The Signs in Love

Aries: tries so hard not to catch the feels and becomes overwhelms when they do

Taurus: gets so nervous and excited they find themselves either eating way too much or no where near enough

Gemini: gets their feelings confused and continuously overanalyses things

Cancer: cares so much about you that they become kind of clingy, but that’s just how they show their love

Leo: cause you’re hot then you’re cold, you’re yes then you’re no

Virgo: half the time is too picky to be in love, but when they are they’re all in

Libra: all the typical cliche mushy stuff, and it’s cute as long as no ones feelings get hurt

Scorpio: attracted to people way before they realise they’re also in love with their mind

Sagittarius: doesn’t fall hard often, but when they do they can make you feel like you hold the world in your hands

Capricorn: pretends they’re not till they can’t hide it any longer and they give in to it

Aquarius: mysterious and hard to read but they’re worth the wait to love

Pisces: falls easily but can change their mind just as fast, this makes them somewhat cautious of the feeling

Source: scopefordays

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