationships. These natives have a habit of pursuing new experiences in romance and love matters. However, they are constantly restless, like on a high-strung mode. They do quite well in sports, especially cricket. There is a lot of nervous energy in their temperament, which keep them stressed and mentally drained all the time. Their mind is always occupied by something, which keeps them agitated and distressed. These natives should practice calming activities such as meditation to quiet their over active mind.


Mars in Cancer

Cancer is a movable water sign ruled by Moon, which is a feminine watery planet. Mars on the other hand is a fierce and masculine planet but it shares a friendly relationship with Moon, so the placement of Mars in Cancer turns out well for a native. If you have Mars in Cancer, you are likely to value your physical energy more than your emotional strength. A mix of Moon and Martian energy make the person mentally strong and resolute since Moon represents mind and Mars represents power. Such natives need an outlet for their reserve of energy, and they tend to express their energy in an emotional fashion due to the influence of Moon.

These natives are not demanding and assertive; instead, they tend to be compromising in nature. However, that doesn’t mean that you can make them compromise on their beliefs. Natives with Mars in Cancer tend to be independent and hard working. They make serious efforts to realize their ambitions. Due to overflow of feelings (Moon) and sensual needs (Mars), these people tend to be overly passionate in love and sexual matters. They do well in Sports, especially water based. Sailing also appeals a lot to these people.


Mars in Leo

The lord of Leo is Sun, which is friend with Mars. Both Mars and Sun are masculine fiery planets. This is a positive placement because the person gets the abilities from Mars and the confidence to shine out from the Sun. People born with Mars in Leo are quite helpful and generous in nature. They are clever and intelligent and know how to use their abilities wisely. These native tend to have many a tricks up their sleeves. This position of Mars also gives a fondness for travel, and love for hilly places and forests. Penchant for poetry and fine arts is also possible with Mars in Leo. Mars here also gives a great capacity to learn.

Their physical energy is boundless and their creativity outshines. These people also have a strong willpower and confidence. Leadership quality is ingrained in their personality. While they can be demonstrative physically, they are quite affectionate beings from inside. These people are always in an excited mood and keep the aura of a room filled with exuberance. Mars in Leo people take proud in their sexual abilities. Excess of passion and pride can also bring them defame and troubles though.


Venus in Aquarius, Mars in Aquarius: You are the coolest of the cool—a detached and thoroughly rational Lover for whom sex means little beyond a momentary thrill and, occasionally, an opportunity to make more conventional people uncomfortable. The attitude you take toward sexual pleasure might seem very free and uncomplicated but, even though you lack the animal lust that plagues some people and the emotional vulnerability that limits other, your sexual nature is subject to its own kind of problems. How you think about a person, or a relationship, or sex in general will greatly impact your ability to relate to that person sexually. For you, it only takes one errant thought to spoil a whole evening. Given your intellectual approach to sex and your love of freedom, fidelity can become a very touchy issue. You must have your independence and if holding on to a relationship means compromising your free spirit, you response is generally going to be, “See ya.” In fact, you’ll often opt for your freedom even when that choice means no sex at all. Still, relationships are important to you and, no matter how many times you are disappointed, you will never stop looking for that honest and complete intellectual partnership that is your ideal.


Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Capricorn: You are the earthiest Lover of this very earthy type. Sex is an elemental force in your life; so visceral, so primitive that at times it overwhelms you. Of course, very few people know this because you are such a conservative Lover and you are so good at concealing your true feelings. This sexual reserve and distaste for display can make it difficult for you to find a partner who equals your sexual intensity but, when you do, he or she is in for a very pleasant surprise. Your concern for the physical aspects of sex and practical attention to issues like duty and loyalty within a relationship often makes you seem insensitive to the emotional side love. You understand that feelings are an important part of the equation; you just don’t always remember where you left yours. You are a very steady Lover who can be counted on to support you Beloved in any time of crisis. But if the crisis involves tears or throwing dishes you will most likely be providing that support from a safe distance.


Venus in Sagittarius, Mars in Sagittarius: You are the most innocent of all the Mars in Sagittarius Lovers and therefore you are often the most unrealistic. Sex has to be a seamless, shameless extension of your own joyous life force or otherwise it just can’t work for you. It has to be something you don’t think about, something that just happens. At times you can be so protective of this erotic ideal that you seem shy and standoffish. Even under the best of conditions this yearning for a free, totally open sexual experience will always make you a very difficult Lover to please. In the long run, however, the actual experience of sex is less important to you than the pursuit of your ideal. This is why you should never consider abandoning your dream, even when the odds seem overwhelmingly against you. Love is based on friendship and, as far as you are concerned, finding a friend who shares your inspired and forever hopeful approach to sex is always the best case scenario. Yes, it may be impossible to find sexual purity in such a cynical and impure world but searching for it with the right partner is the next best thing.

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