Let’s Couple Up: 6 Things We Can Learn From Lo…

Let’s Couple Up: 6 Things We Can Learn From Love Island 2019

Hey loves! Now that Love Island is over for another summer, I thought this post can temporarily fill the void in our lives as I reflect on what we can learn from this series and apply in our own relationships.

1.”Men are trash!”

They most certainly can be heartbreakers that can destroy your lives. How many times have we seen them claim that they are 100% into the girls they are coupled up with…

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The Real Guide: How to Survive University

The Real Guide: How to Survive University

Hey guys! This post comes at a time of the year when those in University finish up for the year and this year for me was my final year in my degree and now I’m counting down the days for graduation. I thought it would be helpful for those starting Uni this year or still doing their degree, to share some tips and things that I have learnt along the 3 years.

Learn How to Budget

I can’t emphasise…

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Travelling to Rome was the best way to begin my travel adventures with my boyfriend as our first trip away together. Rome is a beautiful city, full of sooo many things to see and it is such a great trip if you’re looking for a city break jam packed with activities. This post is to highlight the best of this city, to make it so much easier for you to plan a trip and give you ideas of where to go.

Click here to see what we got up to in Rome – Rome Travel Diary

Where to Go

The two main places I firstly had in mind that I knew I had to go to see in Rome was the Colosseum and the Vatican.  Knowing this, two separate days were dedicated to seeing each one and we fitted in everywhere else we wanted to go based on its vicinity to those locations. I highly recommend visiting the Vatican including St Peter’s Basilica, even if you aren’t religious, you can appreciate the amazing beauty in the decor and art.

Here are the other places that are the best places to visit in Rome;

  1. Trevi Fountain – Best place to go to early in the morning, when it isn’t so busy. One thing we forgot to do was bring coins to throw in over our shoulders to follow the traditions.
  2. Pantheon – It’s one of the best preserved buildings from Ancient Rome, an incredible addition to our wander around the city. We didn’t go inside for very long, as it was really busy and therefore I got better view of the beauty of the building outside.
  3. Palatine Hill – This is one of the most Ancient parts of the city according to Google and in my opinion it is worth the little walk up to the top as you can get the most amazing view of the Colosseum.
  4. Piazza Navona – This Piazza was a perfect little spot where we rested from our explorations and enjoyed our ice creams and got some cute shots of the fountains.
  5. Spanish Steps – Honestly we walked by the steps on our first night when we were strolling the area around our hotel, not realising that we were at the Spanish Steps. The view is really pretty, however again it’s really busy there and there are plenty of other pretty fountain displays nearby that you can take pictures and relax around.
  6. Villa Borghese – If you’re looking to take a little break out of the city have a look to visit here, it’s a really beautiful park. We didn’t stay for long to see the whole park but I saw that they offer a tour of the gardens and there is also a museum.

Where to Eat

Traditional Italian restaurants are all around of course, we were so spoilt for choice.  I expected the pizza and the pasta to be amazing and there was certainly no disappointment. For lunch, after we visited the Vatican we went to Maccarone, I ordered ‘Lasagna Di Macaroni Alla Bolognese’ and my boyfriend ordered a pizza. On their menu they have Italian food but also American dishes, if that’s what you fancy. For dinners we wandered and got lost down little streets and found the cutest traditional restaurants which offered big portion meals what were surprisingly inexpensive. There were so many ice cream stores, like Venchi for example, having ice cream every night is this girl’s dream!

Where to Stay

We were super lucky and got a place that was roughly in the middle between the Vatican and the city of Rome, the Hotel was called Hotel Isa. I would highly recommend finding a hotel that is not too far away from the places that you want to visit, walkable distances ideally. My boyfriend and I literally walked everywhere and had no need to order taxis which I imagine would be quite pricey in this area.

This was honestly one of my fav hotels I’ve stayed in! The buffet breakfast every morning was delicious and the roof-top relaxation area where they offered cocktails, little snacks and other drinks was amazing. The staff were so friendly, the waiter at the roof-top bar was the sweetest and remembered our regular orders.

I can’t wait for my next trip away, not sure where yet! If you have any recommendations please comment some.

Thank you for reading!


Ultimate Rome Travel Guide

Travelling to Rome was the best way to begin my travel adventures with my boyfriend as our first trip away together.

Tips for Saturn Retrograde


Here are some things to contemplate when Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn from april 29th 2019 until september 18th 2019  The Four R’s related to Saturn Retrograde.

Re-experience, Rethink, Rework and be Responsible in matters pertaining to future stability, career, building a sense of authority, the reputation, personal achievement, financial stability, authority figures, dominant parent

  • The Past is the past.  Is it affecting future stability for ourselves? While it’s good to look back on it (we are being forced to with saturn retrograde) be mindful and detached.  You can’t change what happened, only what can happen.  Think about what can make you stable and try and come to terms with how it affects you today.  Realize how it can be worked on going forward to make the future more stable.  If something from the past is a roadblock, be responsible and take care if to help bring you future stability.
  • Slow down and reass your career ambitions and state of it.  Contemplate whether the path your on actually is building and architecting something meaningful.  Have you been sidetracked from an objective?  Perhaps what your doing inside your work isn’t actually suiting what you originally set out for.  Rework your discipline and make your time more productive.  Maybe switch careers if you have to but be honest about where your at and where you want to be.  Maybe a visit an astrology to get an opinion if your doing what your best suited for; or perhaps your time period in life may effect how your career goes.
  • Take some time to consider your state of professionalism.  Do you have enough skills or education to become a true authority in a field?  It’s a time now to take a look at our daily life and start making it add to something meaning for ourselves.  Consider if there is something we are good at that can be taken to a higher level.  If you have a career now ,maybe think if there is something else other than what your doing now that you can be truly great at.

    Find your talents or skills that can make you a professional.  Visit an astrologer or career counselor if you need guidance.

  • Has your Reputation been hurting or helping you in your current place in life?  Take time to think about about the positives and negatives of the public image your giving off.  Look seriously at the ways you repair your reputation if it’s been harmed.  It takes hard work, true, but it’s one of the most important things to ensuring your future stability.  Take a look at your resume and ask yourself if there employers would give a good word for you.  Ask if the business you run is honest and would bring back customers.  These are just examples of how to boost your reputation moving forward.
  • Up to this point in your life what have you personally achieved?  Have you been giving any rewards or recognition for your achievements?  Maybe it’s time to realize what these things truly mean if you have nothing on your shelf that makes you stand out from others.  Rework your efforts, maybe double them if you have to.  Being rewarded means your exceptional and working hard; it’s something to be proud of.  Make your time matter and don’t half your efforts settling for less then being recognized for what you do.
  • What are your long term goals for financial stability?  Are they realistic?  Can you actually be supported by what you envision your doing for the long haul?  Did you gain promotions or get pay raises in your field?  Are you well off as you should be for what you offer?  These are some questions we can ask ourselves.  How do you take responsibility for making the money you think you should be worth (or that is set in your field.)  Maybe it’s time to ask for a promotion or switch a place of work to improve your financial ceiling.  Also are are you being responsible to ensure your financial stability as much as you could be?  Is money that is made being spent wisely?  Perhaps it’s a good time to learn about investments or other such ways your money you made can work for you.
  • Our relationship with authority figures can come up for review during Saturn Retrograde.  Take some time to think about relationship with bosses, leaders or people in command above you.  Do these relationships hinder or hamper you?  Are these people good examples or poor examples?  Contemplate what you can learn from them and make yourself more professional and capable.  This can open up pathways to being recognized and promoted or at the least admired by your superiors.  In other instances maybe it’s worthwhile to assess when your authority figures are wrong, out or order or just not utilizing you how you feel you should be.  Perhaps it’s time to go your own way, find a new company or maybe start a business instead of work under others.
  • Last but not least the relationship with the dominant authoritative parent can come up under review.  Where does your dominant parent (father usually) fit within your life?  Are they a positive or negative influence?  Should you continue a relationship with them; or maybe take their input and presence in your life with a grain of salt.  Rethink what the father’s teachings really meant to us and if we can grow from them or perhaps discard them for our own well being.  We should assess perhaps if we are responsible in some way for the relationship we should up to it.   Perhaps time has passed and you should reconnect with this figure in your life to catch up.  Hey we all get busy from time to time and maybe don’t connect with people in our lives as much as should. 
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