why the moon signs are inspiring 💖

aries moon: so passionate, accepting and enthusiastic. Your passion and love for life is truly inspiring and people are in awe of you. You do care about people deep down but some people take it as aggression. Don’t stop being a spirited and a wild soul: own it!

taurus moon: your desire for security and stability has a very comforting presence in people’s lives. Your warmth, charm and loyalty is unparalleled. You are noticed and you do make a difference.  

gemini moon: these souls are hilarious, friendly and intelligent. You try your best and everyone can see it! No one can compete with your wit and knowledge. You’re inspiring because you motivate people to want to be inquisitive and knowledgeable.

cancer moon: sentimental, emotional, caring and exceptionally loving. Your love knows no boundaries and people are truly comfortable to be themselves around you. You are so confident with being in tune with your emotions that it can be very grounding to the people around you.

leo moon: you encourage people to not only be themselves but to try their best. You may come off as disciplinary but it only means that you care. You’re so loving it’s hard to ignore  You add brilliance and radiance to people’s lives and we love you for it!

virgo moon: so hardworking and responsible. Sometimes you can be your own worst critic but just remember the best person you are is the one you are right now. Your altruism is amazing and encourages people to always try their best.

libra moon: so peaceful and mediated. You allow people to be the truest version of themselves as you are non-judgemental. You remind people to be creative and romantic, but remember it’s okay to not always maintain appearances.  

scorpio moon: these people remind us how to live passionately. Unapologetic and willful. As much as you try to cover up your emotions we know that you’re a powerhouse and a boss. If a scorpio moon is in your life you will be protected and loved until the end of time.

sagittarius moon: you remind us how to look to the bright side and to be positive. A true reminder to be grateful and optimistic. Your energy just exudes this. People are very attracted to this and love to be reminded of the good in the world.

capricorn moon: this is what ambition looks like. Always striving for better can be exhausting but remember how amazing that is in itself. Cautious, steady and self-reliant: these people remind us that without structure the world would be in chaos.

aquarius moon: wants to save the world. So friendly and questioning. You have many admirable traits that include sympathy and progressiveness. Reminds people that it’s okay to be unconventional, intellectual and themselves. You express your individuality like no one else.

pisces moon: it’s okay to be sensitive and gentle. You’re easily wounded but that’s only because you’re so empathetic to the world around you. You remind us to be expressive of our vulnerabilities and how to truly love one another for what we are. This placement is sometimes overlooked as being weak but I don’t think that is true at all. It takes courage to be kind.

Source: imagineastrology

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